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The cheese world is vast and complex, but learning about it is an opportunity to excite your palate with new flavors and textures and elevate an entire meal or make up the perfect snack. With the seemingly infinite varieties of cheese on the market, you may wonder where you should begin. Or maybe you want to branch out beyond the cheeses available in your local supermarket and try something unique and different.

Whether you simply want to receive a sampling of new cheeses every month or have everything on hand to assemble a beautiful cheeseboard for in-home entertainment, we have you covered. We rounded up some of the best cheese subscription boxes available nationwide, making it easy for you to start your journey into the world of cheese.

Best Cheese Subscription Boxes of 2021

Best Overall: Murray’s



Why We Chose It: Murray’s is our selection as best overall for being a decades-long trusted cheese retailer and wholesaler.

What We Like
  • Extensive variety of high-quality artisanal cheeses

  • Selections range from classic and approachable to more esoteric

  • Monthly kits strike a good balance between being educational and fun

What We Didn't Like
  • No customization option within each subscription plan

Renowned Manhattan-based cheese company Murray’s offers several monthly cheese clubs to deliver gourmet domestic and international cheeses right to your door. With five subscription types, there is an option for new cheese lovers, lifelong cheese aficionados, and everyone in between. The Classic Cheese of the Month club delivers three to four approachable classic cheeses, which is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser and is perfect for gifts. For a more adventurous selection, opt for the Cheesemonger’s Picks club, which includes three to four lesser-known cheeses hand-picked by a Murray’s cheesemonger each month.

If you're passionate about domestic cheeses, the American Cheese of the Month Club is a good choice. And, for those wanting to build a more extensive cheeseboard, the Perfect Pair or Cheese Board of the Month Clubs offers accompaniments (i.e. crackers, preserves, chutney, charcuterie) along with a collection of one to three cheeses.

Each delivery includes an information card detailing the products’ origins and flavors, as well as beverage pairings for each. The Perfect Pair and Cheese Board clubs also include step-by-step instructions on cutting and serving and a complete guide for entertaining with cheese. Monthly prices for all clubs range from $63 to $113 per month, with discounts available on longer subscription plans. Free overnight shipping is included with all subscriptions.

Best for Variety: Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma

Why We Chose It: With nationwide recognition, Williams Sonoma offers prepaid gourmet cheese subscriptions of both American and European varieties.

What We Like
  • Clearly lists cheeses included in each shipment

  • Includes origin and tasting notes

  • Offers a variety of cheeses between American, European, and Global subscriptions

What We Didn't Like
  • No customization or substitutions

  • No cheese education or detailed info on the vendors

  • Delivery fee

Williams Sonoma, a national gourmet cookware store, has a selection of cheese subscriptions available for order. There is a great variety of cheese subscriptions to choose from: American, European, World, and Cheese and Charcuterie. They all cover a range of flavors, textures, and types of cheese. Enjoy sampling an array of cheeses from well-known creameries in the United States or from six countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, the U.K., Switzerland, and the Netherlands). All cheeses are sourced from top artisanal cheese producers and are shipped directly from the vendors.

Depending on which you choose, subscriptions can be purchased for three to 12 months and, unlike some other monthly subscriptions, they are prepaid. Pricing starts at $159.95 plus a total delivery fee of $30 to $60. Details about each monthly artisanal cheese collection are all listed in the description (along with tasting notes, age, and specific quantities) before you place your order.

Best for American Farmstead Cheese: Saxelby Cheesemongers

Saxelby Cheesemongers

Saxelby Cheesemongers

Why We Chose It: Saxelby Cheesemongers has been at the forefront of supporting American cheesemakers. On top of quality products, we like the simplicity of the monthly club options.

What We Like
  • Supports sustainable American cheesemakers

  • Offers option to make special requests

  • Variety of subscription types

What We Didn't Like
  • Limited information on what specific cheeses will be in each shipment

Founded as Manhattan’s first all-American cheese shop, Saxelby Cheesemongers now distributes its cheese online in addition to its wholesale business and retail market. With a mission to support sustainable, regenerative agriculture and American artisans, Saxelby Cheesemongers partners with cheesemakers around the country to curate a premier selection of domestic cheeses. Saxelby offers a variety of monthly cheese clubs for three-, six-, or 12-month subscriptions, including clubs that feature seasonal cheeses delivered quarterly and monthly clubs that pair cheese with chocolate.

Each shipment typically comes with a selection of three different cheeses (about a half-pound of each variety). For a truly decadent combo, the Monthly Cheese and Chocolate Club includes one half-pound wedge of cheese and one bar of artisanal small-batch chocolate. All cheese subscribers will also receive a Saxelby Cheese Knife and Saxelby Cheese Journal with the first shipment.

If you have cheese preferences (eg, no blue cheese, no raw milk cheese, etc.), note that on your order and Saxelby will customize your selection. Prices for clubs range from $295 for a three-month subscription to $1,117 for a 12-month subscription, shipping included. Cheese and chocolate clubs are priced slightly lower due to smaller quantities of cheese.

Best for Blue and Cheddar Cheese: Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery

Rogue Creamery

Why We Chose It: Rogue Creamery is a stand-out for its historical creamery and award-winning blue and cheddar cheeses. It is also one of the few certified organic cheese subscriptions.

What We Like
  • Company was started in 1933

  • Award-winning cheeses, shipped directly from the creamery

  • Certified Organic, B-corp Certified

What We Didn't Like
  • No monthly shipment option, just quarterly

  • No substitutions allowed

Operating for nearly 100 years, Southern Oregon-based Rogue Creamery produces internationally acclaimed certified organic blue and cheddar cheeses. In fact, its most well-known cheese, Rogue River Blue Cheese, earned "super gold" accolades at the 2019–2020 World Cheese Awards in Italy. Rogue Creamery is also Oregon’s first B-corp Certified corporation, and it's committed to making a positive impact on the community and environment. To experience these award-winning cheeses firsthand, sign up for the Cheese Club and you will receive a curated selection of Rogue Creamery Cheeses (about one pound) every three months for a year. 

Selections will include unique varieties that aren’t typically sold in retail stores nationwide such as seasonal and limited offerings. In addition to the cheese, each monthly box comes with different accompaniments such as tea, honeycomb, crackers, and a small token gift. The contents of each upcoming seasonal box are announced shortly before their release. Each box is reasonably priced at $79, including two-day shipping.

Best for Personalized Cheese Selections: The Tasting Board

The Tasting Board

The Tasting Board

Why We Chose It: The Tasting Board offers a uniquely customized cheese subscription, with curated shipments based on each customer’s taste preferences.

What We Like
  • Customized cheese selections

  • Global selection of cheeses

  • Strong customer service

  • Good value

What We Didn't Like
  • Limited information on vendors

  • Limited education on cheesemaking, storing, and serving

For a customized monthly cheese experience, The Tasting Board is a cheese club that matches your tastes with cheese you’ll love. After completing a “taste palate survey,” you will be informed of a selection of customized cheeses with information on origin, flavor notes, and wine pairings. The Tasting Board uses an algorithm to compare 11 attributes of each cheese to your preferences and give you the best matches. After reviewing the selection, you have the option to be re-matched with alternate cheeses or continue on to purchase your selection, initiating your subscription.

Each delivery contains four different award-winning cheeses from around the world, totaling from 1.5 to 2 pounds. For the most highly personalized selections, you have the option to review your cheeses after each shipment to mark your favorites and help curate future selections. And if you aren’t happy with a cheese in your shipment, you will receive an extra cheese—at no cost—in your next delivery. The Tasting Board’s monthly club is priced at $55 per month plus $9 shipping.


Each cheese subscription comes with its own unique value, with some specializing in only a few types of cheese and others aggregating cheeses from around the world. Subscriptions can either come directly from the creamery or from a retail shop or wholesaler.

For those already familiar with the many varieties of cheese and who have developed preferences along the way, a more niche subscription such as one from Rogue Creamery is a great fit. People more interested in expanding their knowledge about all types of cheese would benefit from a general subscription that includes all varieties and styles plus some additional educational information. With this in mind, Saxelby Cheesemongers is a great way to support American creameries and Murray’s is our recommendation for an introduction to all things cheese.

What Are the Primary Styles of Cheese?

There are many varieties and styles of cheese, including fresh unripened cheeses (e.g., ricotta cheese, cottage cheese), brined cheeses (e.g., feta, halloumi), soft-ripened, semi-soft (e.g., Havarti, Muenster), blue, natural rind and washed rind, hard cheese (e.g., Parmesan and aged Gouda), and more. Each has its own distinct texture and flavor, which is also informed by the milk used to make it and the environment where it is produced and aged, otherwise known as its terroir.

Why Are Cheeses Aged and How Does Aging Affect the Flavor of Cheese?

With the exception of fresh cheeses, all other cheese is aged for anywhere from a few weeks to a few years. During the aging process, the cheese starts to break down and “ripen.” The longer a cheese is aged, the more intense and sharper the taste becomes. The water content of the cheese will also decrease with age, making the cheese harder and firmer in texture and saltier in flavor. Cheeses that lend themselves well to aging are gouda, parmesan, cheddar, manchego, and blue cheeses.

The Benefits of a Cheese Subscription Box

Monthly cheese clubs are ideal for those wanting to try new cheeses and learn more about the world of cheese. The subscriptions we highlighted offer high-quality artisanal cheeses, some of which are only available seasonally, in limited editions, or in select retail locations. Many monthly cheese clubs give subscribers early access to these exclusive cheeses and product discounts. Subscriptions also come with detailed information on flavor profiles and pairings with tips for serving it for the best tasting experience.

How We Chose the Best Cheese Subscription Boxes

After reviewing an extensive selection of monthly cheese subscriptions, we narrowed down this selection based on those offering nationwide delivery, a variety of cheese styles, and user-friendly supplemental information on tasting notes, pairings, storing, and serving suggestions. Those that stood out are taking steps to make the cheese subscription more of an experience versus a cheese delivery.

For example, we picked Murray’s for its variety and quality but also for its fun and informative cards that come with each monthly box. We chose Saxelby Cheesemongers for its specialty in American cheeses and Rogue Creamery for its world-famous blue cheese and commitment to sustainable organic practices. The Tasting Board was chosen for its personalized customization and global varieties.

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