Easy Flatbread Pizza Recipes

Flatbread Is the Perfect Canvas for Your Favorite Toppings

creamed spinach breakfast pizza

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When the craving for pizza hits, there's no need to pick up a takeout menu. Instead, try whipping up one of these quick and delicious flatbreads. The format lends itself to a wide range of toppings and styles, from an equally exciting array of cuisines. The only limit is your imagination, but if yours is somewhat lacking lately, try one of the delicious and versatile recipes below.

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    Grilled Apple and Brie Flatbread

    Grilled Apple and Brie Flatbread

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    For an easy appetizer or light meat-free meal, give this smoky, sweet, and savory flatbread a try. It tastes great as a starter for any backyard barbecue fare, but works just as well all by itself. Use Golden Delicious apples or another firm, slightly tart variety.

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    Garlic Herb Flatbread

    Garlic Flatbread

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    For a light snack to enjoy at cocktail hour, whip up a batch of garlic herb flatbread that tastes similar to pizza, but without the heavy toppings. It goes perfectly alongside a glass of wine or a cocktail, or even as a fancy bread in a special dinner party.

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    Two Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Naan Pizza

    Cheese sun dried tomato pesto naan pizza recipe

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    Blitzing sun-dried tomatoes in a food processor with Parmesan and olive oil makes a delicious pesto that just begs to get spread on naan with goat cheese for a simple pizza. Try it as a light lunch, an appetizer, or a snack when you need a cheesy pick-me-up.

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    Flatbread Pizza With Goat Cheese

    Flatbread Pizza with Sundried Tomatoes, Olives and Goat Cheese

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    Top lavash, a thin type of flatbread, with crumbled creamy goat cheese, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, and meaty kalamata olives for a Mediterranean flair. Use this recipe as a base, then add prosciutto, red onion, artichoke hearts, or other toppings that strike your fancy.

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    Fainá with Chorizo, Blue Cheese, and Spinach

    Fainá with Chorizo, Blue Cheese, and Spinach

    Marian Blazes

    This nutty, peppery answer to flatbread uses chickpea flour instead of wheat, so it works well for gluten-free meals. You can often find it on menus in Argentina and Uruguay as both an appetizer and a main dish. Topped with chorizo and blue cheese, this recipe is hearty enough for a whole meal.