3 Unique Chicken Salad Recipes

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Chicken salad. The name evokes comfort, mom's cooking, and summer. These quick and easy recipes for the best chicken salads will see you through every occasion throughout the year.

Most chicken salads are made with cooked white meat. For best results, cook boneless, skinless chicken breasts before you begin. Or buy a couple of rotisserie chickens and use the tender meat from that product. Then let your imagination run wild! Chicken pairs with everything from jalapeno peppers and wild rice to strawberries and grapes.

One of the best things about chicken salads is that you can make them ahead of time so dinner is ready in seconds. The second best thing is that these recipes can be easily changed using your favorite ingredients. Substitute the types of cheese, the herbs or seasonings used, and even the fruits and vegetables the recipes call for. And when you create a masterpiece by changing any of these recipes, write down the changes so you can reproduce it next time!

To make the best chicken salad, make sure that you have enough dressing. Cooked chicken can soak up dressing, and there's nothing worse than a dry salad. You can make extra salad dressing to stir into the salads at the last minute if you'd like.

Enjoy these wonderful salad recipes all through the year.

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    Best Chicken Salad Recipes

    Chicken pasta salad


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    The best chicken salads recipes combine flavorful dressings, tender chicken, and fresh additions like pasta, vegetables, fruits, or cheeses. These top recipes are everyone's favorites. They are all easy to make and the perfect thing to have in the fridge for snacks, lunch, or dinner.

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    Healthy Chicken Salads

    Chicken spinach salad


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    What makes a salad healthy? It must contain lots of produce, delicious dressing with herbs and spices and good fats, and grains or cold pasta. These quick and easy recipes for healthy chicken salads are packed with antioxidants and ingredients that can help reduce your risk for some kinds of diseases. And they're delicious!

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    Last Minute Salad Recipes

    Chicken caesar salad


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    What happens when unexpected company drops by? Do you panic and take everyone out to dinner? No need with these super fast last minute salads recipes. From Caesar chicken salad to apple pecan chicken salad, you'll find simple main dish salad recipes for every occasion and to suit every taste.