The Best Champagne Delivery Services of 2021

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The Best Champagne Delivery Services

Although celebrating grand occasions such as New Year’s Eve, a wedding, or a job promotion with a glass of bubbly is fun, sometimes even daily accomplishments deserve popping open a bottle of Champagne. One way to be prepared for any occasion, large or small, is with a Champagne subscription. You’ll have a bottle on hand to celebrate important occasions, but also to indulge and enjoy the memorable moments, too.

Having a Champagne delivery service will keep your home bar stocked with high-quality Champagne and sparkling wine to mark any occasion or just a quiet night at home with someone you love. If you’re not already a Champagne aficionado, signing up for a subscription will introduce you to various tastes, while educating you on their nuances. And if you do know your blanc de blancs from your blanc de noir, these services will deliver your preferred tastes at regular intervals to make sure you never have to go without it. Read about the best Champagne delivery services and what each one offers.

Best Overall: Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club

Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club
Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club

Why We Chose It: Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club has premium offerings from the Champagne region of France.

What We Like
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

  • Hard-to-find Champagnes

  • Estate bottled

  • Choice of frequency

What We Don't Like
  • Does not deliver to Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, or Utah

Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club delivers the finest Champagnes from private estates in Champagne, located in the northeast part of France. These Champagnes are difficult to find in the United States. The handcrafted and estate-bottled Champagnes are produced by houses that often ship fewer than 5,000 cases per year.

A monthly subscription will deliver two artisanal Champagne bottles each month and the bimonthly option sends the same but every other month. A quarterly subscription includes two bottles shipped in January, April, July, and October. Shipments in all three subscriptions are $150 each, and you can pay in advance for a full year if you'd like. Prices include shipping, and you'll receive a 10 percent discount on future purchases by signing up.

Best Sparkling Wine: Club Bubbly

Club Bubbly

Club Bubbly

Why We Chose It: With Club Bubbly, subscribers can receive both Champagne and other sparkling wines.

What We Like
  • Gift with each shipment

  • Choice of sparkling wine or a mix

  • Variety of regions

What We Don't Like
  • Minimum of two shipments before cancellation

Club Bubbly is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality sparkling wines and Champagnes so subscribers can enjoy a mix of interesting bottles from producers around the world. The sparkling wines are carefully selected and aren’t frequently found in local stores. The focus is on unique bottles, both in style and region.

Subscribers choose from a bimonthly or quarterly delivery that includes three bottles of sparkling wines. Choose from either sparkling wine or a variety of Champagne and other sparkling wines.

The Sparkling Only Club option ($70) delivers three bottles bimonthly and features Proseccos, cavas, domestic sparkling wines, pét-nats (wine that's naturally sparkling), sekts (sparkling white wine from Germany), and more. Members of the Mix Club receive three sparkling wine and Champagne selections with a choice of bimonthly or quarterly shipments for $100 per delivery.

Shipping costs extra, but both club options include a 20 percent discount on website merchandise.

A nice treat is a gift in each shipment. These are specially picked and created by artisans and small businesses, such as Cattaneo Bros. Almond Brittle, RAW Lip Balm, and Cayucos Hot Sauce.

Best Premium Selections: Fatcork Champagne Club

fatcork Champagne Club

fatcork Champagne Club

Why We Chose It: The option of receiving tête de cuvée selections makes fatcork Champagne Club our pick for best premium selections.

What We Like
  • Elevated selections

  • Educational information

What We Don't Like
  • Only option is quarterly

This exclusive grower Champagne club picks the best small-batch artisanal Champagnes from France and ships them directly to your door. Fatcork Champagne Club has personal relationships with growers that allow them to hand-select their cuvées, some of which are exclusive. The Champagne is sent from the vigneron’s caves in France to fatcork's temperature-controlled cave in Seattle, where they are ready to ship to subscribers.

Educate yourself on the nuances of Champagne, the growers, and the region that produces it on the Champagne 101 section of fatcork's website. Education is at the heart of the company's mission, so each shipment includes in-depth information about the bottle and the producer.

Two of the subscription options include tête de cuvée, which translates to “head cuvée” and is considered the best batch a grower produces.

Depending on your preferences, each quarterly delivery includes either three fatcork selections (Classic), three selections and one tête de cuvée (Fancy), or three selections and three tête de cuvée (Extra Fancy). Classic costs $199 per quarter plus $9.95 shipping; Fancy costs $249 per quarter and includes shipping; and Extra Fancy costs $349 per quarter, shipping included.

Best for Trying Something New: We Drink Bubbles

We Drink Bubbles

We Drink Bubbles

Why We Chose It: We Drink Bubbles hand-selects clean-farmed, estate-grown wines that aren’t available in stores.

What We Like
  • No obligation

  • Boutique Champagnes and sparkling wines

  • Frequency options

What We Don't Like
  • Shipping costs extra

We Drink Bubbles searches out boutique, handcrafted Champagnes and sparkling wines to deliver a new selection in each box. Decide how often you’d like delivery: choose from shipments every one, two, or three months.

Each shipment includes three bottles for $100 plus shipping. You can skip, cancel, or gift a delivery at any time. Plus, members receive a 10 percent discount on additional purchases.

The company also sells Champagne and other sparkling wines by the bottle, along with things like wine glasses, gift boxes, and more.

Best Value: Cellars Champagne Sparkling Club

Cellars Sparkling Wine Club

Cellars Sparkling Wine Club

Why We Chose It: With the option to sign up for an ongoing subscription, Cellars Sparkling Wine Club provides an affordable option.

What We Like
  • Personal wine consultant

  • Free shipping

  • "No bad bottle” guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • Must pay multiple shipments in advance

Sparkling wine lovers will enjoy the Cellars Champagne Sparkling Club for the variety of flavors it offers, whether it’s a Spanish cava or brut, a Prosecco from Italy, or respected vintages from France.

The best hand-selected and handcrafted wines will ship monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, and each box contains two bottles. Choose the ongoing shipments option for the most affordable rate, or select anywhere from two to 12 shipments. The total cost per box is based on this combination of selections, but the range is $69 for one delivery to $828 for 12. Shipping is free.

Final Verdict

Champagne subscriptions, whether you’re seeking sparkling wine only from the region of Champagne or prefer a sampling of sparkling wines, deliver unique and hard-to-obtain selections. The subscriptions offer a chance to taste unusual bottles of wine, many not available in the U.S., and sparkling wines from around the world. Based on the top-quality Champagnes it delivers, we selected Henri’s Reserve Champagne Club as our best overall pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Champagne Subscriptions?

Champagne subscriptions are regular shipments of Champagne, often ones that are hard to find in the U.S. Most companies allow customers to get monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly deliveries.

Isn’t All Sparkling Wine Considered Champagne?

While all sparkling wines are not Champagne, all Champagne is sparkling wine. Champagne originates from the Champagne region in northeastern France, while other sparkling wines are produced in other parts of the world. Some examples include Italian Prosecco and Spanish cava.

Other Than Region, What Differentiates Champagne From Sparkling Wines?

The name originates from the region as well as the grapes used to produce Champagne. A select handful of grape varietals are used for the cuvée, which refers to a specific batch of wine. In relation to Champagne, the term tête de cuvée refers to the top range of a specific grower's wines.

How We Chose the Best Champagne Delivery Services

We sought out subscriptions that offer Champagne exclusively (Henri’s Reserve and fatcork) as well as those that offer a mix of sparkling wines (Club Bubbly, We Drink Bubbles, and Cellars). The companies on our list cater to both Champagne enthusiasts and others who are interested in tasting a variety of sparkling wines. As a stand-out for offering tête de cuvée Champagne, we selected fatcork. And we chose Cellars for best value because it allows customers to save money per box by signing up for longer subscriptions.

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