15 Best Crêpe Recipes

Gluten free buckwheat crepes

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Many people find making thin, pliant, crisp crêpes daunting, but anyone can make them once you master the technique. A crêpe iron will give you a wide, flat surface on which to form the crêpes themselves, but a large nonstick skillet will work just as well.

Plan ahead before you get started since the batter does need to chill for at least 30 minutes to achieve the right texture. Crêpes are so versatile and keep well, so you can make a big batch for one recipe, set some aside, and use the rest in a different way the next day. With this selection of both sweet and savory recipes, you'll have plenty of ways to enjoy crêpes.

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    Sweet or Savory Basic Crêpes

    Basic Crepe Recipe

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    Attention crêpe novices: start here to master a crêpe recipe you can pull out of your back pocket for both sweet and savory dishes. Simply include sugar and vanilla for the dessert version or leave them out if you plan to fill yours with veggies, meat, or cheese.

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    Savory Turkey and Mushroom Crêpes

    Savory turkey and mushroom crepes

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    If you have leftover turkey from a roast dinner, try this elegant savory crêpe recipe to use it in a fresh way. It has multiple steps, but you can make both the sauce and the crêpes ahead to save time.

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    Crêpe Suzette

    Crepes Suzette recipe

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    Make the traditional orange-scented crêpes Suzette at home for a fun and exciting cooking project. It makes a lovely dessert, but you can also serve it as a showstopping brunch addition. Try it with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream on top.

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    Cranberry Crepes

    Very merry cranberry Christmas crepes recipe

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    Ideal for a holiday breakfast or for making a regular Sunday feel like a special occasion, these cranberry crêpes are a festive dish. They are stuffed with rich cream cheese and topped with a sweet and tart homemade cranberry jam. Sprinkle a little powdered sugar over top before serving for a pretty presentation.

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    Gluten-Free Buckwheat Crêpes

    Gluten free buckwheat crepes

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    Whether you avoid gluten or want a crêpe with a slightly nuttier texture and flavor, buckwheat crêpes will fit the bill. Serve them warm and topped with sweet cheese, berry jam, fresh fruit, or your favorite dessert crêpe fillings.

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    Tapioca Flour Crêpes

    Gluten free tapioca flour crepes recipe

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    For another refined flour alternative, try using tapioca in these easy and delicious crêpes that also contain no added sugar. They work for both sweet and savory dishes, so swap them out for any crêpe main dish or treat you have planned.

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    Croatian Crêpes

    crepes on a plate

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    With a thicker batter than the French version but thinner than American pancakes, Croatian crêpes, or palačinke, come both sweet and savory. Instead of a leavening agent, the recipe calls for club soda to give them that airy texture. A squirt of fresh lemon juice and a sprinkling of sugar highlights their natural flavor, but you can add any toppings you like.

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    Crêpe Cake

    crepe cake

    The Spruce / Leah Maroney

    Once you've perfected your crêpe technique, get ready for the big time. Crêpe cakes not only look pretty, but they also make an impressively delicious dessert for holidays, birthdays, or anytime you need to treat yourself. Plus, you'll get your crêpe-making technique down flat.

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    Chocolate Crêpes

    Chocolate Crepes

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    Chocoholics won't be able to resist the sweet, rich flavor of chocolate crêpes. They pair well with preserved or fresh fruit, whipped cream, chopped nuts, bananas, or any other dessert topping your heart desires.

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    Vegan Crêpes

    Fruity Crepes

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    Swapping out the dairy for soy margarine, plant milk, and coconut milk makes these light and airy crêpes perfect for vegan diets and those who require egg-free dishes. Serve them with fruit, nondairy whipped cream, or your preferred crêpe accompaniments.

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    Ham and Cheese Crêpes

    Ham and cheese crepes

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    Instead of your basic ham and cheese sandwich, switch things up and serve these savory crêpes for lunch. You can make your own crêpes with the included instructions or use pre-made ones for an even speedier meal. If you do decide to make them yourself, allow an hour of chilling time before using the batter.

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    French Canadian Crêpes

    Canadian crepe
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    Topped with a little fresh whipped cream and drizzled with real Maple syrup, these classic crêpes will make you feel like you just stepped into a Québec cafe. Once you master the recipe, try it with fresh fruit, jam, or sliced bananas and Nutella.

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    Seafood Crêpes with Shrimp and Lobster

    Seafood Crepes

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    For a fancy dinner or special brunch at home, you can't go wrong with these seafood-stuffed crêpes. This recipe uses shrimp and lobster for the rich, decadent filling but you can sub in lump crabmeat, scallops, or some combination thereof. To cut down on prep time, make the crêpes ahead or use prepared instead of homemade.

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    Banana Crepes with Brown Sugar Rum Sauce

    Banana Crepes with Rum Sauce

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray

    Banana and rum are a match made in heaven, so don't skimp on the brown sugar rum sauce in this fabulous brunch recipe. Add some chopped pecans, fresh berries, whipped cream, or a sprinkling of cinnamon sugar for added pizzazz.

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    Polish Crepes

    Sweet crepes

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    The batter for Polish crêpes can make either the paper-thin version we all know and love, or thicker more American-style pancakes. Use them the same way you would the French kind, by filling with sweet or savory ingredients or even filling, rolling, and pan-frying for a crispy texture.