11 Fabulous Fall Desserts

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    Easy Pear Cobbler

    Easy Pear Cobbler

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    Pears are very prevalent this time of year also. Pears are one of the fruits that do not ripen on the tree. They are picked when they mature, but they are still “green”. What makes this easy pear cobbler recipe for easy? Instead of measuring out flour, sugar and the like, a cake mix is used instead.

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    Old-Fashioned Apple Butter

    Apple Butter

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    While you’ve got the abundance of apples in the fall, you must take advantage of it with this old-fashioned apple butter. Making your own homemade apple butter will enhance the flavor of any bread you choose to serve it on.

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    Apple Spice Cake

    Apple Spice Cake

    The Spruce / Carroll Pellegrinelli

    Everyone needs at least one special apple cake for the fall. This apple spice cake is it. Not only is it loaded with all kinds of warming spices, but it’s got a shot of apple schnapps in it too.

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    Cheddar and Bacon Bread Machine Bread

    Bread Machine

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    With all of those soups you’re going to make for dinner, you need a good bread recipe. If you have a bread machine, this is the recipe to make in it. This cheddar and bacon bread machine bread is good all by itself, but it is excellent with any type of soup, too. You’ll still get your protein when you serve it with a vegetable soup.

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    Pure Maple Quick Bread

    Loaf of Quick Bread

    Danielle D. Hughson / Getty Images

    Even though you can purchase maple syrup all year long, we just happen to think of it more during the fall with all of those lovely colored leaves. The flavor of this pure maple quick bread is not overpowering so it can be served with just about anything.

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    Pumpkin Bundt Cake

    Pumpkin Bundt Cake

    The Spruce / Carroll Pellegrinelli

    This cake is one of the prettier bundt cakes we make. We believe that the cream cheese glaze is what makes this pumpkin bundt cake so special.

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    Spicy Ginger Pear Bread

    Spicy Ginger Pear Bread

    The Spruce / Carroll Pelleginelli

    There are two forms of ginger in this recipe along with other good foods like wheat germ and sour cream. This spicy ginger pear bread isn’t overly sweet, which some people may prefer over other types.

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    World’s Best Pumpkin Bread

    Pumpkin bread

    The Spruce / Carroll Pellegrinelli

    About once a year, we take a loaf of this world's best pumpkin bread, warm from the oven, to a monthly potluck luncheon. We bring real butter along too, of course. The loaf is totally gone before we even begin our luncheon. We will tell you that it is a bit spicy. Spicy doesn’t always mean hot, which is the case with this quick bread. Spicy, in this case, means full of flavor. You do have the option of using pumpkin pie spice in this recipe but don’t. You don’t want to miss on the full flavor you’ll get from the other spices.

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    Caramel Apple Cake

    Caramel Apple Cake

    The Spruce / Carroll Pellegrinelli

    You’ve just got to have a least one caramel apple during the season, and this caramel apple cake is certainly a fantastic one to choose.

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    Wholesome Fruit Crisp

    Bowl of fruit crisp

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    A crisp is called such as the topping is crispy, which usually comes through the addition of old-fashioned oats to the topping mixture. You always serve a crisp warm and hopefully topped with ice cream or whipped cream. This wholesome fruit crisp that you can always have the ingredients on hand.