5 Great Recipes for Traditional Dutch Desserts

Delicious, fun, and filled with flavors, creating your Dutch desserts at home is an experience you'll love. There are many favorite recipes which have been passed down for generations. They have lasted so long because they are delightful.

Within the best Dutch dessert recipes you will find a variety of fruits, a little alcohol, and layers of creamy goodness. From simple brandied raisins to decadent cream cakes, let's look at a few traditional recipes which are hard to resist.

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    Boerenjongens: Spiced Brandied Raisins

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    Brandy has long been used to preserve both fruit and wine by the Dutch. In fact, the word brandy comes from the Dutch word brandewijn (burnt wine). It should be no surprise that brandied fruits remain quite popular and these tasty little treats are both fun and easy to make.

    You could go with brandied apricots, known as Boerenmeisjes, or you try Boerenjongens (brandied raisins). For the latter, you will use sultana raisins and season them with honey, lemon zest, vanilla, cinnamon, and clove. Add your favorite brandy and reduce it down. In minutes, you have delicious Boerenjongens to share with everyone you know.

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    Chipolata: A Fresh Fruit Pudding

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    As you explore Dutch desserts, you will quickly realize that liquor makes a regular appearance. This is, after all, home to many distilled spirits we enjoy today, including genever, aquavit, and brandy. For this recipe, we're turning to maraschino liqueur.

    Maraschino is a cherry-flavored liqueur, and in Chipolata it is used along with rum to flavor the delicious fruit pudding. The pudding itself is made of gelatin and whipping cream, giving it a richer texture that is nothing short of delightful. It's a fantastic recipe to make for a special occasion, but you do need to start a day ahead, so it has time to set up.

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    Spekkoek: A Layered Spice Cake

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    Many of the best Dutch desserts are the oldest and speak to the country's rich and varied history. Spekkoek is no exception, and it was created during the days when the Dutch were instrumental in the spice trades.

    This spiced cake is an East meets West affair and is grilled rather than baked. It is built in layers of batter, each with cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg. It is not the quickest cake you can make because each layer requires individual attention. Your efforts will pay off, and one taste will show you why this has long been a favorite.

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    Slagroomtaart: Delicious Cream Cake

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    Commonly served for special occasions, Slagroomtaart is a Dutch treat that everyone should try at least once. It is a layered cake filled with fruits and cream, and it's surprisingly easy to build.

    The key to making a great Slagroomtaart is to prepare everything you need for the layers. This includes an apricot puree, a sponge cake that's cut into three, homemade whipped cream, and your favorite fruits (often tart berries). It is rich, creamy, and delicious. It's a cake everyone will be talking about.

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    Appelflappen: Tasty Apple Beignets

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    It's no secret that the Dutch have long had a love for apples that almost rivals their baking prowess, just look at all the 'Dutch apple' products available in the market. These two elements come together in one fabulous dessert known as appelflappen.

    This beauty is a favorite recipe for winter, especially New Year's celebrations. The warm apple cinnamon aroma will fill your kitchen and delight the family. The beignets are a yeasted dessert, and they are deep fried to perfection. It's nothing more than dipping apple rounds in the spiced, risen batter with a sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar to finish them up.