The 3 Best Kitchen Cleaning Tips I Learned from Vanesa Amaro's TikTok

The Queen of Clean is full of great ideas, but these take the cake.

woman next to a basket full of cleaning supplies

Vanesa Amaro / Getty Images

As a writer who specializes in writing about cleaning and organizing, I’m constantly picking up new home-related hacks: products, practices, and mindsets that can help make those dreaded chores more efficient and effective. I’ve found a few favorite sources for these game-changing tips over the years, and at the top of the list is Vanesa Amaro, a Texas-based professional cleaner turned TikTok influencer. 

From teaching us new ways to use familiar cleaners and tools to troubleshooting common cleaning annoyances, Amaro is full of super-smart ideas that make me actually look forward to doing chores (and that’s saying a lot). Below, three of my all-time favorite cleaning tips for the kitchen, straight from Amaro’s TikTok. 

1. Spray Stainless Steel Cleaner on a Cloth

Most of the places I've lived have had stainless steel appliances, so I’ve tried lots of stainless cleaners. My favorite one is Weiman spray, which leaves my fridge looking sparkly and streak-free. I’ve always just sprayed it directly on the fridge, but Amaro taught me it’s better to spray on a microfiber cloth or paper towel. That way, you’re only using the product you need, but more importantly, you won’t end up with oily residue on your floor. Oil can be hard to clean up, but it’s also a hazard for kids and pets!

2. Degrease Your Appliances Before Polishing

Speaking of grease: My microwave is above my stove, so it’s constantly accumulating oil from when I cook. (I want my stainless looking shiny, but not that kind of shine.) I’ve never really thought twice about the best way to clean it, but Amaro taught me to use a degreaser on the outside of the microwave. After you cut through the greasy residue, you can use your favorite stainless cleaning product. Otherwise, you’ll just be spreading grease around!

3. Move Your Furniture When You Deep Clean

I'm pretty good about vacuuming my living space. It’s hard to relax when your floors are covered in dust, dirt, and other debris. Like any other area of the house, though, some of the worst messes are the ones you can’t actually see—which is precisely why Amaro recommends routinely moving your furniture when you deep clean. If you have allergies like I do, you may also notice a difference in how you feel — and you may find something you’ve been missing forever under your fridge.