The 8 Best Butter Dishes of 2020

Store butter at the right temperature

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Our Top Picks
"This customer favorite marries a classic design with time-tested functionality."
"It has a nonslip grip bottom to prevent butter from sliding around."
"A plain white ceramic butter dish fits in well with virtually any kitchen decor."
"You'll never have to worry about this classic dish going out of style."
"Unlike dishes, butter crocks hold an airtight seal—keeping butter fresher, longer."
"Its plastic construction makes it a perfect pick for backyard barbecues or picnics at the park."
"Thanks to its larger size, this dish holds both East Coast and West Coast styles of butter."
"The raised lip base prevents sliding when taking it from the kitchen to the dinner table (or vice versa)."

Best Overall: Le Creuset Heritage Butter Dish

Most butter dishes function the same way: They provide a clean and fuss-free storage spot for, well, your butter. That said, the best butter dishes do have a few functional features others don’t, namely they are made with sturdy material that can keep butter colder and fresher for longer. 

This butter dish by Le Creuset is a favorite among consumers because it marries that functionality with an attractive aesthetic. The stoneware construction comes in a range of pretty hues but works to keep butter chilled—even on an outdoor table. Reviewers love the look, citing it appropriate for storing in the refrigerator, but also attractive enough to keep on the countertop for long periods of time. 

It’s a practical pick, too. Despite the high-quality and fanciful material, this butter dish is perfectly dishwasher-safe.

Best Budget: OXO Good Grips Butter Dish

There’s nothing that stands out aesthetically about this butter dish, but that’s not the major draw of this butter dish. Instead, reviewers are drawn to this particular butter dish because of the price point. Despite being more affordable than most other options, it’s highly functional. 

This particular butter dish, which is made of BPA-free plastic, has a nonslip grip bottom to prevent the butter from sliding around while slicing or in storage, convenient tablespoon measurement markings so there’s no guesswork involved in food prep, and a clear lid that rests on grooves to prevent it from sliding off during transport. 

More than 3,300 reviewers give the butter dish a collective 4.6 stars, citing the high-performance construction, the lightweight feel, and the ease of cleaning as the standout features.

Best Everyday: Pillivuyt Large Covered Butter Dish with Cover

If you’re the type that keeps the butter dish out on the counter for long periods of time, it’s worth considering a plain white ceramic butter dish. This is a good option for you because it’s a streamlined look that doesn’t allow prying eyes to see inside the vessel—ideal for the end of the butter stick when things inevitably look a little bit messy.

Though plain enough to be appropriate for everyday use in a wide range of kitchens with a wide range of aesthetics, the porcelain butter dish does have some visual interest. It’s also more functional than a lot of the basic options, thanks to a handle and a raised base that prevents the butter from sliding during transport. 

Like many other options, this one is also dishwasher-safe.

Best Special Occasion: Godinger Dublin Mini Butter Parfait Dish

Don’t let the price tag fool you. Despite the low sticker, this set of crystal butter dishes make a great addition to any formal holiday special occasion table—even a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas

The elegant design is a classic, so you’ll never have to worry about it going out of style. What’s more? It’s an easy match for the rest of your china and crystal. Plus, if you’re still building your stash, the company has a variety of matching pieces to add to your set.

Though small, it’s a nice choice for a big, group meal. Place a hefty patty of butter in each dish, then place one at each end of the table. This gives each person at your table easy access to the butter.

Best Crock: Butter Bell The Original Butter Bell Crock

A butter crock—also known as a butter bell or a butter keeper—is just another type of butter dish. It’s a choice with French origins that’s still widely used in Europe. Its claim to fame? Butter crocks are said to keep butter fresher for longer, thanks to an airtight seal.

The downside? It takes a little bit of effort to set up your butter crock. Instead of simply plopping the stick of butter on a dish, you have to let the butter soften, then cube it, and smoosh it down into the lid of the butter crock. Once that has been filled, you fill the opposite base with cold water to help create that airtight seal.

Most choose to store their butter crock on the countertop, but you can refrigerate it if you prefer. Either way, just be sure to change out the water every few days to prevent bacteria growth.

Most Durable: Rubbermaid Standard Butter Dish

If you’re okay with a totally no-frills option, this butter dish may be for you. It’s a particularly good choice for families with young kids who like to help in the kitchen since it’s virtually indestructible. The dish and the lid are both constructed of durable, thick plastic. This makes it lightweight—easy portability, even for little hands. It also means it won’t crack or shatter if dropped. Another bonus? Because of this construction, it’s also a great choice for backyard barbecues and even picnics at the park. 

It’s not pretty, but that doesn’t stop nearly 1,000 reviewers from giving it a collective 4.7 stars. They say it earns top marks because it keeps butter fresh, is easy to clean (dishwasher-safe), and it’s a great value.

Best for Gifting: Sweese Porcelain Keeper with Beech Wooden Lid

A durable porcelain butter dish that’s chip-resistant and even more sturdy than stoneware makes a great addition to your kitchen arsenal, whether you keep it on the counter or in the refrigerator. It’s large, deep size makes it a more versatile pick than some others—it can comfortably hold both East Coast and West Coast styles of butter without sticking to the lid. 

Speaking of the lid, the attractive beech wooden lid doubles as a small cutting board, so you can cut and even serve patties of butter without dirtying another cutting board or dish. 

This is a great choice if you’re gifting—think engagement gifts, wedding gifts, or housewarming gifts—thanks to the cute and cheeky saying on the front of the dish.

Best Glass: Sur La Table European Glass Butter Dish

When you just want something plain and simple, a glass butter dish is the way to go. You can’t go wrong with this one, as it has sleek, clean lines and a simple design that suits any color scheme or decor aesthetic. 

What sets this one apart from other glass butter dishes, though, is the raised lip base that prevents sliding when taking the dish from the fridge or kitchen counter to the dinner table. 

Reviewers are also quick to point out that despite the elegance, soda-lime glass is thick enough to be more durable than other similar options. 

If there’s any downside, it’s that this option isn’t dishwasher-safe.

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