The 11 Best Fish and Seafood Kitchen Tools of 2021

These tools will make cooking and serving seafood a snap

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"Like any good fish spatula, this one has a long, flexible head that can slide under delicate fish without breaking it."
"The long, narrow blade of this fish knife makes it easy to cut neatly between skin and meat."
Best Seafood Forks:
Cuisinox Seafood Fork at Wayfair
"These stainless steel forks are designed for two-ended use, so you'll get every bit of meat out of crab and lobster shells."
"The textured bottom releases seafood easily, while also promoting browning when you want a nice, crispy salmon skin."
"Safely, quickly, and neatly devein, butterfly, and peel a whole bowl of shrimp with this simple tool."
"The short handle and reasonable mallet head mean this crab mallet cracks shells and claws without shattering them into the meat."
"This stainless steel tool actually cuts the claws or legs rather than cracking them, which makes the meat easier to remove."
"Designed with comfort in mind, this knife has a slightly bent tip that makes it easier to pry oyster shells open."
"For a quick dinner of steamed fish and vegetables, there's no better tool than this dishwasher-safe microwave steamer."
"For a hands-off approach to poaching everything from fish to beef to vegetables, give this stainless steel cookware a try."
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Best Fish Turner: Williams Sonoma Nonstick Fish Spatula with Wooden Handle

Nonstick Fish Spatula

When you’re trying to turn over that perfect fish fillet, you need a spatula that’s flexible enough to slide under the fillet without bending it, and long enough to get under the whole fillet so it won’t break when you lift it. This one has an appropriately long head that’s made from nonstick nylon that won’t damage your nonstick cookware and won't stick to your cooked fish.

The handle is made from beechwood, won’t get hot during cooking, and is easy to hold. Not just for fish, it’s just as handy for other large delicate foods, like crepes, and you can use it for your eggs or burgers, too. Because of the wooden handle, this spatula should be hand washed.

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Best Fish Knife: Wusthof Pro 9 Inch Fish Fillet Knife

Whether your favorite fisherman drops off a whole trout or you’re filleting the snapper you bought from the market, a good knife will make the job easier. The long, narrow blade of this fillet knife can slide right next to the bones to get the most meat removed cleanly, and it slides neatly between skin and meat for a perfect fillet. The knife has an ergonomic plastic handle that’s easy to hold, even when you’re working through the rewards of a very successful fishing trip. Like any fine knife, this fish knife should be hand washed.

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Best Seafood Forks: Cuisinox Seafood Fork

Cuisinox Seafood Forks

Crab and lobster are expensive, so you don’t want to miss any of the delicious meat. These forks are designed for two-ended use, with a tiny fork on one end that can sneak into narrow spaces to extract the last bits from the legs or other hard-to-reach areas, and a wide, paddle-shaped scoop on the other end to scoop and scrape when needed.

You won’t miss any succulent bits when these are on the table, and they look unique, too, making them a great conversation starter. The forks are made from stainless steel and are dishwasher safe when dinner is over.

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Best Fish Skillet: All-Clad d3 Armor Fish Pan

All Clad Skillet

The unique shape of this pan is perfect for a whole fish, large fillets, or multiple smaller pieces. The low sides make it easy to get a spatula under the fish to flip it or remove it. The textured bottom releases seafood easily while also promoting browning, and makes this pan easy to clean when cooking is done. This pan would fit in seamlessly with your other All Clad cookware, but the classic stainless steel exterior would pair well with any other stainless steel pots and pans.

The pan is oven and broiler safe, so you can start cooking on the stove and finish in the oven, but it’s not designed for induction cooktops. It’s dishwasher safe, but it's easy to wash by hand with a nylon scrubber, too.

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Best Shrimp Deveiner: Toadfish Frogmore Shrimp Cleaner

Prepping shrimp with a knife can be tedious, and slippery raw shrimp can make the process messy—and even a little dangerous. This simple tool makes shrimp cleaning easy—just insert the tip into the shell and push it through to devein, shell, and butterfly the shrimp in one movement. It has no moving parts that can break, so you'll be reaching for this for years to come. The blade is stainless steel and the plastic handle is made from recycled materials. For easy, thorough cleaning, toss the deveiner in the dishwasher when you're finished.

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Best Crab Mallet: Farberware Seafood Wooden Crab Mallet

This wooden mallet may look like nothing special, but thanks to the wooden head and short handle that keep the smashing force reasonable, it cracks crab and lobster claws without bashing them to bits and sending shards of shell into the meat. Not just for claws, it can crack the hard shells on crab legs as well. For easy cleaning, this can be washed in the dishwasher, but hand washing will preserve the wood for longer.

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Best Claw Cracker: Toadfish Crab Leg Cracker

This unique claw cracker cuts the shell as well as cracking it, making less mess and keeps the meat intact. It can be used for crab or lobster claws as well as tough crab legs. For safe storage, it locks closed and is easy to open when it's time to eat.

If you get thirsty in the midst of your crab feast, there's even a handy bottle opener on the side of the cracker to open your beer or soda. The cracker is made from stainless steel with nonslip rubber grips and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

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Best Oyster Knife: OXO Good Grips Oyster Knife

Oyster knives aren’t complicated tools, but having a good one is essential for opening oysters safely and easily. This one comes at an economical price that makes it affordable to keep on hand, even if you don’t prep oysters often.

The sturdy stainless steel blade has a slightly bent tip that makes it easier to pry the oyster shells open, although good technique and a bit of practice also helps. The handle is the familiar OXO soft grip material that’s comfortable to hold, so it makes shucking large quantities of oysters much less tiring. When shucking is done, the knife is dishwasher safe, so cleanup is simple.

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Best Seafood Steamer: Progressive Prep Solutions Miracle Ware Microwave Fish & Vegetable Steamer Sleeve

Progressive Prep Steamer

While cooking meat or poultry in the microwave isn’t usually recommended, steaming fish in the microwave can work, if it's done correctly. Sure, you could get fancy and wrap your fish in parchment paper and crimp the edges for steaming, but prepping this steamer for cooking is faster and easier—and if you’re serving on a platter, no one will know you cooked your seafood the easy way. When fish isn't on the menu, it’s also great for steaming vegetables, and cleaning is easy since the whole thing is dishwasher safe.

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Best Fish Poacher: Norpro Stainless Steel Fish Poacher

Poaching may have gone out of fashion for some foods, but it’s still a great way to cook seafood, whether you’re poaching delicate fish in wine and aromatics or butter-poached lobster is on the menu. The tray at the bottom of this poacher holds the fish neatly and makes it easier to remove and drain the fish, then slide it off onto a serving platter.

It can be used for cooking other long foods, like beef fillet, asparagus, long beans, and corn on the cob. The poacher is made from shiny stainless steel that will look good in the kitchen, and the unique shape will make it stand out among all of your round or rectangular cookware. Hand washing is recommended, but some users reported washing it in the dishwasher with no immediate ill effects.

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Best Fish Platter: Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Oval Fish Platter

Sophie Conran

Want a beautiful way to present all of your hard work in the kitchen? This oval platter is designed for serving fish, and is large enough for a whole fish or a large fillet. It can also be used for shrimp, scallops, or other seafood delights, whether you’re serving a hot main dish or chilled appetizers.

Unlike some fish platters that have fish incorporated into the design, this classic oval would look just as appropriate holding a platter of vegetables, sliced ham, pork loin, or just about anything else that comes out of the kitchen. Made from porcelain, it’s microwave and freezer safe, and when serving is done, it’s also dishwasher safe.

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