The 8 Best Coffee Canisters of 2020

Great coffee starts with great coffee storage

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Our Top Picks
"This plastic-based coffee canister will stand out among the competition while keeping your coffee from going stale."
"Forms an airtight seal simply by twisting the lid back and forth. There's also a handy vacuum lock indicator light."
"High-end style without the high-end price tag."
"This four-piece set takes something timeless and mixes in new-age elements, like silicone gaskets and an external lacquer."
"This canister has a one-way co2 valve, which guards freshly ground coffee against oxygen while also letting it de-gas."
"One of the largest airtight canisters, it's spacious enough to store 2.5 pounds of coffee, as well as 5 pounds of flour and sugar."
"Don't let the rustic aesthetic fool you: These canisters have improved storage abilities compared to 20th-century inspiration."
Best Coffee Pod Holder:
DECOBROS K-Cup Storage Drawer at Amazon
"The simple sliding drawer is a great way to organize your go-to coffee supply and keep your countertops clean."

Proper storage is an essential but easily overlooked factor in coffee’s taste. Even mild exposure to sunlight and oxygen will reduce shelf life and diminish flavor, so it’s best to keep beans in a dark, vacuum-sealed container.

We rounded up the top coffee canisters in a variety of categories below, from tech-based options to the most beautifully designed. While features vary, all our picks will maximize the freshness and flavor in every cup of coffee. Prices vary too, especially for those interested in a matching canister set, but most are affordable and easy to find in home goods stores to grocery stores. No more rubber bands wrapped around bags. No more chip clips or safekeeping in the freezer. Here are the best coffee canisters for your kitchen.

Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Coffee POP Container

Most coffee canisters are made of nontransparent materials—tin, stainless steel, ceramics, etc.—in order to block light, as UV rays quickly sap coffee beans of freshness and flavor. Thanks to OXO’s UV-blocking technology, however, this plastic-based coffee canister will stand out among the competition while keeping your coffee (or teas and spices) from going stale.

Another great feature is the canister’s stainless steel lid, which forms an airtight seal when the POP button is pressed down; the button also functions as a handle when raised. The canister is large enough to store a one-pound bag of coffee, whether it's ground or whole bean. In fact, storage capacity is one of the highest-rated and most mentioned attributes in the online reviews, as customers give its capacity nearly five stars. The plastic is BPA-free, and the canister’s corners are rounded to allow easy pouring if you don’t have a measuring scoop. Just be sure to hand wash the item, as only its silicone gasket is dishwasher safe.  

"Coffee has a very short shelf life, and for your coffee to taste the best you want it to be fresh. Try not to put it in the freezer because even this decreases the life of your coffee. Keep it away from moisture and light and keep it in a container." — Allie Caran, Director of Education at Partners Coffee

Best Vacuum-Sealed: Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister

No more chip clips, no more rubber bands wrapped around your bags of beans. The Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister forms an airtight seal simply by twisting the lid back and forth. There's also a handy vacuum lock indicator light that glows green once oxygen has been fully prevented from entering. Fellow says its canister increases your coffee’s shelf life by roughly 50 percent, and customer reviews support that claim, giving the item great reviews in freshness, along with ease of use and style.

You have a number of options regarding size (.4, .7, and 1.2 liters), as well as material (borosilicate glass or stainless steel) and color (matte black or matte white).

The only drawback is that the Atmos canister doesn't have a valve to release co2, meaning that if coffee is roasted or ground right before being stored in the canister, it will take longer to properly de-gas. This is a small annoyance, of course, and would have only a slight effect on your coffee's flavor. Plus, users say you can gradually release air by twisting the lid every so often. Overall, the Atmos is one of the highest-rated and most trusted coffee canisters you can buy.

Best Design: Crate and Barrel Ethan Ceramic Canisters

With a sleek and modern design, Crate and Barrel’s line of Ethan Ceramic Canisters looks great on any countertop. There are three size options: a small canister in taupe, a medium in white, and a large in black, all of which come with an elegant wooden lid and feature an intricate crisscross pattern that provides eye-catching texture. The canisters respectively hold 36, 44, and 72 fluid ounces. They can be purchased individually or in a set of all three.

There aren’t many customer reviews on the canisters, given that they are exclusively sold at Crate and Barrel, but the silicone gaskets will effectively block out air and the glazed stoneware body will block out light. Despite the exquisite craftsmanship put into the Ethan canisters, they come at a surprisingly affordable price, generally in the same range as more readily available coffee canisters at sites like Amazon, Walmart, and more. It’s high-end style without the high-end price tag.

Best Set: Old Dutch International Tangier 4-Piece Canister Set

Copper canisters have long been an iconic countertop staple, suitable for rustic as well as modern kitchens. This four-piece set takes something timeless and mixes in new-age elements, like silicone gaskets to improve freshness and an external lacquer to resist wear and tear. The canisters also have an eye-catching, Moroccan-inspired designed etched on them.

The sizes of the canisters include 1 quart, 1.5 quarts, 2 quarts, and 4 quarts, allowing you to safely store kitchen goods like sugar and flour, along with your coffee. Customers give the set glowing reviews, with some of the main comments praising their aesthetic and value for money. To keep the copper sparkling, occasional hand-washing is recommended, but make sure to avoid harsh brushes or cleaning products that could damage the material.

Best for Ground Coffee: Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Canister with co2 Valve, Scoop, and Travel Jar

An airtight seal is just the start of what makes this canister a top pick, particularly for ground coffee. The item also has a one-way co2 valve, which protects freshly ground coffee from oxygen while also letting it de-gas. There's a date wheel on top of the lid to keep track of how long your coffee has been stored. Coffee Gator even throws in a stainless steel measuring scoop—an overlooked but essential tool for consistently brewing delicious coffee—and four replacement valves to keep your coffee fresh for months to come.

This canister is available in three sizes—30.4, 44, and 64.6 fluid ounces—as well as multiple colorways. Customers say the medium-sized canister comfortably holds one pound of both ground and whole bean coffee.

Best Bulk: Planetary Design Airscape Kilo Coffee Canister

The only thing better than coffee is a lot of coffee, but it’s tough to buy in bulk when you’re worried about all those beans going stale. Luckily, the Planetary Design Airscape Kilo is spacious enough to store a whopping 2.5 pounds of ground or whole bean coffee, as well as 5 pounds of flour and sugar, making it one of the largest airtight canisters you can find. Despite its size—measuring 8.9 x 7.2 x 7.1 inches—the item will look sleek on your countertop thanks to its matte colorways. Available in stainless steel and ceramic versions, all parts are dishwasher safe.

If you like the product and want a full set for your kitchen, Planetary Design produces the Airscape in two other sizes: a small canister, which holds 8 ounces of coffee, and a medium-sized one, which can store up to one pound.

"A lot of coffee bags have valves, those circles right on the bag, to get the oxygen out. You can squeeze out all of the air to extend the life of your coffee beans, but this really isn't a great solution. It's just a back-up [option]." — Allie Caran

Best Rustic: Barnyard Designs Decorative Nesting Kitchen Canister Jars

While most canisters have moved toward sleeker, more modern designs, nothing compares to the idyllic look of these countryside canisters from Barnyard Designs. The four-piece set is made from old-school tin and has bold lettering for flour, tea, and sugar, as well as coffee. You can purchase the item in four colors, from a muted white or mint to a striking red or teal.

Don't let the rustic aesthetic fool you: These canisters have improved storage abilities compared to their 20th-century inspiration. Barnyard Designs uses an airtight silicone seal to keep your goods fresh, and the galvanized metal is sturdy and long-lasting. There are certainly higher-tech canisters out there that offer things the Barnyard Designs canisters cannot, but customers love this set nonetheless, giving it great reviews for durability, easiness to clean, and value for money.

Best Coffee Pod Holder: DECOBROS K-Cup Storage Drawer

Coffee storage isn't just for grounds and beans. Pod users will love the DecoBros K-Cup Storage Drawer, which fits 36 Keurig cups and even more Nespresso capsules inside. The simple sliding drawer is a great way to organize your go-to coffee supply and keep your countertops clean. When closed, the item measures 13.25 inches wide, 12.5 inches long, and 3.125 inches high—the perfect size to fit beneath an espresso machine. It's also discreet thanks to the sleek black steel design.

While there are many pod storage systems on the market—including small baskets and vertical carousels—this is one of the best-rated items available. It has a nearly perfect five-star rating online, with some of the highest praise coming for its sturdiness, storage capacity, and usefulness for small spaces.

Final Verdict

Our top pick is the OXO Good Grips Coffee POP Container. It's easy to use, blends in with most kitchen décor, and keeps coffee beans fresh for weeks to come. Coffee lovers interested in a higher-tech option may prefer the Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister, however.

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