10 Best Breakfast Recipes

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; on this all experts agree. And it's never more important than during the school year. Children who eat breakfast perform better in the classroom. These recipes will help your family feel stronger and keep their energy level up. The best foods to serve at breakfast time include whole grains like oatmeal, protein-rich foods like egg and dairy products, and nutrient dense foods like fruits and other produce.

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    Quick Coffee Cake. Linda Larsen
    I love this coffeecake; it really lives up to its name! It's quick to make and delicious. The original recipe contained chopped nuts in the streusel; I substituted quick cooking oatmeal for the nuts and have made it that way ever since. It's tender, slightly sweet, with a rich and crumbly topping.
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    Make Ahead Scrambled Eggs. Linda Larsen
    There's something about just throwing a pan in the oven and waiting a few minutes to eat a hearty and filling breakfast that is very appealing. For me, not having to look at raw eggs in the morning is a huge plus. And this recipe is wonderful; creamy and rich.
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    cranberry orange bread
    Leah Maroney

    Here's another wonderful way to eat breakfast on the run. This hearty and flavorful loaf is studded with tart cranberries and zesty orange!

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    Blueberry Muffins
    Leah Maroney
    Blueberry Muffins are just about the perfect breakfast food. This recipe makes big, tender muffins just bursting with fruit. Yum.
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    Cheesy Pasta Frittata
    Cheesy Pasta Frittata. Linda Larsen
    Frittatas are simply sturdy omelets that are easier to make. You can add anything you'd like to your frittatas: cooked chopped meat, fresh vegetables, your favorite cheese. And refrigerate leftovers; they'll heat up beautifully in the microwave for about 15-20 seconds per serving.
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    Banana Bread. Linda Larsen

    This excellent quick bread recipe is perfect to grab for a bite as you're running out the door. The recipe is slightly unusual as there is very little liquid, which makes the bread tender and moist.

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    Waffle Quiches. Linda Larsen

    Make a quiche using waffles as the base! This fabulous, inventive recipe has the most wonderful flavor.

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    Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread
    Crunchy Salmon Sandwich Spread. Linda Larsen

    Who says you can't have sandwiches for breakfast? If cold pizza is an option, i think that a cold sandwich is even better. This healthy sandwich is full of protein for a great start to your day.

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    Swiss Eggs. Linda Larsen

    This wonderful recipe was my breakfast of choice when I was growing up. It's easy to make, hearty, and everyone likes it; even kids!

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    BLT Wraps. Linda Larsen

    And finally, this excellent wrap sandwich is full of color, texture, and flavor, and is a great choice for breakfast any day.