The 9 Best Coffee Beans of 2020

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Kicking Horse Coffee at Amazon

"Each of their 12 different blends is organic, fair trade, and tasty."

Best Budget: Seattle's Best Coffee at Walmart

"They make it easy to load up on coffee with their unbeatable prices."

Best Light Roast: Caribou Coffee Daybreak Light Roast at Amazon

"This light roast is bright, tangy, and full of flavor."

Best Dark Roast: Death Wish Coffee at Amazon

"Roughly four times the amount of caffeine as a regular cup."

Best for Cold Brew: Stone Street Cold Brew Reserve at Amazon

"Smoother and sweeter than your average joe."

Best for Espresso: Lavazza Super Crema Espresso at Amazon

"Specially crafted for a delicious jolt of espresso."

Best for French Press: Devoción Toro Blend at Devoción

"Some of the best beans to grind up for a French press."

Best Decaf: Kicking Horse Decaf at Amazon

"A decaf blend that still manages to be delicious."

Best Organic: Café Don Pablo Organic Coffee at Amazon

"Delicious, reasonably priced, and free of artificial substances."

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    Best Overall: Kicking Horse Coffee

    It’s impossible to truly choose the best coffee. Taste buds vary. Some people focus on a coffee’s health benefits, some the cultivation process, some the price.

    But, Kicking Horse Coffee is the closest thing to an undisputed winner out there. Each of their 12 different blends is organic, fair trade, and downright tasty. Light-roast lovers should check out their tropical Hola blend, while dark-roast junkies can choose between flavors like the chocolaty Grizzly Claw or the smoky Kick Ass blend.

    Kicking Horse is a small coffee company—home to roughly 120 employees—hailing from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The care they put into each bag of beans has made them one of the highest-rated coffee brands online, with the vast majority of customers giving their products five stars, no matter the flavor. 

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    Best Budget: Seattle's Best Coffee


    Courtesy of Walmart

    The only thing better than coffee is a lot of coffee, and Seattle’s Best makes it easy to load up on java with their unbeatable prices. While their beans aren’t as cheap as those of Folgers and Maxwell House—brands that are known for weaker, watery coffee—the combination of affordability and high quality is what sets Seattle’s Best apart.

    They offer ten delicious blends, from delicate light roasts like Very Vanilla and Toasted Hazelnut to robust dark roasts like Post Alley Blend. You can find your favorite flavor in whole bean, ground, or K-Cup pods, and you choose between a 12-ounce bag or, for the true coffeeholic, a 20-ounce bag.

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    Best Light Roast: Caribou Coffee Daybreak Light Roast

    Caribou’s Daybreak Light Roast is the kind of coffee that gets you out of bed in the morning. Bright, tangy, and full of flavor, these beans are gentle on your body and provide energy without ever weighing you down. With this blend, Caribou replaces the bitterness and acidity of darker roasts with the fresh taste of fruits and nuts.

    Plus, this light roast’s light price makes every cup taste even sweeter. Caribou is easier on your wallet than most coffee brands of similar quality, and you can find their products in whole bean or ground varieties.

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    Best Dark Roast: Death Wish Coffee

    Death Wish’s slogan is, “The World’s Strongest Coffee,” and with roughly four times the amount of caffeine as a regular cup, they make a strong case.

    But these strong beans shouldn’t scare you. Death Wish is one of the most reviewed and highly rated coffee brands online.

    While customers do love the increase in energy and concentration that comes with Death Wish, they keep buying it because of the taste. For such a high caffeine content, the flavor is surprisingly smooth, teeming with hints of dark chocolate and cherry.

    This product is on the more expensive end, but considering you only need one cup to get through the day the price balances out. On top of that, Death Wish is organic, fair trade, and doesn’t use any artificial ingredients or additives.

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    Best for Cold Brew: Stone Street Coffee Cold Brew Reserve Whole Bean Coffee

    Cold brew has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years, and yet the process of brewing coffee beans with room-temperature water, as opposed to hot water, can be traced back to 1600’s Japan. Even centuries ago, the benefits of cold brew were evident: more antioxidants, lower caffeine content, and less acidity. Not to mention the delicious taste, which is smoother and sweeter than your average joe.

    It makes sense, then, that the best cold brew comes from Stone Street—a Brooklyn-born coffee company that focuses on high-quality, artisanal blends. A one-pound bag of their Cold Brew Reserve is a little on the pricy side, but it will bring barista-worthy iced coffee to your home year-round.

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    Best for Espresso: Lavazza Super Crema Espresso

    Nobody does espresso like the Italians. They invented it, then perfected it. And Lavazza has been part of the process from the start. Established in 1895, this Italian coffee company is nearly as old as espresso itself. And their Super Crema roast is specially crafted for a delicious jolt of espresso. Just make sure you have the perfect tiny cup on hand.

    Available in both whole bean and ground, this medium-dark roast is buzzing with notes of honey, almond, and dried fruit. Lavazza comes at a great price and can be found at multiple retailers. It’s smooth, it’s hot, and every cup will transport you to the piazzas, canals, and lush countryside of Italy.

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    Best for French Press: Devoción Toro Blend


    Courtesy of Devocion 

    The truth about French press coffee is that the type of beans you use makes little difference. Light, medium, dark—it’s all the same. What really maximizes the richness of French press coffee is how the beans are ground. It’s best to use course-ground coffee instead of fine-ground, as the latter can lead to a bitter and gritty taste.

    And some of the best beans to grind up for a French press are Devoción’s Toro Blend. With notes of chocolate, vanilla, cherry, and almond, this coffee is overflowing with flavor. It might sound like a sweet dessert, but the Toro blend also manages to be a balanced medium blend that you can drink every day without getting burnt out on it.

    Devoción is a high-end roaster, so the Toro blend runs more expensive than your standard Folgers or Maxwell House, but the taste is unbeatable, no matter the price.

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    Best Decaf: Kicking Horse Decaf

    A good cup of decaf is hard to find. When coffee beans go through the decaffeination process, they lose certain chemicals that create the tastes and aromas you love.

    Luckily, there’s Kicking Horse. They make a second appearance on our list with a decaf blend that still manages to be delicious.

    While these beans might not be as robust as Kicking Horse’s other products, customers laud the blend’s rich combination of toasted hazelnuts and dark chocolate. Some say they don’t even notice a difference in taste between this and Kicking Horse’s regular coffee.

    Kicking Horse is certainly on the pricier end, but all of their coffee is organic, fair trade, and roasted right at home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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    Best Organic: Café Don Pablo Subtle Earth Organic Coffee

    From the time the coffee is planted to the moment it’s poured into your cup, organic coffee avoids all artificial substances. No additives, no pesticides. This means that, on top of being delicious and reasonably priced, Café Don Pablo’s Subtle Earth Organic Coffee is clean and healthy.

    These beans hail from the Marcala region of Honduras, where the high altitude infuses them with a deep, natural flavor. And you’re guaranteed to find a blend that perfectly fits your taste, as Café Don Pablo offers this organic line in a light roast, a medium-dark roast, and a dark roast.

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