The 8 Best Cupcake Delivery Services of 2021

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Best Overall: Georgetown Cupcake

Georgetown Cupcake

Georgetown Cupcake

With its huge selection of flavors—including several vegan and gluten-free options—an elegant aesthetic, a handsome website, and solid customer service, Georgetown Cupcake earns the title of best overall.

Co-founded by two sisters in 2008, Georgetown Cupcake has since rocketed to cupcake fame, thanks in part to cable network TLC, which aired the reality show "DC Cupcakes" for three seasons, focusing on the siblings' original Washington, D.C., bakery.

Since its founding, Georgetown Cupcake has expanded, offering a second D.C. area location as well as bakeries in Boston, New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. Flavors include all the classics, as well as creative twists like a lemon blossom, lava fudge, and monthly seasonal flavors such as raspberry swirl cheesecake, pumpkin spice, and valentine unicorn.

Georgetown Cupcake offers local delivery and nationwide shipping, and a minimum order of one dozen cupcakes is required. You can build your own assortment or choose from a wide variety of pre-packed themed assortments. Most assortments cost around $36 per dozen, plus shipping.

Best Jar Cupcakes: Dreamy Creations

Dreamy Creations

Dreamy Creations

If you prefer to eat your cupcakes with a spoon, Dreamy Creations will be your go-to spot. Their main mission is to bring sweet happiness to the masses, and they truly deliver.

Located near Los Angeles in Northridge, California, Dreamy Creations is a two-time winner of Food Network's Cupcake Wars. Each jar is hand-packed with two mini cupcakes stacked between layers of creamy frosting, for a total of four ounces of bliss per treat.

Cupcake jar flavors include campfire, birthday cake, gluten-free and vegan cinnamon dulce latte, red velvet, and more. Dreamy Creations also bakes cookies and brownies, which they offer in addition to their cupcakes in gift box assortments. For the ultimate experience, check out their Variety Set of 12 cupcake jars, featuring all eight flavors.

Dreamy Creations offers cupcake jars for shipping in packs of four, eight, and 12, as well as two different gift boxes that also include their cookies and brownies. Prices are around $50 for four jars, $90 for eight and $129 for the full dozen, plus shipping. Dreamy Creations ships nationwide.

Best Velvet Cupcakes: Cupcakes By Carousel

Carousel Cakes

 Carousel Cakes 

Cupcakes by Carousel was definitely a contender for the best overall spot. From Carousel Cakes, the popular cake bakery of Nanuet, New York, these sweet treats are legit.

Carousel's cupcakes are irresistible. All the flavors are amazing, but the Red and Blue Velvet cupcakes stand above the rest, especially considering the Red Velvet is officially known as Oprah's Favorite.

After you try the Velvet, branch out and taste the others. There are three options besides the Velvet cupcakes: the Classic 12-pack, the Candy 12-pack, and the Best Seller 12-pack, which include flavors like Hostess, Candy Cookie Dough, and White Cake With Fudge.

Velvet cupcakes are available in either a 12-pack of six Red Velvet and six Blue Velvet cupcakes, or a 12-pack of Oprah's Favorite Red Velvet only. Each bundle of 12 costs roughly $59 plus shipping.

Carousel ships Monday through Thursday to all 50 U.S. states. Alaska and Hawaii incur additional charges.

Best Filled Cupcakes: Sweet Street Desserts

Sweet Street Desserts

Sweet Street Desserts

Sweet Street Desserts is not afraid to innovate, but it also knows when to stick to the classics—and that's exactly what it does with its cupcake offerings. There are only three options to choose from—Chocolate, Vanilla, and Red Velvet—and all of them are topped with rich frosting and filled with a luscious, creamy sweetness.

The Chocolate cupcake is completely chocolate and filled with bittersweet truffle, the Vanilla is filled with Madagascar vanilla cream, and the Red Velvet is filled with chocolate truffle and topped with cream cheese buttermilk frosting. All three are aimed straight at that secret, sweet soft-spot in your cupcake heart.

Sweet Street Dessert's cupcakes come in packs of 16 for $68, or in a duo of 8 (4 chocolate and 4 red velvet) for $55. All include free standard shipping. Sweet Street Desserts delivers via FedEx to all 50 U.S. States.

Best for Chocolate Lovers: Brooklyn Cupcake

Brooklyn Cupcake

 Brooklyn Cupcake

The truth is Brooklyn Cupcake was also a strong contender for Best Jar Cupcake and Best Overall. We just couldn't leave it off this list, so here it is.

Brooklyn Cupcake has several options guaranteed to satisfy the chocolate monster in your belly. First up is the Blackout Cupcake Jar. Each one is filled with layers of chocolate cake, dark chocolate pastry cream, and chocolate ganache. The company claims each jar serves two people, but you'll probably want the treat all to yourself.

Next is Brooklyn's Chocolate Covered Cupcake. Assorted flavors including strawberry, caramel, peanut butter, and oreo are dipped and frosted into chocolate ganache. It's as if a cupcake and a bonbon had a big, chocolate baby. And that's not all: Check out the company's Chocolate Cupcake Assorted Dozen, Samoa Cupcake Jars, and, last but certainly not least, the Chocolate FlanCocho Jar.

All cupcake jars ship in packs of six for about $79. The Chocolate Cupcake Assorted Dozen is also roughly $79. The Chocolate-Covered Cupcake comes in bundles of six for about $65, or 12 for about $90. Brooklyn Cupcake offers free nationwide shipping through Goldbelly.

Best Boozy Cupcakes: Sweetly Spirited

Sweetly Spirited

Sweetly Spirited

The competition in this category was stiffer than a double shot of Wild Turkey, neat. At the end of the night, only one bakery was left standing to claim the title of Best Boozy Cupcakes: Sweetly Spirited.

The New Jersey-based company has no storefront, so the only way you can enjoy its sublime creations is to order through on its website. Look for flavors like Pink Champagne, Tequila Lime Margarita, Whiskey Sour, Hennessey, Chocolate Merlot, and more. There's no word on the official alcohol by volume percentage in these babies. Will the sugar rush hit you before the alcohol? Or vice-versa? You'll just have to find out for yourself.

All Sweetly Spirited cupcakes come in standard or mini-size. The minimum order required for shipping mini cupcakes is two dozen, but the standard size is available in increments of four, six, or 12. The price of all cupcakes comes out to roughly $2-3 each, plus shipping. Sweetly Spirited ships to the lower 48 U.S. states.

Best Organic: Dessert'd Organic

Dessert'D Organic Bake Shop

Dessert'D Organic Bake Shop

Dessert'd is a completely organic bakeshop in Mammoth Lakes, California. Jointly owned by three married couples—Mimi and Delaney, Kimmy and Chris, and Thea and Matt—Dessert'd is committed to sustainability in all aspects of its business, from fair-trade ingredients to eco-friendly ovens, boxes, and even the cleaning products used in the bakery.

All desserts, including the delicious cupcakes, are free of all artificial flavors, colors, and additives. Through Goldbelly, Dessert'd offers two cupcake assortments: an Assorted Salted Caramel Cupcake Dozen, and the Brunch Cupcake dozen. Both packs are also available in gluten-free versions. The bakeshop has many more flavors to offer, including Honey Graham, Pistachio Caramel, and Vanilla Chai. You can order these flavors by contacting the shop directly, but you'll pay a lot more for shipping.

The Assorted Caramel Dozen and Brunch Cupcake Dozen are around $79 with free nationwide shipping through Goldbelly. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii carries additional charges. For all other items, email the bakeshop via the company's website to get a quote.

Best DIY: Red Velvet NYC

Red Velvet NYC

Red Velvet NYC

The next time you want to make baking and decorating part of the party, you must try the cupcake kits from Red Velvet NYC.

Founded by two sisters in 2015, the company's mission is to simplify gourmet desserts for the home baker. You bring the eggs and the tools, and Red Velvet supplies the ingredients, the recipe, the fancy cupcake liners, and the piping bag. All ingredients are pre-measured, so you can get straight to the fun part.

Red Velvet NYC offers four different flavors, including, naturally, Red Velvet, and others such as Nutella, Celebration, and Chocolate. The shop's cupcake liners are free-standing and oven-safe, so you don't even need a muffin pan. A regular sheet pan will do the job.

Each kit makes 18 cupcakes, and the cost is $30 per kit, plus shipping. Shipping is free for orders over $75. Red Velvet ships via FedEx to anywhere in the continental United States.

How We Chose the Best Cupcake Delivery Services

We considered more than three dozen bakeries for a spot on our list of best cupcake delivery services. We carefully evaluated each bakery, looking at their menu, website, shipping policies, press, and customer reviews. Georgetown Cupcake, for example, enjoys four-star-plus ratings in hundreds of online reviews. That’s not easy to do these days, especially when you’re cupcake-famous.

Sweetly Spirited, on the other hand, got its start at New Jersey farmer’s markets. And look at it now, holding down that boozy niche and shipping nationwide. All of the company's Google reviews are five stars. It’s the same story all across this list: hardworking bakeries building a better world, a dozen cupcakes at a time.

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