The 9 Best Dry Food Storage Containers of 2020

Keep food fresh, longer

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Our Top Picks
"Keep your flour from getting stale with this plastic container that is large enough to store up to five pounds."
"Keep your brown sugar soft and ready to work with by storing it in this container that comes with a terra cotta ring."
"If you prefer glass to plastic this jar is for you. You can store anything from coffee to dried foods."
"These vacuum-sealed containers are great at keeping food fresh. They're also stackable and easy to organize."
"Organize your spice cabinet so looking for a particular spice doesn't have to be so frustrating."
"Cereal can go stale fast. Avoid a disappointing breakfast with this dispenser that features a spout for easy pouring."
"Seal your coffee after each time you make it in this ceramic container that is beautiful enough to keep right on the counter."
"These containers stack, the airtight lids latch in place, and everything is dishwasher-safe."
"This set of matching containers is ideal for anyone looking to create an organized kitchen."

Keeping a pantry organized—no matter how large or small—can be a challenging task. If you're an avid cook, you likely have a wide collection of products to keep sorted, from spices to baking supplies, and it can easily slip into disarray without some sort of organization system. Having the right containers for storage is key to keeping your cupboards clutter-free and making sure your flour, sugar, and cereal stays fresh for as long as possible.

A well-arranged larder makes it easy to navigate where your ingredients are, when it's time to replenish, and when it's time to throw out any expired product. If you've been inspired to create order in your kitchen, you'll love this list of the best storage for dry goods.

Best for Flour: ProKeeper 4 Qt. Flour Container

There’s no question: flour is best stored in a container, and not the paper sack it arrives in. This plastic container from ProKeeper is a great solution—it’s large enough to store up to five pounds of flour and it has an air-tight seal to ensure freshness.

The lid is easy to open, but an air-tight lid to prevent the flour from getting stale. It’s a significant step up in utility from a ziplock bag, too. An ingenious detachable leveler snaps into the lid of the container and can be braced between the front and back of the container, so you can easily level off the flour in your measuring cup.

The side of the container also has cup measures, so you’ll always know how much flour you have left (and when it’s time to purchase more). This plastic container opens easily and can be washed in the dishwasher. If you are a serious baker—with many types of flour always on hand—you’ll appreciate that these containers easily stack, and do not take up too much real estate in the refrigerator or pantry.

Best for Brown Sugar: Progressive Prep Solutions Brown Sugar Keeper

There’s nothing worse than discovering your supply of brown sugar is rock-hard midway through a baking project. Yes, there are tricks to softening brown sugar, but the very best option is to avoid letting it get hard in the first place. Enter the brown sugar keeper. This one holds up to two pounds and has a lid with a tight seal to prevent brown sugar from getting giant clumps or hardening up. 

This brown sugar keeper also comes with a terra cotta ring. Stick the ring inside the container, and it’ll help soften up brown sugar that’s grown rock-hard. (Reviewers suggest moistening the ring every few months to aid this effort.) Reviewers comment that the container is sturdy, easy to open and close, and looks attractive on the shelf.

Best Glass: Sweejar Glass Food Storage Jar with Lids

If you prefer glass to plastic, you’ve got lots of options. These Sweejar storage containers are made from sturdy food-grade glass, with bamboo lids that have a silicone ring to help seal food. 

Since the containers are made from glass, you can even slip them in the microwave (just make sure to leave the lid off). Reviewers use them for all sorts of food items: coffee pods, dog treats, and of course, dried foods. You can purchase a single jar or a set of them.

Best Vacuum-Sealed: Container Store Click Clack Cubes with Stainless Lids

If you want to keep food fresh and prevent any staleness, a good seal on the lid is essential. The ClickClack Cube Storage Container has an airtight seal, yet opens easily without requiring a great deal of force. Reviewers note that the lids hold up to years of use, comparing Click Clack Cubes favorably to other products, where over time, the seal weakens. 

The containers easily stack for an organized look. The steel lids give them a more sophisticated appearance, so they’ll look great within your cabinets or on display on the counter or open shelves. Note that the manufacturer recommends washing the containers by hand.

Best for Spices: Rebrilliant Chalkboard Label Spice Jar Set

Is your collection of spices chaotic? Having containers with uniform size and shape will help you know which spices you have and which you need to purchase. Plus, it’ll help you put your hands on the one you need without emptying the entire spice section of your pantry. 

These glass spice jars come in a set of 12 and are dishwasher-safe. Each four-ounce jar comes with chalkboard stickers, so you can write the contents of the jar on top. There’s a shake lid on below the screw-on cap so that you can shake out small quantities of spices as desired. Reviewers particularly appreciate the appearance of these spice jars.

Best for Cereal: ProKeeper 4.1 qt. Cereal Dispenser

Until all cereal makers start packaging cereal in a resealable bag, a container is your best option for freshness. This ProKeeper Cereal Dispenser is helpful because it not only stores cereal but also has a spout, which makes it easy to pour cereal into your bowl without any spills. For reviewers, this kid-friendly pour spout was particularly helpful. 

A pop-up clasp opens the whole lid, which is big enough to make it easy to pour a full box worth of cereal into the container. The cereal dispenser is made from BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher-safe.

Best for Coffee: Yamazaki Home Tosca Ceramic Canister

If you drink coffee daily, you might wind up preferring to keep your beans on the counter right next to your coffee pot for ease of access. Might as well store the beans in something attractive, like this Tosca Ceramic Canister with the word coffee written on it. There are also matching canisters with salt and sugar written on them if you’re interested in a matching set.

The body of the container is made of ceramic, and the lid is made from wood, with a silicone seal to help keep your coffee fresh. Note that the container needs to be washed by hand.

Best Design: Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers with Airtight Lids

The design of the Rubbermaid containers—available individually or as a set—is perfect for container lovers. The containers stack, the airtight lids latch in place, and the construction is sturdy. Plus, all the containers are dishwasher-safe and can be used to store food in the freezer as well as on cabinet shelves. 

Reviewers appreciate the variety of sizes and the quality construction of the containers, as well as their ability to stack and help keep food fresh without taking up too much space.

Best Set: OXO Good Grips 20-Piece POP Canister Set

One of the joys of storing dry foods in containers is the appearance—matching containers add to a uniform, organized look. This 20-piece set from OXO includes large and small containers, ideal for everything from foods in small quantities (such as raisins, dry beans, or loose tea) to foods that come in larger quantities (for instance, flour, sugar, cereal, and so on). The variety of sizes is appreciated by reviewers. 

The containers are made from BPA-free plastic, with airtight lids that are easy to open. The lids can be taken apart for a deep clean. The manufacturer recommends hand washing only for both lids and containers. Reviewers appreciate the high-quality construction of these containers—and their newly neat and organized pantry and cupboards thanks to the OXO containers.

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