The 7 Best Cornbread Mixes of 2020

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"It’s not too sweet, and it’s simple to make using just milk and egg."
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"It’s inexpensive to try it before you buy more."
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"Combines a crunchy exterior with a moist interior that many people love."
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"A perfect addition to other recipes where you’d want to add your own flavors."
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"It’s a little bit dense and slightly gritty rather than fluffy."
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"It’s one of the simplest cornbread mixes you’ll find."
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"This is a sweet cornbread that’s a perfect pairing with spicy foods."
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Cornbread is the perfect side for chili, it’s a great option for breakfast, and cornbread stuffing is a classic for chickens and turkeys. While there are plenty of recipes for cornbread in cookbooks and online, sometimes the best option is to find a cornbread mix you like and stock up on boxes. Not only are mixes convenient, but they’re consistent, so you’ll get the same result every time. Even if you prefer your own homemade version, a box or two in the pantry can be handy for days when you’ve spent all your energy on the main dish, and you want the cornbread to be fast and easy.

Most cornbread mixes include instructions for high-altitude baking, when it’s required for their product, and if you’re feeling creative, there are plenty of recipes on manufacturer’s websites and other online sites for using cornbread mixes in different ways. Whether you like your cornbread savory or sweet, Northern or Southern, or even spicy, there’s a mix that will fulfill your dreams.

Best Overall: Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

While it’s called a corn muffin mix, this classic box mix has a lot of fans who rate it #1 for cornbread. It’s not too sweet, not too savory, and it’s simple to make using just milk and egg. Recipes abound for using this mix for corn pudding, for making it sweeter, or other adjustments that personalize the cornbread.

A single box makes enough cornbread to be baked in a standard 8-inch square or an 8-inch round cake pan, or even in your favorite cast iron skillet, so it’s a nice amount for a small family. If you’re feeding a crowd, a double recipe is just as easy.

This is a pack of four boxes, so you’ll have plenty to have on hand in the pantry, and the small boxes don’t take a lot of space. The price is also small, making this favorite also very affordable. A vegan version of this mix is also available, but most users prefer the flavor and texture of the original mix.

Best Gluten Free: Glutino Yankee Cornbread Baking Mix

While corn flavor is primary in corn muffins, wheat flour is usually included to hold the muffins together. Fortunately, gluten-free cornbread is available, like this offering from Glutino, which rated high praise from users. It requires sugar, buttermilk, eggs, and butter, so you’ll have to have those on hand, and it makes an 8-inch square pan of muffins. This is a single box of cornbread mix, available as an add-on item at a low price, so it’s inexpensive to try it before you buy more.

Best Sweet: Famous Dave's Cornbread Mix

One user noted that “if you like sweet cornbread, this is the one you’re looking for.” This 60-ounce package contains four packs of the mix, so you can make a single one for the family or use multiples when it’s party time. This combines a crunchy exterior with a moist interior that many people love.

The mix requires milk, water, and egg, so it’s simple to mix from pantry ingredients. It has instructions for baking in an 8-inch square pan or in regular or jumbo muffin tins. Users say that this has the same flavor and texture as the corn muffins served at the Famous Dave’s restaurants.

Best for Stuffing: Betty Crocker Authentic Cornbread & Muffin Mix

A brand that’s been around for generations, Betty Crocker has mixes for just about every baked good you’d want to make, including this cornbread mix that’s not too sweet and not too salty. It’s great as-is, and also a perfect addition to other recipes where you’d want to add your own flavors.

This pack includes nine 6.5 ounce packages, so you can make a small pan of cornbread or six muffins with one mix, or bake a few batches for parties or for stuffing a turkey. One user noted that the small batch is the perfect size for cooking in a toaster oven.

This requires milk, butter, and egg, so the ingredients aren’t hard to find. Because it bakes a thinner cornbread in an 8-inch square pan, the baking time is slightly shorter than other mixes that bake a thicker cornbread.

Best Southern Style: Krusteaz Southern Cornbread and Muffin Mix

Founded by a women’s bridge club in 1932 when the women came up with an easy pie crust concept, Krusteaz products always rate highly among users who love the baking mixes. This Southern-style cornbread mix is no exception. Described as “sweet and savory,” it’s a little bit dense and slightly gritty rather than fluffy. While it’s slightly sweet, it’s not overly sweet.

This recipe requires milk or buttermilk, melted butter, and eggs, which are pantry staples in many homes, so you won’t need to run out for ingredients. You can use an 8- or 9-inch square pan, a round cake pan, a skillet, or a muffin pan, so you’ve got plenty of options for baking the cornbread. The company website offers recipes to customize the cornbread to make it even more interesting.

If Southern cornbread isn’t your cup of (sweet iced) tea, they also make a Northern version as well as honey cornbread.

Best Bulk Package: Marie Callender's Original Cornbread Mix

Perfect packaging for folks who don’t always need the same size cornbread or the same number of muffins, this bulk bag has a chart for making a variety of serving sizes, or just use 2 parts of the cornbread mix to one part of water for your own custom size.

Since this requires only water, it’s one of the simplest cornbread mixes you’ll find, but the company website has more recipes that can make the mix even more fun. Some users note that they substitute eggs, milk, buttermilk, melted butter, or other liquids for the water, to make their own versions, so this mix is very flexible when it comes to variations.

Best Dessert: Chi Chi's Sweet Corn Cake Mix

If you’ve been to a Chi-Chi’s restaurant, you know what these corn cakes are. If not familiar with the restaurant, you’re in for a treat. The recipe suggests baking this in a loaf pan and using an ice cream scoop to serve, but some users bake them in muffin tins or cake pans for a more traditional cornbread shape.

This is a sweet cornbread that’s a perfect pairing with spicy foods, or it can be used as a dessert. Rather than using coarsely ground cornmeal that’s traditional in American cornbread, this includes masa, for a more Mexican flavor. The recipe requires melted butter, water, and a can of cream-style corn, so it’s not quite as simple as some recipes, but still easy to make from pantry ingredients.

This is a pack of 12 pouches, so you’ll have plenty for parties or just to keep on hand for Taco Tuesdays.

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