Birthday Cupcakes for Kids of All Ages

Ideas for Decorating Kids Birthday Cupcakes

Whether you're looking for birthday cupcakes to make with the kids, or you just want fun cupcake ideas to go with your birthday party theme, I've got the recipes and decorating tips right here for you. You can use just about any flavor of cupcake you like as the base for these recipes. Here are a few of my favorites:

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    Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

    Ice cream cone cup cakes
    Sharon Vos-Arnold/Getty Images

    Who says you can't have your cake and ice cream in one easy-to-eat dessert. The trick with these cupcakes is not to overfill the cones with the batter before baking. Make the birthday cupcakes in advance, and decorate with spray whipped cream at the party.

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    Pool Party Birthday Cupcakes

    Pool Party Cupcakes
    Pool Party Cupcakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    These are the most popular kids birthday cupcakes I've ever made. These cupcakes are perfect for pool parties or beach-themed parties. Crushed vanilla wafers make the sand, fruit roll-ups serve as the beach towels, and mini Teddy Grahams are the sunbathers. Goldfish crackers swim in the ocean to complete the picture on these clever cupcakes.

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    Ladybug Cupcakes

    Ladybug Cupcakes
    Ladybug Cupcakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    Ladybug cupcakes make an adorable treat for preschooler birthday parties Rather than using red frosting, these ladybug cupcakes get their bright color from colored sugar. Chocolate chips make the ladybug's spots in these fun cupcakes.

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    Soccer Cupcakes

    Soccer Cupcakes
    Soccer Cupcakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    These simple-to-decorate soccer cupcakes make a great treat for a kids' soccer birthday party or just an end-of-the-season party for the kids' soccer team.

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    Flower Cupcakes

    Flower Cupcakes
    Flower Cupcakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    These flower cupcakes make cute cupcakes for spring and summer birthday parties. In fact, these cupcakes are so easy to decorate, you can have the kids do the decorating themselves as an activity at the birthday party.

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    Harry Potter Cupcakes

    Kids Birthday Cupcakes - Harry Potter Cupcakes
    Harry Potter Cupcakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    There's no mistaking who these cupcakes represent. The glasses, short black hair and lightning bolt-scar belong to none other than Harry Potter. And these cupcakes are simple enough to decorate, you can make enough for a big birthday party without breaking a sweat.

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    Baby Chick Cupcakes

    baby chick cupcakes
    Baby Chick Cupcakes. Stephanie Gallagher

    These baby chick cupcakes make adorable birthday cupcakes for a baby or toddler's birthday. They're super simple to make, with tinted yellow coconut and mini chocolate chips for eyes.