The 9 Best Decaf Coffees of 2020

Strong and flavorful coffee, minus the jitters

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Our Top Picks
"A dark roast that customers generally describe as rich, robust, and flavorful...notes of roasted hazelnut and milk chocolate."
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"This well-balanced medium roast coffee is a solid choice if you're trying to save money while you cut back on your caffeine."
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"Made from 100 percent Kona coffee (some of the rarest in the world), this blend is intended for serious coffee lovers."
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"If you're looking for the best decaf coffee on-the-go, Mount Hagen's decaf instant coffee will hit the spot with minimal cleanup."
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"In addition to having a wonderful, complex flavor, you can feel good knowing this organic coffee is also free trade certified."
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"These coffee pods are made extra-bold, so you can make sure you're not missing out on flavor when you cut back on caffeine."
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"The company makes several types of decaf coffee, one of the most popular being Major Dickason's extremely dark roast."
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"Smooth and robust, you'll never get tired of drinking this Colombian-sourced blend."
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"A smooth finish, low acidity, and rich flavor notes make this light roast blend a perfect after-dinner treat."
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Many coffee lovers rely on decaf for their daily fill, whether it be for health reasons or to simply avoid late-night jitters. While decaf doesn’t provide the alertness and boosted metabolism of standard coffee, it does contain roughly the same number of antioxidants, which helps the body fight off free radicals. It’s also a great transitional beverage for those working to completely quit caffeine because, despite the name, decaf typically has small amounts of caffeine, so switching to it won’t be like going cold turkey.   

The only problem is that it’s difficult to find a cup of decaf that tastes like the real thing. It can easily go unnoticed, but the decaffeination process saps coffee beans of certain key flavors. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite options for decaf die-hards below. No more guesswork, no more worrying about a weak cup of joe. Here are the best decaf coffees to buy.

Best Overall: Kicking Horse Decaf Dark Roast Coffee

Every coffee lover wants decaf to taste like the real thing, and Kicking Horse Coffee is up to the challenge. The company's decaf blend is a dark roast that customers generally describe as rich, robust, and flavorful. You'll find notes of roasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate in every sip.

Kicking Horse is certified organic and fair trade and roasts all their beans right at home in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Most of their coffee is slightly more expensive than a standard grocery-store brand, decaf included, but it is easy to find both in-store and online. Plus you can choose between a 10-ounce bag or a 2.2-pound bag.

Best Budget: Seattle's Best Coffee Decaf Portside Blend

Seattle’s Best strikes that perfect balance of high-quality beans at an affordable price point. This well-balanced medium roast holds high marks when it comes to both flavor and bang for your buck. The company is a subsidiary of fellow Seattle native Starbucks, but it’s far easier on your wallet and typically billed as a hearty, everyday coffee that keeps it simple. 

Their decaf roast is crafted from 100 percent Arabica beans, all of which are sourced in Latin America. The only setback to this decaf blend is that it can currently only be purchased in a 12-ounce bag of ground coffee, rather than larger bags of whole beans. 

Best High-End: Koa Coffee Swiss Water Decaf Ground 100% Kona Coffee

The best decaf coffee doesn't have to taste like it's missing something. In fact, luxury decaf coffee can impress even the pickiest of coffee lovers. Koa uses 100 percent Kona coffee, which is one of the rarest and most sought after coffee varieties in the world. These beans pack your cup with a symphony of flavor: rich chocolates, sweet citruses, and a light nuttiness. 

Koa brews their Kona beans using the Swiss Water method, which removes caffeine with as few chemicals as possible, all while retaining the bean’s flavor palette. 

This quality comes at a cost, as this bag of decaf coffee is pricier than most. Koa beans can be difficult to find at major retailers, but it's available on the brand's website. You can buy a 1-pound or 2-pound bag, depending on how often you drink decaf coffee.

Best Instant: Mount Hagen Organic Freeze Dried Instant Decaf

Mount Hagen Decaf Instant Coffee is organic, fair trade, and downright tasty. Customers describe the instant coffee as a well-balanced medium roast, one that’s surprisingly strong but not too acidic. 

You can purchase the product in a 3.53-ounce jar or a box of individually packaged servings, which are perfect for coffee drinkers who are often traveling or running around. One note: You won't be able to control the strength of your brew as easily if you're using a single-serve packet, so if you like a big cup of coffee or prefer a stronger cup, go for the jar.

Best Organic: Jo Coffee No Fun Jo Decaf Medium Dark Roast

If you're going organic and trying to ditch caffeine at the same time, you'll be hard-pressed to find a better-tasting option than Jo Coffee. Their decaf blend combines notes of sweet blueberry and milk chocolate for a rich flavor you can’t resist.

No Fun Jo uses the Swiss Water process to decaffeinate their coffee, which leaves the beans with a more natural, complex flavor. The beans are also fair trade certified and certified organic.

The decaf blend is available in both whole bean and ground, and you can choose between a 12-ounce bag, a 2-pound bag, and coffee pods.

Best Coffee Pods: The Original Donut Shop Decaf Medium Roast K-Cup Pods, 48 Count

Available in-store and online at various big-name retailers, The Original Donut Shop is a favorite among Keurig owners, beloved by many for providing quick cups of top-grade coffee. Take that same great coffee, subtract the caffeine, and you get the best decaf coffee pods on the market.

Fresh and flavorful, The Original Donut Shop makes their decaf roast extra bold, packing in even more Arabica beans than they do in their regular coffee. And even though taste buds vary and coffee preferences can be polarizing, this product has received widespread praise for being just as full-bodied as regular coffee.

Best Dark Roast: Peet's Coffee Decaf Major Dickason's Blend

With an extensive variety of blends and a wide-ranging grocery store presence, many already love Peet's Coffee. The Bay Area company makes several types of decaf coffee, one of the most popular being Major Dickason's Blend, which is also sold as a caffeinated option. It's an extremely dark roast with a smoky, slightly spicy flavor.

The coffee is sold in both ground and whole bean varieties (as well as K-cups), and you can find bags of 10.5 or 16 ounces. Just keep in mind that it drifts toward the expensive end and might be a little harder to track down than the more-common caffeinated blends. If this specific flavor doesn't appeal to you, check out Peet's other decaf dark roasts, including House Blend, French Roast, and more.

Best Medium Roast: Koffee Kult Colombian Decaf Coffee

Koffee Kult grows their beans in over fifty countries worldwide, in regions ranging from Indonesia to Africa to Central and South America; but, as the name suggests, this roast is made from Arabica beans sourced from Colombia, and is then roasted in Florida.

It's made using the Swiss Water Process and, as a medium roast should be, it's the perfect combination of smooth and robust—something you’ll never get tired of drinking. 

You can buy this coffee as whole beans or pre-ground, depending on how hands-on you like to be when it comes to making your coffee.

Best Light Roast: Cafe Don Pablo Colombian Light Roast Decaf Coffee

Consistent and palatable, light roast coffee can be the perfect start to your day or a mellow after-dinner treat. No matter what time you take your coffee, however, Cafe Don Pablo's Colombian Decaf is the perfect choice. It comes with a smooth finish, low acidity, and rich notes of caramel, cocoa, and citrus. 

One small downside to this beloved brand is that their decaf blend is only available in larger bags— you'll have to get 2 pounds or 5 pounds of coffee at once. Despite this, customers rarely say that the coffee tastes anything but fresh.

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