The 8 Best Beer Growlers in 2023

The Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler is the best overall growler

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Best Beer Growlers

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The Spruce Eats Top Picks

When it comes to keeping your brewery-fresh beer tasting its best, the 64-ounce Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Beer Growler (view at Amazon) is hard to beat. If you plan on venturing into the great outdoors, the 64-ounce Hydro Flask Beer Growler (view at Amazon) is a sturdy, camping-friendly option.

There is no shortage of great canned and bottled beer available at grocery, liquor, and convenience stores across the country, but for the freshest possible fragrant IPAs and crisp lagers, you’ll want to go directly to the source and drink draft beer from breweries. Many breweries offer crowlers, or large aluminum cans that are filled to order, but they're only used once—destined for the recycling bin soon after you finish your beer. If you buy plenty of draft beer, we recommend grabbing a high-quality reusable growler. These vessels keep beer cold and bubbly, while preventing light damage by shielding the liquid from sunlight.

Growlers are awesome because they allow you to get beers that aren’t offered in can or bottle packaging," says Kris Ketcham, the senior manager of brewing and innovation at Stone Brewing. "A lot of breweries will offer their new releases early or experimental batches at the brewery locations. The only way to bring beers like these home with you is in a growler.“

Here are our picks for the best beer growlers.

Best Overall

Stanley Classic 64 oz Easy-Pour Vacuum Insulated Growler

Stanley Classic Vacuum Insulated Growler

 Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Durable

  • Rust-proof

  • Insulated

What We Don't Like
  • No pouring spout

Sifting through the scores of seemingly cookie-cutter growlers can be tough, especially when you’re seeking the hoppy holy grail: a high-quality growler that’s also a huge value. That’s why we’re so pleased with the Stanley Classic, a must-get for beer drinkers everywhere. The vacuum-insulated 64-ounce growler ticks every necessary box. It’s leakproof, BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and keeps beer cold for up 24 hours.

The rustproof Stanley stays pressurized even when you put it through rough-and-tumble travel, jostling in a backpack or the backseat of your car. (The company claims that Stanley bottles have survived hurricanes, 4,000-foot drops, and speeding bullets.) When you’re ready to drink, the oversize handle makes it simple to pour a few well-chilled beers, keeping the good times going round after round.

Capacity: 64 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Insulation: Double-walled insulation

Price at time of publish: $41.21

Best Splurge

GrowlerWerks uKeg 64-Ounce Carbonated Growler

GrowlerWerks uKeg 64 oz. Stainless Steel Carbonated Growler

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Keeps beer fresh for weeks

  • Customizable

  • Bar-fresh pints

What We Don't Like
  • Carbon dioxide canisters are costly

If you’re obsessed with freshness and each beer’s perfect level of carbonation, you’ll want to invest in the GrowlerWerks uKeg 64. This 64-ounce keg might not be the cheapest option, but it has all the bells and whistles you'll need to ensure that you’re drinking beer in its best state. The vacuum-insulated stainless steel uKeg can keep beer fresh and bubbly for weeks, thanks to its patented regulator cap.

It connects to a carbon dioxide cartridge, and you can custom-adjust your preferred level of carbonation—a pressure gauge provides an accurate reading. Instead of opening the jug to pour the beer, introducing damaging oxygen and losing precious carbonation, the uKeg lets drinkers dispense beer from a tap. It’s the next best thing to personally pouring pints at a bar.

Capacity: 64 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Insulation: Vacuum insulation

Price at time of publish: $179.00

Best for Durability

YETI Rambler Half-Gallon Jug

YETI Rambler Half Gallon Jug

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

What We Like
  • Dishwasher safe

  • Great for day trips

What We Don't Like
  • Heavy to drink from

  • Material retains smells

“While we prefer to drink draft beer right away or have beer packaged in cans or bottles, sometimes there’s something special on draft that just requires a growler,” says David Graham, the brand manager at Karbach Brewing Co. in Houston, Texas. “I like something really versatile and something that isn’t going to break. The YETI jugs are super convenient to fill with the whole lid off, and have a great small opening to pour from. Solid as a rock.”

Better still, the dishwasher-safe Rambler is puncture- and rust-resistant, and the lid insulation is a full inch thick—to help retain beer’s chill.

Capacity: 32 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Insulation: Vacuum insulated in body and lid

Price at time of publish: $100.00

Best for Adventure

Hydro Flask 64-Ounce Growler

Hydro Flask 64-Ounce Growler

Courtesy of Hydro Flask

What We Like
  • Affordable

  • Retains carbonation

  • Easy to carry

What We Don't Like
  • Dings easily

Several brewer experts sing the praises of the stylish, solidly-built Hydro Flask growler. “The craftsmanship and quality materials of my Hydro Flask make it the go-to growler to keep my beer fresh and cold,” says Rhett Dougherty, the head brewer at Veza Sur Brewing Co., in Miami. “Mine is covered in stickers and dings that remind me of wonderful hikes, beach days, and breweries visited. I’ve had it for six years, and I will never part with it.”

The 64-ounce growler ensures beer stays cold during long days of adventuring, whether you’re in a boat or hiking a mountain. “I really like the Hydro Flask’s updated handle with a solid D-loop big enough to accept a climbing carabiner,” says Sean White, brewer and co-founder of Little Fish Brewing, in Athens, Ohio.

Capacity: 64 ounces | Material: 18/8 stainless steel | Insulation: TempShield insulation

Price at time of publish: $64.95

Best for Home Bars

NutriChef Beer Mini Keg System 128-Ounce PKBRTP100.5

NutriChef Beer Mini Keg System 128-Ounce PKBRTP100.5


What We Like
  • Generous capacity

  • Customizable carbonation levels

What We Don't Like
  • Not easily transportable

Buying a keg of beer is a big commitment, both in terms of space and volume. Instead, get a taproom-quality drinking experience with the sturdy NutriChef Pressurized Growler Tap System. The slim, keg-shaped growler holds 128 ounces of beer—equivalent to eight 16-ounce pints—and can sit comfortably in most fridges. Charged with carbon dioxide cartridges, the stainless steel NutriChef can keep beer fresh and carbonated for up to two months, and drinkers can tweak carbonation levels as needed. Fill the NutriChef with draft beer from your local brewery, or homebrewers can use the system to store and serve their own brewed creations, too.

Capacity: 128 ounces | Material: 304 stainless steel | Insulation: Additional insulator sleeve

Price at time of publish: $122.49

Best Design

Reduce Insulated Growler, 64 Ounces

reduce growler 64 ounces


What We Like
  • Large capacity

  • Multifunctional

  • Affordable

What We Don't Like
  • Only the lid is dishwasher safe

Most growlers prioritize function over fashion–but Reduce, however, didn’t skimp on either. This growler can keep 64 ounces of beer cold for up to 60 hours, according to the manufacturer. It’s vacuum sealed to keep your beer carbonated and fresh for a crisp taste. You don’t have to worry about spills, either, thanks to the leak-proof design. Perhaps best of all, this growler’s lid doubles as a cup, so you can drink wherever your next adventure takes you. 

Made of stainless steel, Reduce’s growlers look sleek and modern. This one even comes in multiple colors, each with a beautiful gloss finish. Since Reduce is dedicated to creating sustainable products, this growler is quite durable and should last a very long time. 

Capacity: 64 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Insulation: Vacuum seal

Price at time of publish: $25.80

Best Glass

Cornucopia Amber Glass Growler Jugs

cornucopia glass beer growlers


What We Like
  • Classic look

  • Affordable price

  • Multi-use

What We Don't Like
  • Glass is a poor insulator

For those who prefer a classic look, we recommend these amber glass growler jugs from Cornucopia. These jugs can hold half a gallon each and have easy-to-grip handles. The dark tint of the glass protects the drink inside from UV light that could “skunk” the beer, and the phenolic lids keep a firm seal to ensure that the suds stay as fresh as possible. 

The downside to using glass is that it’s not a good insulator, meaning that it won’t necessarily keep your beer cold like other insulated growlers. That said, these growler jugs are great for doing more than just holding beer. Besides the contributions they'll naturally make to your home decor, you can use them to ferment your own home brews if you feel adventurous. Whether you stick to beer or venture out into cider, kombucha, or wine, these handsome glass growlers are a good pick.

Capacity: 64 ounces | Material: Glass | Insulation: None

Price at time of publish: $27.99

Best Large-Capacity

Buzio 1-Gallon Insulated Jug

buzio 1-pound beer growler


What We Like
  • Comes with two cups and carrying pouch

  • Sturdy, easy-grip handle

What We Don't Like
  • Heavy (around 5 pounds empty)

If you want to keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, you’ll need a well-insulated growler. This one-gallon offering from Buzio has double-walled stainless steel with vacuum insulation that can keep drinks cold for up to 48 hours, or maintain heat for up to 24. 

In addition to its great insulation and large capacity, this growler comes with two stainless steel cups and a sturdy carrying case. You can easily take this growler on hikes, out camping, or to tailgate parties. The outside is powder-coated, so it’s easy to grip, and the canister won’t sweat. Buzio offers a number of color options and size differences. so you can find the one that matches your needs best. 

Capacity: 128 ounces | Material: Stainless steel | Insulation: Vacuum sealed and TempArmour insulation

Price at time of publish: $55.79

What Our Experts Say

“Growlers allow for you to buy beers that are super fresh, straight from the brewery. Packaged beers have been transported, usually from a brewery to a distributor to a store, so they often end up sitting for long periods of time, sometimes outside of refrigeration. Filling a growler directly from the brewery typically ensures that beer is fresh from the source and well cared for.”Kris Ketcham, Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation at Stone Brewing

Final Verdict

Keep your beer fresh, cold, and carbonated with our top pick: the 64-ounce Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Beer Growler (view at Amazon). For an extra-durable option perfect for camping, boating, and lugging on-the-go, we recommend the 64-ounce Hydro Flask Beer Growler (view at Amazon).

What to Look for in Beer Growlers


Sizes can vary wildly for growlers. Some are a half gallon—ideal for taking beer camping, to a party, or to the park. Others can hold the same quantities as a mini-keg, which works for parties or for keeping on hand at home. 

Carbonation Levels

While growlers used to strictly be vessels for bringing beer home, some of the newer options on the market are pressurized—charged with carbon dioxide cartridges to keep beer frothy and fresh far longer than a standard growler.

Preservation Length

How long can your growler keep your beer tasting fresh? Preservation lengths can vary from a day or two to weeks depending on the model of growler. If you’re opting for a mere pint a day, a pressurized option will keep your brewery haul fresh for longer. But if you have no problem sipping your way through a growler in a few days (or if you have a few friends to help), a standard growler should do the trick.


What is the difference between a keg and a growler?

A "keg," in the modern understanding of the term, is a metal barrel-shaped container used to store, transport, and dispense beer (or other carbonated beverages). Kegs are filled by breweries, then sold by distributors both to restaurants and to beverage retailers to offer for home consumption. Generally, kegs are too big and impractical for individual consumers to easily transport them to and from breweries, as they contain up to 30 gallons of beer and weigh over 150 pounds when full. A growler, however, is a much more manageable size, generally containing only a half-gallon of beer (although other sizes are available) and providing a convenient and compact way to transport fresh beer from a brewery to one's home

What is the difference between a growler and a crowler?

Crowlers are large aluminum cans that are filled to order, but they're only designed for a single use. Growlers, meanwhile, are designed to be used again and again indefinitely.

How long does beer last in a growler?

“Unopened, most beer will stay good in a growler for about a week," says Ketcham. "Once opened, it begins to lose its carbonation and should be enjoyed within 24 hours."

How much beer is in a growler?

The size of a growler can vary wildly. An average growler is 64 ounces, while smaller 32-ounce growlers are also widely found. For the extra thirsty, larger, mini-keg-sized growlers will hold 128 ounces.

Do you need to refrigerate a beer growler?

“We definitely recommend refrigerating any growler of beer and any beer for that matter,” says Ketcham. “Keeping beer around 55 degrees is best for preserving its flavors and aromas, especially if you’re enjoying a beer with nuanced hop flavors.”

How do you clean a beer growler?

“After use, rinse the growler with hot water and store it with the top off," says Ketcham. "When you take it for a refill, the brewery will give it a good rinse again before filling."

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