18 Cozy Baking Recipes That Taste Like Fall

Bring on the Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Cake Roll With Cream Cheese Filling

The Spruce / Cara Cormack

When the air starts to get crisp and the leaves begin to turn, our taste buds start to crave pumpkin spice, apple cider, maple syrup, and all things cozy and comforting. Whether you just got into baking recently or know your way around pastry techniques, we've got something that will satisfy your fall flavor tastes.

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    Four-Ingredient Maple Cookies

    Maple Cookies

    The Spruce / Jennifer Perillo

    While you can get real maple syrup year round, something about that earthy sweetness just screams fall. These four-ingredient maple cookies taste similar to shortbread, but with maple replacing some of the sugar. Allow for an hour of chill time and don't overmix to ensure the right texture.

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    Streusel-Topped Apple Pie Bars

    crumb-topped apple pie bars

    The Spruce / Jessie Sheehan

    With a flavor that splits the difference between shortbread and apple pie, these easy bar cookies will be a hit at any get-together. The filling really lets fall's best apples shine without excess sweetness and the crust-to-apple ratio will give you lots of crunchy pastry, soft apple, and crumbly topping in every bite.

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    Pumpkin Pound Cake

    Maple Pecan Glaze on Pumpkin Cake
    Maple Pecan Glaze on Pumpkin Pound Cake. Photo: Diana Rattray

    For a fall dessert that looks as great as it tastes, turn to this easy pumpkin bundt cake with a maple-pecan glaze. The sweet topping gives the tender cake even more fall flavor, but you can leave it off and simply dust the top with some powdered sugar if you prefer. Serve it with coffee or tea for a tasty treat.

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    Applesauce Cookies

    Apple Sauce Cookies

    The Spruce / Jennifer Perillo

    Whether you have a taste for the autumnal sweetness of fresh applesauce, need to use up some of your canning bounty, or just want a tender, lightly sweet treat, these applesauce cookies will do the trick. Add a little cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger to really highlight that apple pie flavor.

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    Snickerdoodle Creme Brulee

    Snickerdoodle Creme Brulee
    Snickerdoodle Creme Brulee. Diana Rattray

    Give the cinnamon-sugar sweetness of snickerdoodles some sophistication with this delicious creme brulee that has a creamy custard texture topped with a shatteringly crisp sugar shell. Caramelize the top just before serving, since it won't stay as solid in the fridge.

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    Apple Hand Pies

    apple pies
    Kristina Vanni

    For a portable pie that can go in your lunch box, to the soccer game, or anywhere you need a hit of sweetness, try these simple apple hand pies. Deep frying them lends a crispy crust that complements the tender apple filling perfectly.

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    Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Easy layered pumpkin cheesecake recipe

    ​The Spruce / Cara Cormack

    With a crunchy cinnamon-scented graham cracker crust and a double layer of luscious pumpkin, this easy fall cheesecake looks so much more complicated than reality. You don't even need a springform pan, since it bakes up in a regular pie tin. Just give it about four hours to chill before serving.

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    Cinnamon Roll Cake

    Cinnamon Roll Cake

    Kristina Vanni

    Get your Instagram feed ready for this gorgeous cinnamon roll cake that brings all of the fragrant, sweet, gooey goodness of cinnamon rolls in cake form. It requires less shaping than the traditional version, with all of the same delectable taste. Pass around extra frosting for those who like theirs extra sweet.

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    No-Bake Pumpkin Pie

    10 Minute No-Bake Pumpkin Pie
    10 Minute Pumpkin Pie, No-Bake. Photo: Diana Rattray

    When you're short on time or don't want to spend all day in the kitchen, this no-bake pumpkin pie will save the day. Use a prepared graham cracker crust for an even easier dessert, but don't delay too long: It does need at least two hours to set up.

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    Instant Pot Rice Pudding

    Instant Pot rice pudding desserts.
    Diana Rattray

    Using your Instant Pot to make this crisp weather favorite means you can enjoy rice pudding without the long stirring time other recipes require. You can use whatever kind of rice you have on hand, as well as either regular milk or a dairy alternative. While we like it with cinnamon and nutmeg, feel free to add others if you prefer.

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    Pumpkin Cake Roll

    Pumpkin Cake Roll With Cream Cheese Filling

    The Spruce / Cara Cormack

    The cream cheese filling in this beautiful pumpkin roll balances out the sweet cake beautifully, giving it a richness that will top off any dinner. Individual slices also freeze well, if you need something sweet to serve unexpected guests or just want to treat yourself on a weekday afternoon.

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    Apple Crisp

    Apple Crisp

    The Spruce

    Apple crisp is a classic for a reason: You won't find many better ways to use up those abundant fall apples. Use a combination of sweet and tart apples for best results; Granny Smith and Fuji work especially well. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a special dessert.

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    Pumpkin Sheet Cake

    Pumpkin Sheet Cake
    Pumpkin Sheet Cake. Diana Rattray

    When you need to serve a crowd, turn to this easy pumpkin sheet cake with browned butter cream cheese frosting. Browning the butter gives it a nutty, more complex flavor so don't skip that extra step. The cake has a lovely spiced flavor that just screams fall.

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    Instant Pot Bread Pudding

    Instant Pot Bread Pudding
    Instant Pot bread pudding in a bowl.

     Diana Rattray

    This Instant Pot bread pudding has a silky smooth texture and plenty of autumnal spice, especially once you pour a decadent Kentucky bourbon sauce over the top. You can also replace the booze with apple juice or cider, if you prefer. Brioche or challah work well in this recipe, but any high-quality bread will do the trick.

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    Pumpkin Pecan Pie

    Classic pumpkin pecan pie recipe

    The Spruce Eats / Julia Hartbeck

    Get the best of both worlds with a pumpkin pecan pie that has all of the best elements of your two favorite pies. Use either a prepared crust or a homemade one; we've included instructions for a food processor pie crust if you're feeling ambitious.

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    Mini Apple Puff Pastry Tarts

    Easy mini apple tarts with puff pastry
    Diana Rattray

    For a pretty dessert that takes under an hour start to finish, get a bushel of fall apples and whip up these individual-sized tarts. Take the puff pastry out of the freezer at least 25 minutes beforehand, to let it thaw completely. Crimping the edges will give each tart an even prettier look.

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    Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies

    Pumpkin Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies

    The Spruce / Ali Redmond

    A cream cheese swirl gives these easy pumpkin brownies a richness that makes them taste extra special. They have a cake-like texture and all of the autumnal flavors you love from a pumpkin spice latte.

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    Gluten-Free Sweet Potato Custard

    Baked Sweet Potato Custard

    The Spruce / Diana Rattray 

    Make sure those who can't eat gluten don't miss out on dessert with these simple baked sweet potato custards. They look pretty enough for a holiday meal but come together easily enough for a family weekday supper. Garnish with chopped nuts, a little caramel sauce and fresh whipped cream.