Best Fondant Candy Recipes

fondant cake pops
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Fondant is a candy paste that's used for molding figures, covering cakes and making cream fillings. These recipes range from basic fondants that are perfect for rolling on top of cakes to flavored fondant candies like raspberry, maple and marshmallow fondant.

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    Basic Fondant Recipe

    Basic fondant recipe

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    This basic fondant recipe will work for covering cakes or as a filling for candies. This is the classic recipe and is a bit more complicated than the marshmallow fondant recipe below. However, the time it takes to whip this together is very much worth the challenge.

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    Marshmallow Fondant

    How to make fondant

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    This marshmallow fondant recipe is super simple and is perfect for beginners. It requires only a few ingredients and is easy to roll out. Many agree that this tastes better than store-bought brands as well. Make some for yourself and you can be the judge.

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    Homemade Candy Corn

    Homemade candy corn recipe

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    Why buy candy corn at the store when you can make a much more delicious version of homemade candy corn at home? Impress your Halloween guests with these beautiful candies. They are very easy to make however it can be rather time-consuming because you will have to cut each candy corn kernel individually.

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    Cream Fondant

    Cream fondant
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    Cream fondant is only used for candy cream centers. It's an easy and versatile recipe for the start of many soft candies. It can easily be rolled and shaped into many different shapes, too. Once you add this to your baking repertoire you'll be unstoppable.

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    Fondant Petals

    fondant petals

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    Fondant petals look so lifelike all while being edible and delicious. They work well on wedding cakes but can also work on cakes and pastries for other occasions. Make your cakes come to life by following this fondant petals photo tutorial.

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    Raspberry Fondant

    raspberry fondant

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    Raspberry fondant is the perfect center for these raspberry chocolate candies. You can also serve the raspberry fondant on its own. Don't be afraid to be innovative and mold these into different shapes. For example, they would be cute as a heart-shaped candy for Valentine's Day or an anniversary.

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    Uncooked Fondant

    Mixer beating yellow cake icing
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    Uncooked fondant is another great base for creamy candy centers. This recipe is very easy for beginners and can be manipulated easily in color and in flavor. This may soon be your go-to for all your homemade candies.