How to Pick the Best Cherry Pitter for Your Jam Session

Whether you're pitting cherries by the handful or the bushel, try these tools


When the first cherries hit the market in the summertime, it's hard not to get excited. These petite fruits herald the bounty to come; not long behind are the plums, apricots, nectarines and peaches of the season. However, pitting the little fruits can be a substantial effort. With the right tool for the job, you can blast through your cherries in no time. (Note: Contains affiliate links.)

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    TSM Cherry Stoner

    The Rolls Royce of cherry pitters is the TSM Products Stainless Steel Cherry Stoner. This pitting machine churns through cherries five at a time with the turn of a crank. It's not cheap, but if you're a real cherry maniac, it could be a great investment. 

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    Progressive Laboratories 6-slot Prepworks Cherry Pitter

    Progressive International Prepworks Cherry Pitter

    Significantly cheaper yet also efficient is the Progressive Laboratories 6-slot Prepworks Cherry Pitter. The tool features six divots that hold your cherries; pitters push through the fruit when you press from above. The pit catcher is fairly small, though, so for large batches, you'll be stopping to empty it frequently. 

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    Rösle Cherry Pitter

    Rösle Cherry Pitter

    A good countertop pitter is the Rösle Cherry Pitter. This sleek device has a hopper that feeds cherries into a pitting chamber. You just push the spring-loaded plunger to pop out the pits, which are captured in a chamber below; the cherries tumble out a chute on the back.

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    Norpro 5120 Deluxe Cherry Pitter with Clamp

    Norpro 5120 Deluxe Cherry Pitter with Clamp

    A similar but somewhat less expensive countertop model is the Norpro 5120 Deluxe Cherry Pitter, featuring a clamp that adheres the pitter to your table or counter. It works the same way as the Rösle, but with added stability from the clamp. 

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    OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter

    For smaller batches, hand models are sufficient. The OXO Good Grips Cherry Pitter is a popular choice. OXO is well known for their ergonomic designs, so you can go on a pitting bender without getting hand cramps. Bonus: This device (and most of the other cherry pitters on this list) also can be used to remove pits from olives. 

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    Cuisipro Cherry/Olive Pitter

    Cuisipro Cherry/ Olive Pitter

    The Cuisipro Cherry/Olive Pitter has a similar ergonomic, hand-friendly design ,but is a little less expensive than the OXO pitter. 

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    Westmark Cherry Stoner "Kernex"

    A more rudimentary and old-fashioned design, the Westmark Cherry Stoner "Kernex" benefits from simplicity, making it easy to clean. It's dishwasher-safe on top or bottom racks. 

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    Fox Run Cherry and Olive Pitter

    Fox Run Cherry and Olive Pitter

    The cheapest of the bunch, the Fox Run Cherry and Olive Pitter has a slightly different design. Simply grab the handles with your forefinger and middle finger, and push the spring-loaded pitter through with the palm of your hand. 

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    DIY Cherry Pitting Options

    Pastry Tips
    Getty Images

    Don't feel like investing in a unitasker tool that takes up room in a drawer or a cupboard? You may have a suitable tool already hiding in your kitchen. Some people use star frosting/pastry tips to push the pits out by hand, or chopsticks. Of course, you could simply use a paring knife as well, especially if you don't have that many cherries to pit.