Chinese Stew Recipes

Stew has so much going for it – it’s perfect for less tender, more inexpensive cuts of meat, combining the ingredients in one pot means less washing up, and you can leave the kitchen while the stew simmers on the stovetop. From classic Irish Stew to Spanish Cocidos, it seems every cuisine has at least one signature dish featuring meat, fish or poultry that has been paired with vegetables and simmered for hours over a stove. And of course, China is known for its red-cooked stews and braised dishes.

Here are a number of my favorite Chinese and Asian-inspired stew recipes. I've begun with more authentic Chinese red cooked stews with chicken and pork, then moved on to stews enlivened with Chinese seasonings or ingredients. Finally, a few traditional stew recipes from other Asian cuisines. Feel free to play with the recipes and incorporate other ingredients as desired.

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    Spicy Soy Sauce Chicken

    Soy Sauce Chicken
    Dennis Wong/Flickr/CC

    Looking for a different way to cook a whole chicken? Chinese spices such as star anise lend flavor to a soy sauce-based stewing liquid in this Chinese spicy soy sauce chicken recipe.

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    Red Cooked Pork With Beer

    Red Cooked Pork With Beer
    Created by Chef Martin Yan. Reprinted with permission of TeamWorks Media

    Marinated chunks of pork and root vegetables are simmered in a braising liquid that includes Tsingtao lager and hoisin sauce.

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    Korean Bulgogi Stew (Bulgogi Jungol)

    Naomi Imatome

    Naomi Imatome-Yun points out that this delicious Korean bulgogi stew is a great way to use up leftover bulgogi and vegetables. She suggests adding noodles for an even heartier dish.

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    Spicy Korean Soft Tofu Stew (Soondubuchigae)

    Spicy Korean Soft Tofu Stew

    The Spruce

    In restaurants, this spicy Korean soft tofu stew will be served in hot earthenware bowls, with raw egg added (the heat from the bowl cooks the egg).

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    Chicken Cream Stew

    Japanese Stew
    Datacraft Co Ltd./Imagenavi/Getty Images

    This chicken cream stew recipe is an example of Yoshoku (Japanese western cooking) – a chicken thigh and vegetables are simmered in liquid before thickening with a white sauce. Cream cheese adds the final touch.