Best Cream Candy Recipes

handmade chocolate truffles on baking paper

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Cream candies look super impressive, but they are so easy to make! They can be served coated in chocolate or left plain. Discover our favorite cream candy recipes so you can whip up a batch for yourself or someone special.

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    Lemon Creams

    lemon cream
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Tart and creamy lemon creams are so easy to make and look super impressive topped with a candied citrus peel. Coat them in chocolate or serve rolled in powdered sugar.

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    Lime Creams

    lime cream
    Elizabeth LaBau

    Lime creams are zesty and refreshing. They are coated in white chocolate but they can also be served as is. The bright green color makes them a beautiful option for parties and snack tables.

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    Maple Creams

    Maple cream candy

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    Maple creams use the unique and incredibly sweet flavor of real maple syrup. These candies will melt in your mouth but they also have a lovely crunchy texture from the added chopped walnuts.

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    Peppermint Patties

    peppermint patties
    Elizabeth LaBau

    These homemade Peppermint Patties are so easy to make and taste way better than the store bought ones! The creamy minty center looks so beautiful when coated in creamy chocolate. 

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    Raspberry Creams

    Raspberry cream candy

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    Raspberry Creams are fresh, delicious and creamy. They are super easy to make, too. You can dip them in chocolate or roll them in powdered sugar to finish them off.

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    Very Vanilla Creams

    Vanilla cream candies

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    Vanilla creams derive their flavor from vanilla extract and a fresh vanilla bean pod for extra decadent vanilla flavor. The creamy center pairs perfectly with the white chocolate shell. 

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    Cream Eggs

    egg cream candies

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    These classic Easter candy treats look just like the center of a real egg! The creamy and milky center spills out the second you break open the creamy chocolate coating–just like a real egg.