The Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs of 2021

Enjoy a steady stream of bottles and samples of this American spirit

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The Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs of 2020

There’s a whole world of bourbon out there to explore, as the category continues to grow in popularity every year with no sign of slowing down. By law, bourbon has to be made from a mash bill of at least 51 percent corn, distilled in the U.S., and aged in new charred oak containers, among other more technical elements.

There are a lot of great bourbons to drink from Kentucky, of course, but also from nearly every other state in the country. An easy way to explore all of this variety is with a bourbon of the month club, which will send you a bottle or two every 30 days so you can sip your way through this truly distinctive American spirit. Here are some of the best options out there to try now.

Best Overall: Caskers



Why We Chose It: The variety you will find here is some of the best, from smaller craft distilleries to well-known names in the bourbon scene.

What We Like
  • You can pause or auto-renew your membership at any time

What We Don't Like
  • Does not ship to certain states

Caskers has everything you are looking for in a bourbon club—variety, a decent price point, and full-sized bottles delivered to your doorstep on a quarterly basis. The Caskers club actually focuses on American whiskey in general, but most of the expressions you will receive are bourbon (there may be a bottle or two of rye along the way, which isn’t a bad thing).

For $146.99, you will get two bottles of bourbon from distilleries large and small like Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, and Garrison Brothers every three months. Additional membership benefits include the option to automatically renew every quarter, detailed digital tasting notes, and access to buy rare and exclusive bottles online before they are made available to the public. Overall, Caskers is a good option for bourbon newcomers, experts, and everyone in between who wants to keep their liquor cabinet well stocked.

Best for Gifting: Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

Spirited Gifts

Why We Chose It: A bourbon of the month club can be a great gift, and this service offers a good selection for someone who wants to try out high-quality bottles.

What We Like
  • Membership comes in three-month blocks so you don’t have to commit to a whole year

  • Shipping is included

What We Don’t Like
  • The price is a high for a bottle every month compared to retail

Spirited Gifts provides a high-quality bourbon of the month club service to gift during the holiday season or any time of year. A three-month membership for $299 delivers a bottle of the month, with shipping included. You can renew at the end of each period if you’d like the deliveries to continue.

The benefit of this short time period is a low-level commitment that supplies a decent array of bottles from well-known distilleries like Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Heaven Hill, and Buffalo Trace. Add-ons are available as well, like whiskey glassware, cigars, or even personally engraved bottles.

Best for Variety: Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunter

Why We Chose It: This club has a wide assortment of bottles available to choose from, with some exclusive private barrel releases that you can only find here.

What We Like
  • You get two full-sized bottles every month from some of the best bourbon brands available

  • Interesting private barrel picks can be found on the website

What We Don’t Like
  • Shipping is not included

The selection offered by Bounty Hunter is as good as it gets, with everything from major distillery releases to smaller craft operations. There are also some private barrel picks that are exclusive to Bounty Hunter featured here, which allow you to taste specially selected whiskey that you won’t find anywhere else.

Check out the Bourbon Trail Club membership, priced at $249, which includes two bottles of whiskey delivered to your door each month. Explore every corner of the world of bourbon with this membership, as the experts at Bounty Hunter pick from small-batch expressions, single barrel selects, and exciting new releases.

Best for Beginners: Flaviar



Why We Chose It: Flaviar is accessible and all-encompassing, and is set up to not intimidate bourbon beginners.

What We Like
  • Small samples allow you to taste more

  • Minimal commitment

  • Bourbon category is subdivided into regional categories

  • Affordable price

What We Don’t Like
  • Only one full-sized bottle is delivered per quarter

Flaviar is one of the best-known spirits clubs out there, and for good reason. The team that puts together the booze selections for the website really knows their stuff. The bourbon category is divided into different packages based on geographies such as Texas bourbon or bourbon made outside of Kentucky.

For $95, log on to make your selection and you’ll receive a full-sized bottle every quarter, as well as three 1.5-ounce samples, tasting notes, and a Flavor Spiral to guide you through your boozy journey. You may not get as many bottles as you would from some other clubs, but the price is right and the mini samples mean you get to try more styles of bourbon over the course of the membership.

Best Deal: Mash&Grape

Mash & Grape

Mash & Grape

Why We Chose It: If you’re looking for an affordable bourbon of the month club with a good selection, look no further than Mash&Grape.

What We Like
  • Outstanding selection

  • Affordable monthly membership fee

  • Delivers to most states

What We Don’t Like
  • Not a lot of add-ons available

  • Mini samples of bourbon not included

Mash&Grape has a solid lineup of different types of whiskey and other spirits available to purchase, and the website’s bourbon of the month club is impressive as well. You can choose your membership level, which comes in three, six, or 12-month increments, or there’s an ongoing membership for those who are really dedicated, all starting at $69 per month.

The perks include one bottle shipped to you each month, selected by the Mash&Grape team of experts. And it makes sense to trust these folks, as they stock bottles from well-regarded brands like Barrell, Widow Jane, and Pinhook.

Final Verdict

All of these clubs offer a lot of excellent bottles of bourbon delivered right to your door, with the main differences being price and frequency. There is a good option for everyone, depending on your level of interest, whether you are strictly a fan of Kentucky bourbon or want to branch out and explore bottles from different parts of the country. The best option on our list is Caskers based on the price, variety, and the full-sized bottles that come with a membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does a Bourbon of the Month Club Include?

Deliveries vary, but most clubs include either a full-sized bottle of bourbon every month or a few different mini bottle samples that come in a subscription box. Some focus strictly on Kentucky bourbon, while others dive into bourbon from Texas, New York, or other states with notable distilleries. You usually don’t get to choose your bottles but expect to try some familiar ones as well as single-barrel or small batch releases you may not have tasted before.

How Much Does a Bourbon of the Month Club Cost?

Clubs generally charge per month, ranging from about $50 up to $200, depending on the frequency and types of bottles you are getting.

Why Join a Club Instead of Buying Your Own Bottles?

Since there is so much bourbon to choose from, so these clubs allow experts in the category to pick a range of bottles from different parts of the country for you to sample. It can be overwhelming when faced with shelves of bottles at a liquor store, especially for those who are not as experienced in the world of bourbon. These clubs eliminate the decision-making process and allow you to sample whatever comes your way.

How We Chose the Best Bourbon of the Month Clubs

We looked at many different clubs, from specialty operations to clubs that offer a broader range of options. We evaluated them based on customer reviews, price, variety of whiskey offered, delivery frequency, and how many full-sized bottles vs. minis you receive.

Caskers holds the broadest appeal with its variety and frequency. Flaviar is great for bourbon beginners, while Mash&Grape offers a good deal for its membership. If you’re looking to gift a membership, Spirited Gifts is the way to go. And if variety is the sell factor, check out Bounty Hunter.

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