The 5 All Time Top British Cake Recipes

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    The Top 5 Cakes of All Time

    British Cake Baking. Getty Images

    Baking is a British institution with cake baking the most popular. Britain has a long love affair with the cake with some recipes going back several centuries. There are some cakes however that remain forever favourites of the British tea table. Here are the  favourites of all time.

    Can you guess what they are?

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    Classic Lemon Drizzle Cake

    Lemon Drizzle Cake. Elaine Lemon

    There are so many lemon drizzle cakes recipes out there, but this is mine and one I learnt (many) years ago in school. A classic of its time. 

    And for a simple twist ....

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    Traditional Chocolate Cake Recipe.

    Chocolate Sponge Cake. Photo Elaine Lemm

    Top of the list of the top 5 has to be the chocolate sponge cake. Let's face it, who doesn't love a slice. This recipe makes one of the best cakes I have ever baked or eaten. It comes from a WWII recipe from the late mother of a friend of mine. The recipe has been handed down through the family and is still enjoyed by them and my family too.

    The recipe has been slightly adjusted to use ingredients more popular today.

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    The Classic Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

    Traditional British Victoria Sponge. Elaine Lemm

    Up there in the top 5 is the Victoria Sponge; the cake which all bakers aspire to make the lightest, tastiest ever. The delicate sponge is the stuff of village fetes,  the WI, and competition  for the best cake is fierce.

    Who can make lightest, softest sponge is an accolade many aspire to. Actually it is not that difficult, however if you do struggle, take a look at the tips below. They may well help you to win the coveted prize.

    Another classic for the top five is a variation on the classic Victoria Sponge with the Strawberry Cream Sponge. Rather than using jam, this one has fresh strawberries and cream. Essentially, summer in a cake.

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    The Traditional British Rich Fruit Cake

    Rich Fruit Cake. Getty Images

    The most famous British fruit cake must be the Christmas Cake. No other cake is so laden with rich dried fruits and spices. However this cake is eaten only at Christmas and the rest of the year is reserved for a slightly lighter, yet still rich fruit cakes and Brack, a fruit cake not just in Ireland but loved in Yorkshire too.

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    A Frivolous, Fun Battenberg Cake Recipe

    Battenurg Cake Recipe. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    No way would this list be complete without one of the most cheering of traditional British cakes, the Battenberg.

    No cake is more British than a frivolous Battenberg cake. At any afternoon tea, in fact at any occasion bring out a Battenberg cake and watch smiles all round. There is something cheering about the distinctive pink and yellow squares tightly wrapped in a thick layer of marzipan that no other cake seems able to achieve.