Six of the Best Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes

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Dairy-free desserts are perfect for anyone who is vegan, needs to avoid dairy in their diet, or just likes to try a variety of desserts. Once you become aware of dairy-free desserts, you'll notice there are a lot of dairy-free ice cream options available at most major grocery stores. While store-bought dairy-free ice creams are easy and delicious, you can also make them at home. Another dessert option is to create homemade treats with store-bought dairy-free ice cream or dairy-free toppings. For example, you can make your own dairy-free ice cream and then top it with dairy-free chocolate, whipped topping, or fruit for a delectable sundae bar.  

Do note that these recipes require the homemade ice creams to freeze for a number of hours, or even overnight. Plan ahead any time you make them as they won't be ready to serve immediately. Once made, they should be stored in a sealed container in the freezer. If well-sealed, they will last for a few months in the freezer (if they don't get eaten first). Prior to serving, remove the ice cream from the freezer and allow it to thaw for a few minutes on a counter. This will ensure a smooth, scoopable texture for serving.  

Here are the six best dairy-free desserts to make at home.

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    Dairy-Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

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    Delicious dairy-free frozen yogurt uses dairy-free soy yogurt, agave nectar, and xanthan gum to achieve its delicious texture and flavor. Serve it alone or with sundae style toppings for a real treat. 

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    Mango Ice Cream

    Mango Ice Cream

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    Bright and refreshing, this mango ice cream recipe is also rich and creamy, thanks to the dairy-free half-and-half, soy yogurt, and agave nectar. Top a scoop with mint leaves for a healthy and herbaceous compliment to the mango flavor. Or serve this with slices of fresh mango or papaya and a little coconut rum or liqueur drizzled over the top for a more indulgent treat. 

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    Chocolate Sorbet

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    Although it's not technically an ice cream, sorbet is one of the tastiest, simplest low-fat frozen treats. Sorbet is almost always dairy-free. This chocolate sorbet is prepared with dark dairy-free chocolate to achieve a creamy, yet refreshing, texture, and flavor. Add dairy-free whipped topping to create a dairy-free sundae. 

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    Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

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    The perfect sweet treat for summer, these dairy-free ice cream sandwiches are simple enough for kids to help to make. Prepared with homemade vegan chocolate chip cookies and store-bought or homemade soy ice cream, these are treats that everyone can enjoy!

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    Dairy-Free Strawberry Ice Cream

    Low-fat, creamy and sweetened with only strawberries and honey, this is a guilt-free, refreshing, dairy-free frozen delight. © 2008 Ashley Skabar, licensed to, Inc.

    Somewhere between an ice cream and a sherbert, this dairy-free strawberry ice cream is light but sweetly satisfying, prepared with soymilk, honey, xanthan gum, and fresh strawberries. Once you've mastered this recipe, try substituting the strawberries for raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. ​

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    Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream

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    Prepared with inexpensive ingredients and pantry staples, this dairy-free vanilla ice cream is an easy go-to recipe for dairy-free and vegan cooks. If you want, add dairy-free chocolate chips or dairy-free cookie crumbles to the ice cream before it sets and make your own chocolate chip ice cream.