The 8 Best Cotton Candy Makers of 2021

These machines will bring the carnival home

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Our Top Picks
"This easy-to-use machine makes fresh cotton candy without the hassle."
"No need to find table space, since this cotton candy maker is a cart that you can roll from room to room."
"It has the advantages of a commercial-quality machine, but it’s designed to be easy enough for home use."
"This easy-to-use machine won't break the bank and comes with everything you need."
"Boasts 1,080 Watts of power, a 20.5-inch stainless steel bowl, and the ability to create two to four servings per minute."
"Cute, small, and fun, this cotton candy maker is what you need for kids’ parties or family movie nights."
"Perfect for birthday parties, carnivals, fundraisers, and more!"
Best Cotton Candy Machine Kit:
Cotton Candy Express Fun Pack at Amazon
"This kit includes 50 disposable paper cones and three different flavors of floss sugar."

Making cotton candy is actually quite simple—a cotton candy machine spins sugar to create a web-like texture that sticks to a cone, stick, or pretty much anything as you wrap it around and around. The great thing about making cotton candy at home is that you can control the ingredients, flavors, and serving sizes. Many machines work also with hard candies, so you can make sour, tart, spicy, cinnamon-flavored, or sugar-free cotton candy. This versatile treatment can also be used as a fun garnish for desserts or drinks.

Thanks to cotton candy machines, you no longer have to be at a carnival, amusement park, or movie theater to enjoy this sweet treat. Here are the best cotton candy makers to help you whip up some sugary confections at home. 

Best Overall: VIVO Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

This easy-to-use machine makes fresh cotton candy without the hassle. All you need to do is turn it on, pour in the sugar, and watch as it produces 2-3 servings of cotton candy per minute.

This works with hard candies, so you can make peppermint cotton candy to melt into your hot chocolate, or sour cotton candy to garnish your margarita. It even works with sugar-free hard candies, so everyone can enjoy cotton candy, even those avoiding sugar. Of course, you can also buy colored and flavored flossing sugar to make cotton candy that tastes just like the confections you find at a carnival or fair.

The machine comes apart easily for cleaning and comes with spare parts and a sugar scoop.

Best Cart: Great Northern Popcorn Commercial Cotton Candy Machine With Cart

No need to find table space, since this cotton candy maker is a cart that you can roll from room to room or take anywhere there’s an electric outlet to plug it in. This is a commercial quality machine, so it works super-fast, too. It heats up in 6 minutes, then you just pour in the sugar and start twirling cotton candy cones right away. You can make up to two cotton candy cones per minute.

The kettle is stainless steel, so it won’t rust, stain, or retain odors, and it’s easy to keep clean since it’s removable. The power switch, heat switch, and a voltmeter are conveniently located on a front panel, so there’s no need to hunt for the controls. There is a storage drawer with three bins for supplies, so you can tuck away everything you need to make cones for a party.

This weighs in at 46 pounds, so you know it’s heavy-duty, but it’s still easy to move for use and storage. A scoop, manual, and spare parts kit are included.

Best High-End: Olde Midway Commercial Quality Cotton Candy Machine Cart

This high-end machine has the advantages of a commercial-quality machine with a 950-watt heating element and a belt-driven motor, but it’s designed to be easy enough for home use. It makes two servings of cotton candy per minute, so you can feed all the kids at a party in no time.

This has a three-bin storage drawer and includes a sugar scoop and two extra motor drive belts to keep it running for years. There are separate controls for turning the machine on and for heating. A voltmeter on the front of the machine lets you know that it’s operating properly.

The stainless steel bowl is removable for easy cleaning, and four clamps hold it in place during operation to keep it steady. This does not have a plastic shield over the bowl.

Best Budget: Chef Buddy Cotton Candy Machine

This easy-to-use machine won't break the bank and comes with everything you need—including 10 candy sticks and a suction cup base for quick swirls. In addition to cotton candy, you can also make sugar floss, since this machine can operate with regular granulated sugar. This premium machine features a detachable design for easy cleanup, and heats up in only five minutes.

Its neutral design blends with any countertop, and its small built means you don't have to worry about it taking up too much space. It's also lightweight at around 4 pounds so you can take it with you to your next picnic or outdoor gathering. Customers say it's simple to use and easy to clean, and most importantly, you'll get fluffy, delicious cotton candy every time.

Best Commercial: Clevr Large Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Clevr Cotton candy machine

This commercial-quality machine boasts 1,080 Watts of power, a 20.5-inch stainless steel bowl, and the ability to create 2-4 servings per minute—making it ideal for feeding a large crowd's sugar cravings. It also includes a convenient three-bin storage drawer, a stainless steel scoop, and extra drive motor belts. Plus, it has a safety feature that ensures it won't turn on unless the bowl is secured properly in its place. The downside? It's quite heavy at 30 pounds.

Best Compact: Nostalgia Retro Cotton Candy Machine

Nostalgia Retro Cotton Candy Machine

Cute, small, and fun, this retro-looking cotton candy maker is what you need for kids’ parties or family movie nights. This compactly designed machine will fit on your counter or table to make cotton candy from your favorite hard candies or flossing sugar. Even better, you can even use sugar-free candies, so everyone can have their favorite, even when they’re avoiding sugar.

The clear rim lets you watch the cotton candy form, and it disassembles easily for thorough cleaning. This includes two reusable plastic cones and one sugar scoop.

Best for Events: Funtime Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine

Funtime FT1000CCK-P Cotton Candy Machine, Regular, Pink

Funtime is a trusted brand that's been around since the 90s and is known for its stylish and functional popcorn machines that were inspired by the Coney Island popcorn machines of the 1920s. Its cotton candy machine has that same nod to the past with the efficiency and power you need for all your modern-day gatherings. If you're looking for a crowd-pleaser, this cart is it.

All it takes is 2 minutes to heat up the 920-Watt spinner and then it can produce one cotton candy cone every 30 seconds! The stylish cart will make you look like a pro. Plus, there's a stainless steel storage tray for things like cones, sugar, scoops, and more.

Best Cotton Candy Machine Kit: Cotton Candy Express Fun Pack

Once you’ve picked out a cotton candy machine, it’s a good idea to get some supplies. Some of the machines include reusable or disposable cones, but you’ll probably need more. And then there’s the sugar. While some machines can use hard candies, if you want classic flavors and the best results (at least until you get the hang of using the machine) you might want to stock up on the sugar that’s designed specifically for cotton candy making.

This kit includes 50 disposable paper cones and three different flavors of floss sugar: cherry, blue raspberry, and grape. Once you’ve sampled these flavors, there are more kits that include flavors like banana, bubble gum, maple, piña colada, and even chocolate. How fun is that? 

Final Verdict

If you're searching for a great cotton candy machine that doesn't take up a ton of space and makes cotton candy in minutes, then the VIVO Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine is right for you. But if you're searching for a cotton candy machine to feed a crowd and look carnival-worthy, we'd go with the Funtime Candy Cloud Cotton Candy Machine.

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What to Look for When Buying a Cotton Candy Maker

By Sara Tane


These machines come in a wide variety of sizes, so understanding how much storage space you have for such an appliance is crucial to your buying decision. Cart styles, for example, are going to take up a lot of space, so having an indoor closet or shed space to keep it is ideal. These models can also be heavy, so be prepared to lift and roll upwards of 50 pounds.

Cotton Candy Machine during a tradition fair in the city

Miguel Sotomayor / Getty Images


A brand new machine can run you anywhere from $40 to $500, so it’s important to consider what you’re looking for before making a purchase. The compact versions are much less expensive, though they’re also much less of a statement appliance (not as fun for parties!), and they don’t have as much wattage. The larger cart versions are party-ready and easy to transport, but they can run you a prettier penny. If you’re looking for that quintessential cotton candy cart look but you’re not looking to break the bank, you can always consider a rental machine (depending on what's available in your area). This typically includes sugar, cones, and an attendant to man the machine if you want someone else to be in charge.


Not all cotton candy machines offer the same breadth of power. Commercial machines can boast up to 1,080 watts of power, churning out two to four cones per minute. On the other hand, compact cotton candy machines offer closer to 480 watts, which means that they take longer to heat up and won’t be able to churn out as many cones as efficiently as a commercial version.

Types of Cotton Candy Makers


The cart is the most common look for a cotton candy machine; you’ve likely seen one at a carnival or fair. This typically has wheels attached so that it can be rolled from location to location (as long as you’re near an electrical outlet). Carts typically come with storage drawers for keeping sugar, cones, and other supplies. The stainless steel kettle is removable, making these carts extremely easy to clean. These carts are large, sometimes close to 50 pounds, but if you’re looking for a fun and entertaining piece, this could be the right investment for you.

Cotton candy maker making 2 cotton candies

escobeezy / Getty Images


If you’re looking for less of a cart style, then your best bet is a compact machine. These can fit comfortably on a counter and do not have wheels or legs. As far as entertaining, it’s much less of a statement, so it’s ideal for someone who wants the option to make cotton candy at home, but isn’t trying to create a fun station at a gathering or party. This is a much more affordable option; however, it does not offer any storage for cotton candy supplies, and its wattage is slightly less than that of a cart.


For a budget-friendly option that’s fun for kids and adults alike, this Chef Buddy offers a variety of compact machines. Vivo is the go-to brand for commercial-grade cotton candy machines that boast a ton of power and a chic, pink look. These machines can disassemble for easy cleanup and come with a one-year warranty. Funtime is a classic, trusted brand that's been around since the 1990s and is known for its stylish and functional popcorn machines, inspired by the Coney Island popcorn machines of the 1920s. These machines have the quintessential style of a classic cotton candy cart, perfect for parties and entertaining.

Preparing cotton candy for a buffet

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To clean your cotton candy machine, simply remove the bowl and rinse it thoroughly in warm water. Then, turn on the machine as though you were making cotton candy; this will get rid of any leftover sugar that hasn’t totally washed off. This also ensures that there’s no more sugar on the floss head. Then, turn up the temperature setting and let it run for a minute; the high heat level will further bake off any sugar that could be remaining. Once there is no more visible sugar, get some water and slowly pour it into the hot bowl. This will get rid of any stuck-on sugar crystals. 

Next, disconnect the machine from the power and let it cool down. Once the machine has completely cooled, use a clean towel to wipe any remaining moisture from the bowl and floss head. Make sure to wipe down the splash guard or bubble to clean up any residual sugar.


Floss Sugar

Of course, you can’t make cotton candy without sugar to pour into your machine. Available in a wide variety of colors and flavors, floss sugar is inexpensive, easy to store, and ready to use (no mixing required). Typically, a half-gallon carton can make about 60 to 70 cones. You can also buy floss sugar concentrate, which requires you to add cane sugar. This is a better option to help you save money if you’ll be making a lot of cotton candy, but it does require some mixing.

Pink cotton candy spinning fast as it is being made in a machine.

Winter_Studios / Getty Images


Almost just as important as sugar, you’ll need some cones or sticks to wrap your cotton candy around. Not only is this the best way to enjoy cotton candy (no sticky hands!), but it’s also a sanitary way for the person making the cone to avoid touching the cotton candy (though wearing latex gloves is still recommended). These paper cones are durable, triple-wrapped, sturdy, and intended for one-time use. 

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