Edible Gifts to Make Mom Smile This Mother's Day

Wine, cheese, tea, and more for mothers near and dear

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Mother's Day is a time to honor the moms, grandmothers, and mother figures in our lives. While it may be difficult to find something that measures up to the love a person has given you over the years, a gift complete with tasty treats can be a thoughtful way to show you care and appreciate them. To help you in your quest, we’ve curated a list of the best edible gifts for Mother’s Day, whether they're a chocolate lover, coffee queen, or cheese connoisseur.

Here are the best edible Mother's Day gifts.

Best Spa Day: Mouth Wellness in a Box


Courtesy of Mouth

Treat the woman who has always given you so much TLC to a gift box that returns the favor. This special box is filled with everything needed for some serious rest and relaxation: tea and snow honey to sip on and fruit jerky to snack on, plus some other goodies like loose-leaf herbal tea, turmeric concentrate (to make chai lattes), a dark chocolate bar, a lemon-ginger granola, and a handmade candle. Everything is artisanal, ensuring the quality is nothing short of exceptional—and the pretty packaging reflects just that.

Includes: Peace of Mind tea, turmeric concentrate, frosty deconstructed granola, pineapple mojito dried fruit, Tennessee snow whipped honey, honeycomb toffee chocolate bar, peach ginger energy bar, sweet fig candle

Best Chocolates: Godiva Spring Chocolate Gift Set

godiva spring chocolate set


If mom is a chocolate lover, you really can’t go wrong with a gift set from the famed chocolatier Godiva. This gift duo includes a box filled with 19 gourmet chocolates. You’ll get classics like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate, plus special varieties, like cookie dough, peach sorbet, and lemon sherbet packaged in a gold and blue gift box with a floral design and pink ribbon. You’ll also get a spring assorted flower tin that holds 12 individually-wrapped assorted Godiva G Cube chocolate truffles in flavors like dark chocolate strawberry, milk chocolate salted caramel, and classic milk chocolate.

Includes: 31 assorted chocolates

Best Breakfast in Bed: Stonewall Kitchen New England Breakfast Gift


Courtesy of Stonewall Kitchen

If you want to treat mom to breakfast in bed, this themed gift basket is a great choice—whether or not you can be there in person or not. The morning meal, from the Maine-based Stonewall Kitchen, is packaged in a beautiful keepsake Nantucket-style basket. It includes everything you need for a traditional—and very hearty—New England breakfast, too: farmhouse blend coffee, farmhouse pancake and waffle mix, Maine maple syrup, wild Maine blueberry jam, strawberry jam, and cinnamon bun mix.

Includes: Breakfast blend coffee, pancake and waffle mix, Maine maple syrup, wild Maine blueberry jam, strawberry jam, cinnamon bun mix

Best Cheese: Murray's Cheese Cheeses of the World Sampler


Murray's Cheese

Looking for a gift that really wows? Try a collection of best-selling cheeses from around the world all curated by one of New York City’s top cheesemongers. The spread includes a 1/2-pound each of six different standout cheeses: Mitica Drunken Goat, Pyrenees Brebis, Murray's Estate Gouda, Piave, Murray's Cave Aged Gruyere, and High Plains Cheddar. All of the cheese—enough to feed five to seven people—comes packaged in a gift box.

Includes: Cabra al vino, Pyrenees brebis, Gouda, piave, cave aged Gruyere, alpine cheddar

Best Wine: Hickory Farms Spring Deluxe Sip & Snack Gift Basket


Courtesy of Hickory Farms

Treat mom to everything needed for happy hour—both sips and snacks. Think of this deluxe gift basket as a spring celebration in a box. It’s packed to the brim with sweet and savory bites, like sausage, salami, jalapeño cheddar, sweet hot mustard, cranberry pistachio crisps, olive oil, and rosemary crackers, plus three different types of nuts as well as Jordan almonds and yogurt-dipped pretzels. The icing on the cake is the perfectly paired wine—a crisp Generosity Cellars California Chardonnay and a bright and zippy rosé.

Includes: Signature beef summer sausage, original dry salami, jalapeño cheddar blend, smoked Gouda blend. sweet hot mustard, golden toasted crackers, olive oil and rosemary crackers, cranberry pistachio crisps, classic mixed nuts, cranberry and sesame nut mix, Jordan almonds, yogurt-dipped pretzels, Generosity Cellars California rosé, Generosity Cellars California chardonnay

Best Candy: Dylan's Candy Bar Nostalgia Gift Bucket


Courtesy of Dylan's Candy Bar

Why not take mom on a walk down memory lane this Mother’s Day? There’s no better way than with this candy-filled gift bucket. The assortment, packaged by the famed Dylan’s Candy Bar, is packed with blasts from the past, like Abba-Zaba, Sugar Babies, Charleston Chews, Razzles, Pop Rocks, Fruit Stripe Gum, Nostalgia Hershey Bar, Smarties, 5th Avenue Bar, Chick-O-Stick, LOOK Bar, Candy Necklace, Satellite Wafers, AstroPop, Baby Ruth, and more.

Includes: Abba-Zaba, Sugar Babies, Charleston Chews, Razzles, Pop Rocks, Fruit Stripe Gum, Hershey Bar, Smarties, 5th Avenue Bar, Chick-O-Stick, LOOK Bar, candy necklace, Satellite Wafers, AstroPop, Baby Ruth, Candy Buttons, Nik-L-Nip, Gold Mine Nugget Bubble Gum

Best Variety: Gift Tree As Good As Gold Supreme Basket


Courtesy of Gift Tree

There’s no question about it: Mom has a heart of gold. Give them a gift to match: a gourmet gift basket filled with—what else—gold snacks and treats. Inside the pretty reusable basket are oatmeal tea cookies, pomegranate crème chocolates, bourbon caramels, lemon wafer rolls, Ghirardelli milk chocolate caramel bars and squares, gourmet popcorn, candies, and more. For an extra special touch, you can even personalize the silky gold ribbon.

Includes: Almond roca, cherry sours, Dolcetto lemon wafers, Ghirardelli milk chocolate with caramel, oatmeal tea cookies, tropical dried-fruit mix, chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn, dark chocolate barrel-aged bourbon bonbons, Ghirardelli caramel squares, honey roasted peanuts, pomegranate chocolate truffles

Best Doughnuts: Angel Food Bakery I Love You Donuts


Courtesy of Goldbelly

Not sure what to get mom this year? Doughnut worry—this sugary breakfast treat by Angel Food Bakery is here to save the day. The box comes filled with nine doughnuts that spell out the one thing you really want to tell that special lady on Mother’s Day: “I love you!” 

Includes: 9 “I Love You” doughnuts

Best Small: ATL Boards Dreamsicle Micro Candy Filled Board


Courtesy of ATL Boards

For the sweetest mom in the world, here's a candy-filled gift to match. An acrylic board comes packed full of unique gummy candies immaculately arranged. This particular board is chock-full of pastel candies and unicorns, but you can pick from a wide range of color palettes and shapes to ensure your mom gets just the right thing to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Includes: 40 to 55 gummy candies (flavors include sour watermelon and green apple, strawberry, grapefruit, marshmallow, and vanilla)

Best Ice Cream: Jeni's Top Sellers Collection

Top Sellers

Courtesy of Jeni's

This isn’t your average ice cream, and mom will know it with that very first bite. The package—which is shipped on dry ice to maintain temperature—includes five tried-and-true bestsellers from the Midwest-based Jeni’s Ice Cream. With flavors like Brambleberry Crisp (oven-toasted oat streusel and a sweet-tart “brambleberry” jam of blackberries and black currants in vanilla ice cream), Brown Butter Almond Brittle (brown-butter-almond candy crushed into buttercream ice cream), Darkest Chocolate, Salted Peanut Butter With Chocolate flecks, and Salty Caramel, one thing is for sure: Mom will have trouble choosing a favorite.

Includes: 1 pint brambleberry crisp, 1 pint brown butter almond brittle, 1 pint darkest chocolate, 1 pint salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks, 1 pint salty caramel

Best Cookies: Cheryl's Mother’s Day Cookie Assortment Gift Box

Cheryl's Mother's Day Cookie Assortment


Cookies are a classic gift that bring back memories of baking sweets with Mom in the kitchen. This beautiful arrangement of cookies from Cheryl’s is specially designed for Mother’s Day. There are four varieties: buttercream-frosted sugar cookies with gorgeous sprinkles, classic chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate cookies, and flower-shaped sugar cookies topped with vibrant buttercream. 

Includes: 6 buttercream-frosted cut-out cookies, 6 buttercream-frosted unicorn sprinkle cookies, 6 chocolate obsession cookies, 6 classic chocolate chip cookies

Best Coffee: Mouth Iced Coffee Kit


Courtesy of Mouth

For the mom who simply can’t start their day without a big old cup of coffee, consider this java-filled gift box. Mouth’s Cold Brew Kit comes complete with a New Orleans-style chicory cold brew, plus everything else Mom needs for the perfect cuppa—think a sophisticated insulated white tumbler, giant ice spheres, and two metal straws. 

Includes: Grady's Cold Brew bean bag, sphere ice mold tray, metal straws, white tumbler

Best Custom: Sugarwish


Source: Sugarwish

Sugarwish has a unique take on sending gift baskets. Instead of you picking a collection of goodies, the recipient actually gets to pick which treats they want. It’s a great way to ensure that the giftee gets something they truly enjoy. Sugarwish has a wide selection of candies, cookies, gourmet popcorn, snacks, teas, coffees, and plenty more. There is also an array of gift box sizes to choose from. For example, the mini box features two treats, while the extra-large option features 12. There are decadent stuffed red velvet cookies topped with sprinkles, tasty candies like gummy flamingos or lemon drops, and even tea bags and coffees (the Midnight Mama Blend seems appropriate for Mother’s Day). If you want to go the extra mile, you can even send a Vinebox—a sampling of wines from around the world.

Includes: Recipient-chosen selection of 50+ candies; 50+ gourmet popcorn varieties; 50+ snacks; 25+ cookies; 40+ teas coffees, and hot cocoas; 20+ dog treats and pet merchandise

What To Look For in an Edible Mother’s Day Gift


One of the joys of digging into a gift basket is exploring all the treats within. Variety is a nice touch to any selection since each new discovery is like unearthing a treasure. Even smaller gift baskets or baskets that focus on one kind of treat can have variety. For example, a gift basket of cookies can have different flavors or designs. 


Freshness is especially important for gift baskets that contain edible (and perishable) items. There are three main components to note when selecting a gift basket with optimal freshness: when the treats were made, how they’re packed, and how quickly they can ship and arrive at the destination. Were the cookies made a day or two before being packed up? Does the company include ice packs or dry ice in the shipping box? Does it ship overnight, express, or would it take seven to 10 business days? These questions are important to ask to ensure fresh gifts for the mothers in your life. 

Shipping Expectations

Not only does quick shipping help with keeping the contents in peak conditions, but you want to make sure speedy delivery so that the gift arrives in time for Mother’s Day. It’s ideal if a company offers overnight, express, or expedited shipping. Some companies may require additional payment for a quicker shipment, but sometimes it’s worth it. 


Many moms go the extra mile for their family. A Mother’s Day gift should go the extra mile for them in return, and presentation is truly the cherry on top of a thoughtful gift. It can come in a variety of pleasing forms, like bows, ribbons, ornate gift boxes, included gift messages, color coordinated arrangements, and plenty more. 


What goes into a Mother’s Day gift basket?

While each mother is unique and has their own preferences, there are some treats that are very common in Mother’s Day baskets. Popular items include chocolate, wine, flowers, cookies, candies, brownies, jewelry, and more. Mother’s Day is a time to spoil the moms in your life for all their hard work and dedication. 

When should I order a Mother’s Day gift basket?

Though each company will have different shipping requirements and expectations, it’s a good idea to put in a preorder or order at least several days before Mother’s Day. You not only want to make sure that the gift basket will arrive on time, but you also want to confirm that the gift baskets aren’t sold out. 

How are the gift baskets shipped?

Depending on the contents, gift baskets could be shipped with ice packs or dry ice to keep things cold and fresh. Most will have protective cushioning, like packing peanuts or crinkle paper, to ensure that the contents don’t bump around too much or break. 

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