The 8 Best Flour Sifters

Simple tools that help your baked goods stay light and clump-free

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Our Top Picks
"This easy-to-use sifter doesn't require cranking or squeezing—just shake it back and forth to move the internal agitator around."
"This budget-friendly sifter has features you'd expect from more expensive picks, like top and bottom lids for easy storage."
"Baking in big batches is made a little easier with this large capacity sifter that can hold up to 8 cups of flour at once."
"Cut your dishwashing time down with this dishwasher-safe sifter that's also rust-resistant."
"Get your KitchenAid stand mixer to do all of the sifting work, including weighing the ingredients, with this attachment."
"Strong enough to handle both fine and coarse ingredients, this crank-style flour sifter is just like the one your grandma used."
"For smaller jobs, like dusting a cake for decoration or flouring a workspace, there's nothing better than this spoon-sized sifter."
"Rather than a spinning wheel, this sift pushes flour gently through a screen to aerate it and only requires one hand to operate."

Best Overall: OXO Good Grips 3-Cup Stainless Steel Flour Sifter

No need for squeezing a handle or turning a crank with this one-handed sifter. Shaking the sifter side to side moves the internal sifting mechanism—and the flour—back and forth, so the flour falls neatly through the screen at the bottom. If you use the sifter for combining dry ingredients or you want to switch from sifting flour to sifting powdered sugar, the sifter can be washed on the top rack of the dishwasher between uses.

If you only use this for flour, you can just snap on the bottom and top caps and store the whole thing with flour inside. A pre-filled sifter is easy to grab it when you just need a little flour for your work surface for kneading bread dough or rolling out cookie dough. The compartment holds three cups of flour, so it’s not too bulky to store, but you won’t need to refill it for your average baking recipe.

Best Budget: Wilton Flour Sifter

This bargain-friendly sifter has a lot of features you’ll like for a solid price. The crank handle is removable and can be attached to either side, so it’s easy for both left-handed and right-handed users. The top cap keeps flour from puffing out out the top during sifting, keeping your workspace as clean as possible. With the bottom cap on, you can fill the sifter off to the side and not worry about spilling on your counter as you move it over to the bowl. And, with both the top and bottom caps on, you can store the sifter with flour inside, so it’s ready when you need it.

The manufacturer suggests hand-washing and drying completely after each use, but some users say they wash it in the top rack of their dishwasher with no adverse effects. For best sifting efficiency, it should hold about a 1 1/2 cups of flour at a time.

Best Large Capacity: Norpro Polished 8-Cup Stainless Steel Hand Crank Sifter

Serious bakers will love this 8-cup sifter that will let you load up large quantities of flour at once, so you won’t need to re-load as often when you've got a big baking job on your hands. This flour sifter is made from polished stainless steel that will look good on the counter, and it has a sturdy crank handle with a wooden knob.

Some users noted that flour can puff out of the top of the sifter, but that problem was easy to solve by using the plastic lid from a standard tin of coffee. Hand washing is recommended for this sifter.

Best Dishwasher-Safe: Williams Sonoma Traditional Flour Sifter

If you only use your sifter for flour, you may not need to wash it often, but if you plan on using the sifter to combine ingredients, washing between uses will keep your baked goods tasting fresh. But as every baker knows, flour and water make a sticky goo, and sifters have a lot of small nooks and crannies, making them difficult to clean.

This sifter is dishwasher safe, so you can let the machine do all the work for you. Reviewers commented that, even though the sifter is metal, it seems resistant to rusting, which is great news for your baking. The cannister is large enough to hold up to 5 cups of flour at once.

Best Stand Mixer Attachment: KitchenAid Sifter and Scale Attachment

If you're looking for the best flour sifter that won't make your arm sore after a day of baking, this KitchenAid attachment is your pick. It sifts and weighs the ingredients while sending them gradually into the mixer bowl to make sure everything combines evenly. The process is completely hands-off once the flour is loaded, so bakers can just watch the process or stir a pot on the stove while the mixer does its job.

The hopper holds up to four cups of flour or similar dry ingredients, but can easily be reloaded for bigger recipes. The scale can be used on its own to measure all your baking ingredients and the kit includes a top plate for the scale when you’re using it on your counter. A storage case is included as well so you can keep all the parts neatly together when they’re not in use.

Best with Hand Crank: Epica Products Inc Bellemain Stainless Steel 3-Cup Flour Sifter

A basic crank-style sifter is a favorite among bakers, and this 3-cup sifter shows exactly why that is. The sifter is tough enough to handle different types of flour and other coarse ingredients, like bran or almond meal. The cannister has measurement markings stamped into the metal that can be read on the inside of the sifter so you can measure amounts as you pour them into the sifter (or see how much more you have left to sift). The manufacturer recommends simply wiping this clean with a cloth rather than immersing it in water, but some reviewers have hand-washed the sifter and others have washed it in the dishwasher with no issues.

Best Mini: OXO Good Grips Baker’s Dusting Wand

While you certainly won’t use this for sifting flour for a cake, it's the best flour sifter for small amounts of sifting and dusting. It’s perfect for dusting cocoa powder, powdered sugar, or cinnamon onto cupcakes, cookies, or drinks like hot chocolate, lattes, or eggnog. It can also be used for lightly dusting flour onto your work surface before rolling out dough, or for dusting powdered sugar or cocoa powder when you’re using a stencil on a cake. The small size gives you the precision to dust the center of a cookie or cupcake without spreading powdered sugar everywhere. When you’re finished dusting, this hand-held tool is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Best with Squeeze Handle: Cuisipro Browne 3-Cup Sifter

Crank-handled sifters are quite popular but require two hands to operate. This squeeze-handled sifter can be operated with just one hand. You can even scoop the flour directly into the sifter, rather than pouring it in with a measuring cup. The handle is designed so you can hang the sifter on your bowl while you’re working with other ingredients, so it will stay neatly out of the way while you’re combining wet and dry ingredients. Users noted that this works best if it’s holding 2 cups or less, although the manufacturer says it can hold up to 3 cups at once. When cooking is done, everything is top-rack dishwasher safe.

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