The 8 Best Electric Smokers of 2021

Add a delicious, smoky flavor to your home cooking

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Our Top Picks
"This unit comes equipped with Bluetooth, so you can step away from the smoker and monitor your meal using just your smartphone."
"At just a bit over 20 pounds, this petite smoker is perfect for small spaces, or for taking with you to a backyard barbecue."
"This grill has a 12-pound pellet hopper and an auger system that moves the wood pellets automatically for even smoke distribution."
"This smoker comes with three stainless steel racks that will never rust or corrode, providing 548 square inches of smoking space."
"This gets the job done without a lot of fancy frills."
"This smoker's double-wall construction keeps the heat and smoke in, while dual exhaust ports help you easily control their levels."
"Bradley's briquettes automatically feed into this smoker, so you don't have to worry about checking smoke levels while you cook."
Best Smoker Conversion Kit:
Smokemiester BBQ Smokers All-in-One at Amazon
"Wouldn’t it be great to have a smoker and grill that won’t take up a whole lot of space on the deck or patio?"

Some smoking enthusiasts love the idea of closely monitoring the entire process for hours on end, adjusting the heat and fussing with the smoke levels. Other enthusiasts want delicious smoky food without that sort of devotion. Electric smokers take a lot of the work out of the process since they monitor and regulate the temperature during the long smoking process. Sure, you can lurk and watch if that’s what you want, but you don’t have to. Some smokers can handle cold smoking, while others are designed for hot smoking. For smoke creation, some use chips while others use chunks or biscuits. But no matter which you choose, electric smokers free you up for other important tasks, like making your soon-to-be-famous barbecue sauce. Here, the best electric smokers for your cooking needs.

Best Overall: Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt MB20074719 Bluetooth Digital Electric Smoker

This smoker has simple digital controls and comes equipped with Bluetooth, so you can step away from the smoker and monitor your meal from your favorite lawn chair, using just your smartphone. Not only can you check the internal temperature of the machine, but the integrated meat probe lets you monitor the food's temperature as well, so you’ll know when your roast is perfectly cooked.

If that’s not enough to love, the smoker has an upper element for grilling or finishing the food, so you can smoke your ribs, slather on sauce, and broil them to finish cooking. Wood chips load from the side, so you don’t have to open the smoker door during cooking to add more. It comes with three standard racks, plus one custom notched rack that can hold a Masterbuilt pan (not included) either on top of the rack or hanging below. The smoker can handle up to six chickens or two turkeys, so there’s plenty of space to feed the family or cook for a party.

Best Small: Masterbuilt Patio-2-Portable Propane Smoker


At just a bit over 20 pounds, this petite pick is the best electric smoker for small spaces or for times when you want to bring it along to a barbecue. The legs fold under during transport, making it even more convenient to carry along to the neighbor's house or for transporting it to a tailgate party in your car.

While it’s small, it still has the quality you expect from a Masterbuilt smoker. It has a front analog temperature gauge and analog controls to set the heat from 0 to 250 degrees. The smoker has two chrome-plated racks that can hold two chickens each and enough space to smoke a turkey when one rack is removed.

Best Pellet Smoker: Masterbuilt 340B Pellet Smoker

MWS 340B Pellet Smoker

For those who prefer pellets over wood chips for smoking, this grill has a 12-pound pellet hopper and an auger system that moves the wood pellets around automatically for even smoke and heat distribution throughout the cooking process. The heat can be adjusted from 180 to 350 degrees for low-and-slow cooking or faster roasting at higher temperatures.

The smoker has a digital panel that controls every part of the process, from on/off to cooking temperature to the cooking and smoking times. It has four chrome-plated racks, and it can handle up to 16 chickens or 7 turkeys, so you can plan a party and feed a crowd.

Best for Beginners: Cuisinart 30” Electric Smoker

Electric smoker

This smoker comes with three stainless steel racks that will never rust or corrode, providing 548 square inches of smoking space. The heat can be adjusted from 100 to 400 degrees, so you’ll have plenty of options for slow cooking or quicker roasting. The water pan and wood chip tray are designed for easy removal, so cleaning is meant to be a breeze when cooking is done.

Meanwhile, the two side handles make this smoker simple to move to the perfect spot in your yard. To get started, you just turn the dial to select your cooking temperature and let it run. A front thermometer lets you monitor the temperature at a glance to make sure everything's cooking as it should.

Best Budget: Smoke Hollow 26142E 26-Inch Electric Smoker

A great smoker for cooks who don’t want to spend a fortune for occasional smoking tasks, or for anyone on a budget, this gets the job done without a lot of fancy frills. It has two chrome-plated cooking racks that can be adjusted to different heights, and 1.3 cubic feet of cooking space. The drip tray is porcelain coated for easy cleaning after cooking. The door handle has a cool-touch design that makes it safe to open when needed, and the door latches securely to keep the smoke in during cooking. This has a 1500-watt heating element, adjustable draft controls, and a commercial-grade heat indicator, and it can be adjusted from 175-325 degrees for perfect cooking every time.

Best Analog: Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker

The Char-Broil name might be familiar because of their popular gas and charcoal grills, but their smokers are also worth a look. This model has three chrome-plated cooking grates that offer a total of 544 square inches of cooking space. Double-wall construction keeps the heat and smoke in, while dual exhaust ports give you control over how much heat and smoke you're actually retaining.

There's a temperature gauge in the front door for easy monitoring of the internal temperature, and the door has two locking latches to keep it tightly closed during cooking. The water tray, grease cup, and wood chip tray are easily accessed from the front when it’s time to add more wood or water, and when it’s time to clean up after cooking.

Best Bisquette Smoker: Bradley Smoker Original 4 Rack Stainless Smoker


Bradley smokers are known for their unique briquettes that feed neatly into the smoker during cooking, with less mess than chips or pellets. It’s easy to see how many are left, so you can feed more if you want more smoke for your favorite smoked fish or for a particularly long smoking session.

This model has four racks that are designed to be stable, even when they're partially pulled out, so you can check on or remove food without worrying about it dropping. Separate burners control the smoke and heat elements, so you can have one or both on, depending on what you're cooking. The interior is all stainless steel, so it won’t rust and is easy to clean. If you smoke for large parties, Bradley also makes a similar smoker with six racks.

Best Smoker Conversion Kit: Smokemiester BBQ Smokers All-in-One

Got a grill? Want a smoker? Wouldn’t it be great to have a smoker that won’t take up a whole lot of space on the deck or patio? With this handy smoking unit, you can convert your favorite grill into a smoker, and it just takes a tiny amount of space next to the grill. Even better, it doesn’t take any space inside the grill, so you won’t lose any cooking area. This smoker addition can run for up to eight hours on one filling of pellets and can be added to any covered electric, gas, or charcoal grill—or even a wine barrel or home-built smoking enclosure.

It can also be attached to an existing smoker to control the smoke and heat separately or to convert a hot smoker for use as a cold smoker. Users say that installation is simple, but may require drilling a hole in the grill to install the smoke tube. This is made from stainless steel for long life and has a black coating for an unobtrusive look next to the grill.

What to Look for in an Electric Smoker

Cooking capacity How much food do you plan on smoking at one time? If you expect to smoke a few slabs of ribs or an occasional turkey breast, you don’t need a giant smoker, but if you’re planning on larger quantities of food that take a long time to smoke, you’ll appreciate the space that a bigger model offers.

Portability An electric smoker needs to be near an outlet when it’s in use, but is that where you’ll always keep it? If you’re going to be moving your smoker from storage to the cooking spot and back again, it’s wise to look at portable units with wheels and a sturdy handle. If you have a permanent spot for the smoker, portability is much less important.

Controls Just like many of today’s appliances, you can find smokers with a wide variety of control options, from simple dials and buttons to digital controls. There are even some that include Wi-Fi connectivity so you can work remotely. Think about what you prefer and choose accordingly.

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