The 7 Best Fall Chicken Recipes

Everyone loves chicken, and with good reason. After all, chicken is inexpensive, easy to prepare, delicious, and versatile For autumn, make some heartier chicken recipes that use the produce of fall. With cooler weather, everyone's appetite increases. So use your crockpot, make chicken with heartier sauces, and pair pasta and potatoes with poultry. (How's that for alliteration?) Enjoy these quick and easy recipes.

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    A plate of mustard chicken pasta salad
    Linda Larsen

    Mustard and chicken are also natural partners. Mustard is spicy without being burning hot, giving this an excellent flavor profile in this well-flavored dressing, which uses four kinds of mustard, chicken, veggies, and tender pasta are delicious.

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    A plate of roasted lemon chicken
    Linda Larsen

    Lemon and chicken are natural partners. This wonderful recipe is very simple and makes a chicken that is meltingly tender and well flavored. Any leftovers could be used to make chicken sandwiches the next day.

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    Chicken and bacon in a puff pastry
    Linda Larsen

    Puff pastry makes just about any food better. Combine chicken with bacon in puff pastry for a super quick and easy recipe that takes just minutes to prepare.

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    A plate of mustard chicken pasta bake
    Linda Larsen

    This wonderful recipe is so warming and comforting. It's an absolute must for pasta lovers. The combination of chicken, mustard, a creamy dressing, and three kinds of cheese is delicious.

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    A plate of chicken parmesan
    Linda Larsen

    My version of this classic recipe adds Dijon mustard, apple juice, and garlic to tender chicken coated in a super crisp mixture of Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. It's sublime!

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    A plate of chicken meatball alfredo
    Linda Larsen

    Have you ever tried chicken meatballs? This wonderful type of meatball is new to most people. You can buy them, or make your own for this super simple and comforting, flavorful recipe.

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    A green goddess chicken pasta salad
    Linda Larsen

    But there are still warm days in the fall too! When it is hot, make this fabulous salad that uses ingredients you can still find locally in the fall.