Best 4 Brown Bag Lunch Recipes

Packing school lunches are one of the more challenging tasks of the school year. Get your child involved in the process, think about creative ways to package foods she likes and will eat, and be sure to follow food safety rules.

Then let your imagination take over! And don't forget to check out my brown bag lunch menus for ideas and recipes that are based on your child's preferences. These delicious and easy ten recipes are the best for school lunches. Your kids will love them!

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    BLT Wraps

    Wrap Sandwich
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    These wonderful BLT wraps taste just like the sandwich - but they're better! Put all of the components in your child's lunch box and let her assemble her own.

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    Chicken Salad Sandwiches

    Chicken salad sandwich

    The Spruce

    We love how easy these chicken salad sandwiches are to make. And they taste wonderful! There's something about a pure chicken salad that makes this recipe so delicious. And these sandwiches are inexpensive too.

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    M&M Brownie Cookies

    Brownie Cookie

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    These M&M brownie cookies are like a hyped-up chocolate chip cookie! You can use specialty M&M candies to make these cookies too - for instance, choose your child's school colors, or use orange, red, and brown M&Ms for Halloween treats. Yum.

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    Cookie Brittle

    Making Homemade Cookies
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    This delicious version of chocolate chip cookies turns the classic cookie into shortbread! We love the texture of this cookie brittle recipe and so will you. It's melting and tender, yet crisp and a little bit chewy. And it's the perfect choice for tucking into a lunch box.