The Best Cake Stands to Make Any Dessert Look Elegant

The Mosser Glass Glass Cake Stand is our winner

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Best Cake stands against a wooden backdrop

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Tested & Approved

Our top pick, the Mosser Glass Glass Cake Stand, allows for easy decorating and a stable base for display, all with a classic design. The World Market Black Organic Rim Mason Cake Stand provides you a modern cake stand within any budget.

Every home baker needs a great cake stand in their home. It’s the sort of things that literally (and figuratively) elevates a cake from good to great and great to magnificent. And they’re not just for cakes. Nearly any dessert or baked good, from cookies, brownies, cupcakes, muffins and even loaves of bread look elegant and potentially dramatic when presented on a cake stand. And when they aren’t functioning as a display for your home baking, you can use them as a centerpiece or display piece, placing a bowl of fruit, candles and other knick-knacks on them.

But not all cake stands are made the same. Some are unevenly made, while others are unstable and will fall over if you barely touch them. And some just don’t look that great, cheaply made or and poorly manufactured. We searched the web and asked pastry chefs, bakers, and food writers if they had a favorite cake stand in their home. Then we tested our list of cake stands by frosting cakes and serving them up to see if the cake stands stood up to real life use.

Here are the best cake stands whether you need a basic turntable or an heirloom for generations.

Best Overall: Mosser Glass Glass Cake Stand


Sur la Table

What We Like
  • Classic, timeless design

  • Low profile lip for easy frosting

  • Tall yet stable

What We Don't Like
  • Tall, so hard to store

  • Cake dome is sold separately

The Mosser glass cake plate has been imitated and knocked off countless times. But the original version, hand-molded in Ohio, is timeless, with a solid base that makes this tall and elegant cake stand surprisingly stable. Frosting cakes is easy because the top of the cake stand has a low-profile lip. This allows you to manipulate the frosting on the sides of the cake without getting in the way. During testing, we found the lip still prevents any crumbs or spills from glazes from falling off the top of the stand. 

The milk glass white version is a classic standard color. But the cake stand comes in numerous colors, including vibrant translucent red, soft Georgia blue and classic jadeite green. You can purchase a cake dome separately if you’d like. But even without it, cakes and desserts look fantastic perched on top, ready to be served.

Our tester did find one downside to keep in mind. This is a bit tall, so storage might be hard. But he would not want it shorter because the height gives it elegance and beauty.

Mosser cake stand with dome on kitchen counter

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Glass | Size: 10 x 8 inches | Weight: 3.94 pounds

Testing Takeaway

"It's a timeless design that is elegant and modern. It's very stable and durable with a heavy weight and a solid base."

Best Budget: World Market Black Organic Rim Mason Cake Stand

World Market Black Organic Rim Mason Cake Stand

World Market

What We Like
  • Matte black finish looks and feels lux

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Modern rustic look

What We Don't Like
  • Tall lip makes frosting cake more difficult

  • Shorter than other cake stands

Cheap in price doesn’t necessary always mean cheap in looks. Take for instance the Black Organic Rim Mason Cake Stand from Cost Plus World Market. The black matte finish on the cake stand (it also comes in an ivory color) has a high end lux feel with its satin smooth glaze but is reasonably priced.

Slightly shorter in stature, the irregular rim feels handmade and organically made. This gives the cake stand a modern rustic look to your table, perfect for your homemade cake or dessert. The shortness and tall lip did make frosting cake a little more difficult as our tester found. Made from stoneware ceramic, it is also one of the few dishwasher safe cake stands we tried during testing.

World Market black cake stand with a white frosted cake on top

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Stoneware ceramic | Size: 10.75 x 3.2 inches | Weight: 3.06 pounds

Best Budget, Rotating: Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable

Wilton High and Low Cake Turntable-Cake Decorating Stand


What We Like
  • Legs can be extended for tall or short height

  • Ball bearing rotating is smooth

  • Plastic top is removable for easy cleaning

What We Don't Like
  • Nonslip rubber ring edge is difficult to clean

  • Plastic can absorb dyes, smells, and flavors

The Wilton Company gets it right again with this hardworking, adaptable revolving cake stand The High and Low cake turntable is a great turntable for beginners or home bakers that want a budget rotating cake stand for decorating their cakes. Made of heavy-duty white plastic, it has a rubber nonslip grip top that keeps the cake from sliding around. The top is removable for easy clean up, and the durable rigid plastic means it won’t break, even if you accidentally knock into it.

The 12.75-inch base has extendable legs, which means you can raise it up from 3.45 inches to 5 inches to help decorate the cake. The rubber grips on the bottom of the legs prevents the turntable from sliding around, and the ability to fold the legs underneath, once done, makes it more compact and easier to store in your kitchen.

There was one issue that came up during testing. Our tester didn't like how the rubber grip top meets the rest of the plastic top. Frosting got trapped in the edges and it was a bit hard to clean. It might also be important to protect the plastic during decoration as white plastic can absorb vibrant dyes and any pungent smells.

Wilton High Low Cake stand on marble countertop

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Plastic | Size: 11 x 3.8 inches | Weight: 2.19 pounds

Testing Takeaway

"Durable plastic and the ability to fold in the legs means it stores nice and compact."

Best with Dome: Libbey Selene Glass Cake Stand with Dome

Libbey Selene Glass Cake Stand


What We Like
  • Glass cakes stand is easy to clean

  • Generous sized top and cake dome

  • Reasonably priced

What We Don't Like
  • Molded glass with seams that show

  • Large and difficult to store

The Libbey cake stand is the ideal example of a completely clear glass cake stand that should be a basic necessity in everyone’s kitchen. It’s the perfect place for items like muffins, donuts or cookies where the cake dome help keep the baked goods from going stale. But having them out on display also makes every kitchen seem like home, where you can grab a quick muffin before heading out to school or work. Leaving this out on your countertop also means you won't have to find a good storage spot.

Our tester found that the Libbey’s cake stand is slightly taller than other models, with an elegant but sturdy base. The generous-sized cake plate and the tall straight sided cake dome allows you store larger cakes or heavily decorated ones, as well as big batches of other baked goods, all enticingly on display. Durable thick glass means it’s sturdy and won’t chip or break, and the reasonable price means it’s fits within everyone’s budget.

Libbey Selene cake stand with a white frosted cake under the glass dome

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Lead-free glass | Size: 13 x 4.75 inches (without dome), 13x 12.25 inches (with dome) | Weight: 3.56 pounds (without dome), 7 pounds (with dome)

Testing Takeaway

"This is a great, regular everyday cake stand. It's reasonably priced so you don't need to feel precious about."

Best for Decorating: Ateco 612 12-Inch Cast Iron Revolving Cake Stand

Ateco Cast Iron and Non-Slip Pad Cake Stand


What We Like
  • Smooth spinning top

  • Removable top for easy cleaning and easy storage

  • Strong and stable cast-iron base

What We Don't Like
  • Cast iron base is heavy

  • Top has rivets, so not completely flat

If you’re looking for a rotating cake stand for making your picture-perfect, Instagram-worthy cake, the best rotating cake stand out there is the Ateco 612 with cast iron base. This is the rotating cake stand that nearly every single blogger, cake decorator, cookbook author, and food writer recommends. With a heavy cast iron base that is super stable, and a smooth metal rotating top, this is the rotating cake stand that professional use.

During testing, we found that this was the easiest to clean and store away. The removable top means that is easier to clean than some others. Once broken down, it’s also more easy to store than a lot of other cake stands. The top has a stem that inserts into the base, and it rotated smoothly with little effort when our tester frosted. If you find the cake stand to be moving slower than you like, you can easily grease it with a little cooking oil, creating nearly effortless spinning. And the cake stand comes with a nonskid pad to place under the cake stand, to prevent movement. It’s the ideal tool for beginners, home bakers, and professionals.

Ateco 612 cake stand with white frosted cake on top

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Cast iron base, aluminum top | Size: 12 x 5 inches | Weight: 3 pounds

What Our Experts Say

"I've been using the Ateco cast iron rotating cake stand for nearly 20 years. I started using it as a pastry intern, then used it in my big event cake decorating business. It's a must for people who make and decorate cakes since it rotates smoothly, allowing you to pipe borders and ice cakes without breaks or ripples. Since it has a cast iron base, it won't shift around on you when you're smoothing the frosting on your cakes. It still holds a place of honor in my pantry and gets used every time I'm decorating a cake." — Marta Rivera, founder of Sense and Edibility

Best Traditional: Estelle Colored Glass Hand-Blown Glass Cake Stand



What We Like
  • Elegant design

  • Handblown with no molded seams

  • Low profile lip

What We Don't Like
  • Handblown means irregularity and occasional air bubbles

  • Cake dome sold separately

  • Expensive

If you’re looking to splurge on a beautiful traditional cake stand that you can pass down as an heirloom to your children, consider the Estelle cake stand. Named after the grandmother of the founder of the company, these cake stands are handblown in Poland.

Each stand is elegant and graceful, elevating every dessert placed on top of it. The beautiful translucent glass is made and blown by hand, means there’s no molded seams to distract from the stylish design of the piece. When our tester unboxed this, he noted that it felt luxurious and chic. The finished cake looked beautiful when displayed on it, though, since it's glass, the tester warns that this should be treated with care.

The cake stands come in a variety of candy-colored pastels as well as bolder more saturated colors, but we’re partial to the cobalt blue, blush pink and yellow that all look like they came out of a vintage postcard or antique shop. Beautiful packaged in a gift box reminiscent of a hat box, this 8.5-inch-high cake stand is something you and your family will treasure for generations.

Estelle cake stand with white frosted cake o top

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Handblown glass | Size: 11 x 8.5 inches | Weight: 2.5 pounds

Best Rotating for Display: JK Adams Marble and Walnut Rotating Cake Stand

Food52 x JK Adams Marble & Walnut Rotating Cake Stand

Food 52

What We Like
  • Smooth rotating top

  • Heavy and stable

  • Marble top keeps cakes cool

What We Don't Like
  • Rotating top makes serving cake a little difficult

  • Marbled top is unfinished on bottom and edge

  • Can be a little noisy when rotating

The JK Adams Marble and Walnut rotating cake stand is an ideal marriage of functional cake turntable and beautiful display cake stand. It has a polished marble top attached to a walnut wood base with a rotating ball-bearing mechanism. This means you can easily decorate your cake and then serve it, all from the same cake stand.

Our tester found that the marble top stays cool, perfect for working with fragile buttercream frostings and delicate cakes. It can also function as a cheese plate or as a serving plate for other items that benefit from a cool surface, like chocolates or petit fours. The smooth spinning surface makes decorating cakes a breeze, though our tester observed that the heavy marble top does make a little bit of noise when it spins on the ball bearings. That’s a small sacrifice though for this functional and beautiful addition to your kitchen and dining room.

JK Adams cake stand on a marble countertop

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Marble and walnut wood | Size: 11 x 3.8 inches | Weight: 5.1 pounds

Most Chic: American Heirloom Hardwood Walnut Cake Stand

American Heirloom Hardwood Walnut Cake Stand

American Heirloom

What We Like
  • Clean modern design

  • Flat top makes easy to decorate cake and serve

  • Indention in base is easy to hold

What We Don't Like
  • Base is a bit narrow and less stable than others

  • Flat top means crumbs and glaze will run and drip off

This chic modern cake stand is made in the Brooklyn, New York, by a husband and wife team. Deceptively simple and contemporary in design, the cake stand is made of a wood base that has a thin white accent on the bottom that matches the white durable Corian top. The result is a minimal sleek design that accentuates the cake or dessert without distracting from it. 

Layer cakes and desserts look beautiful and stand out on the sleek cake stand, putting the focus and emphasis on the baked good or dish. Due to the narrow base, the cake stand does feel a little less stable than other cake stands we tested. But the narrow indention in the base right under the top plate is a great place to hold onto the base as you move it around or hold on to, as you cut and serve the dessert.

American Heirloom cake stand on a marble countertop

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Material: Corian, walnut wood | Size: 10 x 5.25 inches | Weight: 2.19 pounds

Testing Takeaway

"I love the American Heirloom cake stand. It’s sleek, easy to clean, and makes every cake look gorgeous."

Final Verdict

The timeless design of the Mosser Glass Glass Cake Stand means a stable base so your cake won't tip over and a low lip won't interfere while you're decorating. Durability is just one of the reasons many professionals use the Ateco 612 12-Inch Cast Iron Revolving Cake Stand.

Mosser cake stand with a white frosted cake on it

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

How We Tested

We sent all of the cake stands on this roundup to our seasoned home tester, who tried each out by simply frosting a 2-layer cake to determine which cake stands are truly the best. Each cake stand was rated on design, performance, durability, and overall value. Our tester then offered additional insights on each cake stand's strengths and weaknesses.

Other Options We Tested

What to Look for in a Cake Stand


Every person has their own sensibilities when it comes to aesthetics and design. Choose a cake stand that fits your kitchen and personal style, but also keep in mind the functionality and use of the cake stand. Look for a cake stand that is heavy and has a wide base or stable base if you need something that is durable or you have a large family or pets. Consider something more elegant if you don’t mind hand-washing and storing more delicate serving ware.


Since cake stands are elevated plates to place cakes on, they are more prone to be toppled. When choosing a cake stand, pick one that is heavy or has a bottom heavy or wide base, for maximum stability. If you do choose a cake stand with a more narrow base, make sure it is one that you are comfortable holding, while you place the cake on it or while you serving the cake.

American Heirloom cake stand with a white frosted cake on it

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin

Top Rim

Cake stand tops sometimes have a rim around the edge of the top plate. There are advantages and disadvantages to this rim.

A rim on the cake stand will prevent the cake and cake dome from sliding off the top of the stand. It will also help prevent crumbs or glaze from falling or dripping off the side of the cake. However the rim also can make it more difficult to decorate the cake as well as harder to cut and serve the cake.

A flat cake stand top shows off the cake and dessert better, as the rim isn’t in the way of the viewing the cake. But this means the cake or dessert has a better chance of sliding off the cake stand, and crumbs and glaze can drip off of the cake stand. It also means a cake dome is more likely to slide around and potentially fall off the cake stand. However, without the rim, decorating the cake and serving it is easier.


Look for a cake stand that fits your lifestyle. If you have a large family or pets, a more durable cake stand that can hold up to bumping into or being used by children might be the best option. More delicate cake stands might also require larger storage space. Finally, some cake stands require special care in cleaning, while other cake stands are dishwasher safe.

Wilton High and Low Cake Stand with a white frosted cake on it

The Spruce Eats / Irvin Lin


How big should a cake stand be?

The stand should be, at a very minimum, the same size as the bottom tier of the cake. It can be a little bigger since some stands have decorations or designs on the plate portion that you might want to have visible when displaying the cake.

How long will a cake keep on a counter on a cake stand?

Depending on the type of cake you are storing, some cakes can be stored for up to three days in a cake stand under a cake dome. But some cakes, like those that use fresh berries, whipped cream, or cream cheese frosting, need to be refrigerated.

What else can you use a cake stand for?

Cake stands aren’t just for cakes. You can store and serve other desserts, like pies, cookies, or brownies on a cake stand. When the cake stand isn’t in use for serving food, consider placing it out on a table or bookshelf on display. Place a bowl of fruit on it, or use it to display seasonal décor, picture frames, knick-knacks or candles. It’s a wonderful display for nearly anything in your household.

How do you clean a cake stand?

Most cake stands are handwash only, but a few are dishwasher safe. Always refer to the documentation or package that comes with the cake stand. Rotating cake stands sometimes have a removable top, making them easier to clean. Keep in mind that almost all rotating cake stands have metal parts. Avoid getting the rotating mechanism wet or dry them thoroughly after washing to prevent rusting.

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