The 30 Best Food Gifts of 2023

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Best Food Gifts

The Spruce Eats / Danie Drankwalter

It can be hard to find thoughtful, meaningful gifts for the ones we love, but if there’s one thing that is sure to delight even the hardest-to-please friend or relative, it’s food. Maybe they’re a cheese connoisseur or someone who always has a chocolate bar nearby. Maybe they’re a snacky vegan or coffee snob. Maybe the quickest way to their heart is a gigantic steak. No matter the person or occasion, there's a food gift out there that's certain to make their day.

From perishable to nonperishable presents, here are the best food gifts.

Harry & David Grand Favorites Gift Basket



If you’re looking for a gift basket packed with variety that will wow, this is the one. Harry & David is the go-to when you want to gift a friend or family member with gourmet and delicious goodies, and this ultimate food gift basket steals the show each time. It’s filled with favorites, including sweet and salty Moose Munch milk chocolate popcorn, hickory smoked summer sausage, and even a chocolate swirl cake. So whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a foodie or wanting to send a gift nearly anyone would truly enjoy, you can’t go wrong with this option. 

We sent the collection to our Freelance Food Editor Lauryn, who was impressed by the brass basket the food arrived in. "It's so lovely that I can definitely use it either to regift something or as decor," she said. So, how was the actual food? Delightful. She raved about all that was included and even found some new favorites to add to her pantry.

Price at time of publish: $140

What’s Included: 9 Royal Verano pears, Moose Munch milk chocolate popcorn, hickory-smoked summer sausage, sharp white cheddar cheese, party snack mix, three-seed crackers, raspberry galettes, pepper and onion relish, chocolate swirl cake, milk chocolate-covered cherries, chocolate truffles (coffee, cherry, raspberry, almond, all dark, milk chocolate), milk chocolate mini mints

What Our Editors Say

"Everything was so tasty. I even found new products that I love, like the pepper jelly and summer sausage. I feel like there's true variety in the basketfrom savory to sweetsthat hit all the right notes." — Lauryn Bodden, Food Editor

The Meadow Mystery Meadow Box - Bountiful



Who doesn’t love a good surprise? This gift box from the Meadow is doubly remarkable, since the contents are a mystery to both sender and recipient. That said, the Meadow does give a small hint about what may be inside. The Bountiful Box can include a few chocolates, some gourmet salts, and even a few cocktail ingredients. There are two other levels–the Extra Bountiful and Super Bountiful–that increase the number of goodies inside. If you’d rather give a gift without the mystery, the Meadow has incredible selections, including the Dark Chocolate Adventure Bar and Salt Starter Set.

Price at time of publish: $65

Includes: Up to 2 chocolates, 2 salts, 2 cocktail ingredients

What Our Editors Say

“The Meadow specializes in chocolates, salts, and bitters, and with this gift box, you put yourself in its capable hands. Tell it a little about the person you're shopping for or let them run wild--either way you'll wind up with something unique and delicious.”Meg Scott, Senior Editor

Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Charcuterie Collection

Sweet Grass Dairy Cheese Charcuterie Collection

Williams Sonoma

When building a cheese tray, you want a mixture of sweet and savory with a little crunch. Sweet Grass Dairy’s Cheese Charcuterie Collection gives you delicious and handcrafted cheeses that are perfect for a delightful gathering or party of one. This collection consists of cheeses for all palates, including ones with earthy, creamy, and tangy notes. It also comes with sliced and ready-to-serve salami and fruit preserves to pile on the delectable sourdough flatbread with your cheese of choice. 

Price at time of publish: $147

What’s Included: Double-cream cheese, farmhouse cheese, blue cheese, pimento spread, black pepper salami, fruit preserves

Fly By Jing Holiday Triple Threat

Fly By Jing Holiday Triple Threat

Fly By Jing

When sending food gifts, many people focus on either sweet or savory. But what about spice? Fly by Jing has an incredible trio of Sichuan sauces and flavors in its Triple Threat bundle. The Sichuan chili crisp sauce brings the heat, the Zhong sauce has spice as well as sweetness and tanginess, and the mala spice mix contains 11 herbs and spices that can enhance everything from dry-rub chicken to popcorn. 

Price at time of publish: $45

Includes: Sichuan chili crisp sauce, Zhong sauce, mala spice mix

What Our Editors Say

“It had the chili crisp, Zhong sauce, and mala spice mix, and I was instantly addicted to all three. They go on everything from eggs to salads, ice cream to cheese. All three are distinctly delicious.”Eric Handelsman, GM and VP

Lekka Burger Vegan Burger Grill Kit for 4



Vegans don’t have to sit out during backyard summer cookouts. Lekka Burger has a grilling kit perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike as well as those who have diet restrictions related to meat. The kit includes four vegan burger patties made of portobello mushrooms, cannellini beans, fennel, and onion. Also included are buns, pickles, chocolate chip cookies, a vegan cheese sauce, vegan mayo, and your choice between barbecue or peri peri sauce. It’s a well-rounded grilling kit that doesn’t skimp on flavor. 

Price at time of publish: $85

Includes: 4 vegan burger patties, 4 buns, pickles, cheese sauce, veganaise, choice of peri peri or barbecue sauce, 4 chocolate chip cookies

What Our Editors Say

“Yes, these burgers from James Beard Award-nominated chef Amanda Cohen are vegan, but without trying to be a meat replacement. Lekka will score big for your vegan burger-loving giftee.”Kysha Harris, Editor News & Features

Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Bean Box

Gift the coffee lover in your life with delicious beans from around the world with Bean Box’s World Coffee Tour collection. They’ll enjoy 16 different roasts with chocolatey, fruity, and earthy notes. The Bean Box is on a mission to bring you the best coffee in the world and is also helping to support independent roasters and increase diversity in the coffee industry. Now that’s a cup of joe you can feel good about gifting.

Price at time of publish: $90

What’s Included: (16) 1.8-ounce bags of coffee from around the world, tasting notes, brewing tips, artisan treats

Magnolia Bakery Best of Magnolia Bakery Small Sampler Pack

Magnolia Bakery Best of Magnolia Bakery Small Sampler Pack

Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery started as a small bakery in the West Village neighborhood of New York City and quickly became a favorite for locals and tourists. Skip the line and send the sampler pack to the sweets lover in your life; the collection includes the classic banana pudding ` recipe with fresh bananas and crushed vanilla wafers swirled throughout, as well as two of the bakery's famous cupcakes topped with swirled buttercream frosting. 

Price at time of publish: $45

What’s Included: (2) 16-ounce classic banana pudding cups, (1) chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream, (1) vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream

Savannah Bee Everyday Honey Gift Set

Savannah Bee Everyday Honey Set

The Savannah Bee Everyday Honey Gift Set is a perfect selection of honeys for different purposes. The box includes three jars of honey—one for the grill, one for your tea, and one for cheese—all with specific tastes that fit just those needs. The one for the grill is great for basting, the one for your tea is light but sweet, and the one for cheese creates a perfect blend of sweet and salty.

Price at time of publish: $45

What's Included: (3) 12-ounce jars of honey

What Our Editors Say

“The Savannah Bee Company produces some of the best honey I've tasted. These samplers are perfect for your foodie friend who loves a good cheese board, a cup of tea, and honey-glazed meat on the grill.” - Mary Kate Hoban, Associate Editorial Director

Versailles Miami Cuban Sandwich Kit

Versailles Cuban Sandwich Kit

If you’ve ever craved the iconic, savory, cheesy, flavor-packed Cuban sandwich from Versailles in Miami, this is the answer to your hungry longing. Whether or not you’ve eaten at the famous eatery—featured on Bobby Flay’s "Food Nation"—this is a particularly good gift for someone who can’t make it to Miami or simply adores a good Cuban. The Cuban Sandwich Kit comes with soft house-baked Cuban style bread, flavorful slow-roasted pork, glazed ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, and is individually packed to make it easy to assemble at home. 

Price at time of publish: $90 for kit for 4

What's Included: Swiss cheese, ham, pork, Cuban bread, mustard, pickles

What Our Editors Say

“Renowned for its Cuban sandwich, Miami's Versailles Restaurant has made it easy to get this famous sammy anywhere in the country. When you have a hankering, just hop onto Goldbelly's site.”Victoria Heydt, Editorial Project Manager

You’ve never seen a syrup quite like this one. Runamok’s pure maple syrup shimmers and sparkles with edible pearlescent mica sprinkles. Not only is it pretty in the clear bottle, but it will shine on pancakes, in dishes, over apples, or atop French toast. Each bottle contains 8.75 ounces of glittery syrup, and though the sprinkles will settle over time, you can simply shake the bottle to awaken them and achieve that sweet snow globe-like swirl once more.

Price at time of publish: $18

Includes: (1) 8.75-ounce bottle of syrup

What Our Editors Say

“Make Saturday pancakes extra magical with swirling, glittering, sparkling maple syrup.”Emma Christensen, Associate General Manager

Levain Bakery Signature Cookie Assortment Gift Box


Levain Bakery

Not all cookies are baked equally, and Levain Bakery takes it to the next level. Levain Bakery is another NYC-based bakery that quickly grew a cult following. Its thick, ooey-gooey cookies are what dreams are made of. They come in classic yet delicious flavors, such as chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin. Each comes pre-made; just pop them in the oven for a few minutes to warm them up and enjoy a magical cookie-eating experience. 

Price at time of publish: $29 for 4-pack

What’s Included: Choose from a 4-, 8-, or 12-pack with 4 cookie flavors: chocolate chip walnut, dark chocolate chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin

What Our Experts Say

When purchasing an edible gift for friends, the number one rule is buying something they'll actually use. Next is something that's easy to use, and finally, you want to buy the highest-quality products available.” — Chef Jennifer Booker, Author of "Dinner Déjà Vu: Southern Tonight, French Tomorrow"

Masienda Tortilla Starter Kit

Masienda Tortilla Starter Kit


Store-bought tortillas are OK, but a fresh, homemade tortilla elevates any taco or enchilada to the next level. If you know someone who adores Mexican food, wraps, or tortilla chips, this starter kit by Masienda is an excellent gift. It includes two bags of corn masa harina, one blue and one white. Additionally, the kit provides a sturdy 10-pound Doña Rosa tortilla press. The press comes in three colors: white, black, and light green. 

Price at time of publish: $115

Includes: 2.2-pound bag of blue corn masa harina, 2.2-pound bag of white corn masa harina, tortilla press

What Our Editors Say

“A great tortilla is all about the masa and pressing tool to make them. This kit has both heirloom masa harina and its signature Doña Maria press.”Kysha Harris, Editor News & Features

Spice Lab Sea Gourmet Salt Sampler

Sea Gourmet Salt Sampler

Courtesy of eBay

If you know someone who wants to get a little experimental with their cooking flavors or who loves to grill, this elegant salt collection fits the bill. Stored stylishly in Pyrex glass test tubes in a bamboo base, it makes a beautiful addition to anyone’s countertop or spice cabinet.

There are unflavored options from around the world, including Himalayan pink sea salt and Hawaiian black lava salt, but also great flavored salts like port wine, smoked ghost pepper, Japanese curry salt, and tropical hibiscus salt. The recipient will be able to dress up meats, eggs, salads, baked goods, and more with this unique set.

Price at time of publish: $50 for 1 count

What’s Included: 11 salts, including fine Himalayan pink salt, Hawaiian black lava salt, flake Cyprus citron lemon salt, smoked ghost pepper salt, Hudson Valley salt, Japanese curry salt, ginger chili salt, herbes de Provence, tropical hibiscus salt, peri peri spice blend, port wine salt

Food52 Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Box

Tame to Insane Hot Sauce Box

Curated by the famed hot sauce of the month club, Fuego Box, this Food52 hot sauce box is perfect for lovers of spice. Featuring 11 hot sauces, from the mild Jersey Barnfire Indian Summer to the "evil" PuckerButt Ignition Point, this box is like choosing your own hot sauce adventure. The box labels the bottles by heat level, so your giftee can work their way up to the hottest option, where the main ingredient is the Carolina Reaper, the world's hottest pepper.

Price at time of publish: $135

What’s Included: 10 full size bottles and one mini, ranging in spice

Partake’s goal is to create tasty snacks for those with dietary restrictions or allergies, claiming each of its products is free from peanuts, eggs, soy, dairy, tree nuts, sesame, artificial flavors, GMOs, and artificial preservatives. The Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of Partake’s best sellers. Containing the classic, beloved taste of chocolate chip and turning it into a vegan snack, each box contains approximately 15 cookies. 

Price at time of publish: $16 for 3 boxes

Includes: 3 boxes of chocolate chip cookies

What Our Editors Say

“These cookies remind me of Chips Ahoy!, which was such a huge part of my childhood. It's hard to believe these are vegan and gluten-free. I can see them replacing my Oreo obsession, for sure.”Fran Sales, Associate Commerce Editor

Mouth The Big Dill

The Big Dill at Mouth

If you know a pickle fanatic, then you know that they are serious about these preserved vegetables. The crunch factor, the flavor, even the shape—it's all taken into account when they're trying to find their favorite brand. Give them more to explore with this “The Big Dill” collection from Mouth. The box has plenty of pickled cucumbers, of course—with flavors like garlic, pepper, everything spice, and horseradish— but it also has string beans, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and more. It's fun way to explore the world of pickles for a curious eater.

Price at time of publish: $133

What’s Included: Sweet chip pickles by Gordy's Pickle Jar, garlic dills by Mother Pucker's, jalapeño honey dills by The Real Dill, pickled string beans by Epic Pickles, hoppy pickles by Kansas City Canning, sweet fire pickles by Frankie's, everything bagel pickles by Backyard Brine, organic heirloom pickled blueberries by Bow Hill Blueberries, pickled cherry tomatoes by Doux South

Haus The Sampler Kit

The Sampler Kit
The Sampler Kit .

Courtesy of Haus

If you or your loved one adore a lighter cocktail from time to time, the Haus apéritifs come highly recommended. The alcohol tastes like a cocktail but is stronger than wine and lighter than whiskey, with profiles that are clean and fresh. The Sampler Kit comes with four 200-milliliter bottles with each perfectly sized for two to three drinks. You can choose from seven different flavors, such as spiced cherry and rose rosé, so explore and experiment or stick with a tried-and-true flavor. 

What's Included: (4) 200-milliliter bottles

What Our Editors Say

“Haus makes 15-20 percent ABV wine-based apéritifs using fruits, herbs, and botanicals. My favorite is Ginger Yuzu, but the Bitter Clove is a winter essential.”Adriana Velez, Senior Editor

Jeni's Happy Birthday Collection



Jeni’s Ice Cream is one of the darlings of the food world right now and for good reason. It’s highly praised ice cream formulated without synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes. Instead of using a long list of stabilizers and emulsifiers, they build texture the old-fashioned way—lots of slow churning.

Though their ice cream makes a lovely gift for any occasion, the Happy Birthday Collection is especially sweet. You choose five flavors (though good luck narrowing it down) and your customized package is sent with 100 percent beeswax candles and a two-pack of sprinkles. We won’t judge you if you want to send one of these to yourself even if it’s not your birthday.

Price at time of publish: $68

What’s Included: Five pints of your choice (32 flavors available, six of which are non-dairy)

What Our Editors Say

This is hands down my favorite ice cream maker. Jeni's flavors are unique, spot-on without being overly sweet, and the texture is creamy and luscious.” – Kristin Stangl, Editor

Vosges Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection

Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection

Vosges Chocolate

What’s more luxurious than a dark chocolate truffle bursting with flavor? Not much. Vosges Dark Chocolate Truffle Collection is packed with 16 decadent dark chocolate truffles ranging in flavors from sweet, savory, floral, fruity, spicy, and earthy. The collection includes a stunning range of dark truffles ranging from 62 to 75 percent cacao. You can feel confident in gifting this world-class chocolate as the company, Vosges Haut-Chocolat, is woman-owned and makes it a point to create pure chocolate recipes without excess sugar or artificial flavors. 

"These chocolates were the fanciest chocolates I've ever received. They're almost too pretty to eat," Taylor, our Commerce Editor, said. She thought these truffles were a great option for someone who isn't into saccharine chocolate and is looking for something more refined.

Price at time of publish: $50

vosges box of chocolate with lid off

The Spruce Eats / Taylor Rock

What’s Included: 16 dark chocolate truffles ranging from 62% to 75% cacao

What Our Editors Say

"They were really chic, each with a vibrant peppering of flavor on top: matcha, paprika, coconut ash, and more. If I had to pick just one way to describe them, it would be that they look expensive." — Taylor Rock, Editor

Chicago Steak Company The Entrepreneur's Selection

The Entrepreneur's Selection at Chicago Steak Company

Searching for a gift for a carnivore with premium taste? Get them The Entrepreneur's Selection. It features filet mignon, top sirloin, pork chops, chicken breasts, and steak seasoning. All the steak is wet-aged four to six weeks and certified USDA Prime or "high" Choice—meaning all the steaks are graded at the top two tiers of marbling available. Everything comes individually wrapped, vacuum-sealed, and in a sleek black and gold gift box. Hopefully, you’ll be invited over when the grill starts going.

Price at time of publish: $450

What’s Included: Six 5-ounce USDA Prime filet mignons, six 6-ounce USDA Prime top sirloins, six 9-ounce gourmet frenched pork chops, six 6-ounce marinated chicken breasts, one 5-ounce bottle of steak seasoning

Stonewall Kitchen Maine Morning Breakfast Gift

Maine Morning Breakfast Gift

Theoretically, a gift card to someone’s favorite restaurant is a nice idea, but what if you went one step further and gifted them the opportunity to transform their kitchen into their new favorite brunch spot? The Maine Morning Breakfast Gift from Stonewall Kitchen comes with delicious mixes for oatmeal, pancakes/waffles, muffins, scones, and cinnamon buns, plus an array of spreads and syrups to top it off, as well as a few more breakfast goodies. You’re not just gifting them a meal, you’re gifting them an abundance of beautiful future mornings.

Price at time of publish: $175

What’s Included: Cinnamon bun mix, blueberry scone mix, blueberry muffin mix, wild Maine blueberry tea, wildflower honey, farmhouse pancake and waffle mix, maple and brown sugar oatmeal, pure maple cream, Maine maple syrup, red raspberry jam, wile Maine blueberry jam, peach jam, strawberry jam, tea towel

Mouth Vegan Snack Box

Vegan Snack Box

Buying a food gift for a vegan friend can be tricky, especially if you're not well versed in ingredient labels. Luckily, Mouth has done all the vetting for you with the vegan snack box. It's the perfect option for veteran sprout-eating vegans and new converts alike because it’s just as delicious as it is vegan (that is to say: 100 percent on both counts). It comes with 10 snacks, including maple granola, savory Bjorn Corn, decadent hot fudge sauce, and even artisanal almond butter. Plant-based eating is easy when you have snacks as good as these.

Price at time of publish: $112

What’s Included: Maple pecan and coconut granola by Henry Hudson Baking Co., Fiji ginger almond butter by Big Spoon Roasters, vegan dark chocolate chip bar by The Yes Bar Co., pineapple mojito dried fruit by Watermelon Road Snacks Co., potato chips by The Billy Goat Chip Company, vegan cheddar crackers by Mustache Munchies, organic gummy bears by Mouth, organic strawberry PB&J peanut butter puffs by Puffworks, sun-popped popcorn by BjornQorn, maple pumpkin seeds by Stony Brook Wholehearted

Kings County Aged Whiskey Gift Set

 Kings County Aged Whiskey Gift Set

Courtesy of Caskers

The whiskey-lover in your life is sure to appreciate this gift set, which includes three handmade bourbons from Kings County Distillery in Brooklyn, New York. The three spirits included are the Kings County Bourbon, Kings County Peated Bourbon, and Kings County Single Malt Whiskey, each of which comes in a 200-milliliter bottle and is made from 100 percent New York grain. The regular bourbon has strong sweet base with flavors of vanilla and caramel, while the single malt whiskey features a palate of honey with aromas of hay and peat, giving your giftee a variety of flavors to discover—all in one box.

Price at time of publish: $86

What’s Included: 200 milliliters each of straight bourbon, peated bourbon, and single malt

What Our Experts Say

“Know your audience. If your friends tell you that they don't like a particular type of food or ingredient, believe them. Avoid buying gifts that your friends will never eat and concentrate on finding the perfect gift made from of foods they do love.” — Chef Jennifer Booker, Author of "Dinner Déjà Vu: Southern Tonight, French Tomorrow"

Numi Organic World of Tea Collection

Numi Organic World of Tea Collection


Giving the gift of tea provides a flavorful experience and sends a friend or family member a cup of comfort, too. This tea collection includes nine worldly flavors, including a sleepy chamomile lemon, an energizing Moroccan mint, a classic aged Earl Grey, and more. Each tea comes in a ready-to-brew bag that keeps each blend fresh and bursting with flavor. These blends are created using fruit, flowers, and spices that are ideal for both warm and iced teas. 

Price at time of publish: $22

What’s Included: 5 bags each of breakfast blend, aged Earl Grey, golden chai, mate lemon, jasmine green, gunpowder green, rooibos, Moroccan mint, chamomile lemon

Harry & David Snack Box

Harry & David Snack Box

Harry & David

Everyone’s got their own snacking style, and Harry & David’s Snack Box has something for everyone. Whether you enjoy snacking on caramel popcorn, savory smoked summer sausage, or prefer to grab a handful of almonds, cashews, and pecans, this kit has a treat for you. Reviewers love this snack collection for its versatility and affordable price point, allowing you to give the gift of gourmet flavor without stretching the budget. 

Price at time of publish: $30

What’s Included: Moose Munch premium popcorn, hickory-smoked summer sausage, sharp white cheddar cheese, mixed nuts, three-seed crackers, and hot honey mustard

Hickory Farms Blooms & Bites Wine Gift Set

Hickory Farms Blooms & Bites Wine Gift Set

Hickory Farms

It’s always happy hour somewhere, right? With Hickory Farms Blooms & Bites Wine Gift Set, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of rosé no matter the time of day. This gift set gives you everything you need to create a relaxing and joyful happy hour atmosphere, including delicious eats, including salami, cheese, and flatbread crackers. You’ll also enjoy the refreshing scent of the sparkling grapefruit candle as you alternate between taking sips of wine and grabbing bites from the cookies and cream and lemon cupcake jars. 

Price at time of publish: $95

What’s Included: Sparkling grapefruit candle, seed bomb, Classico dry salami, Mission jack blend, sea salt flatbread, strawberry fig jam, sour peach hearts, cookies and cream cupcake jar, lemon cupcake jar, 1 bottle of Ilo California rosé wine

Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Milk Bar Birthday Cake

Milk Bar Store

When you can't be there to celebrate in person, sending a Milk Bar Birthday Cake is the next best thing. This decadent three-layered delight is ready to party with its Funfetti-flavored cake, creamy and irresistible frosting, and blast of colorful sprinkles. Reviewers of all ages rave about this cake and love the amazing and not-too-sweet flavor in each bite. While this dessert is worth the hype, it runs on the expensive side since shipping is not included.  

Price at time of publish: $62 for 6-inch

What’s Included: 1 three-layered birthday flavored cake

Spoonful of Comfort Just Because Gift Basket

Spoonful of Comfort Just Because Gift Basket

Spoonful of Comfort

Whether you need to send a care package or provide a cup of comfort to a friend in need, Spoonful of Comfort has you covered. The Just Because Gift Basket is filled with cozy classics, including delectable soup, along with flaky rolls and cookies to give anyone a much-needed lift. Choose from a variety of fan-favorite soup flavors, including Italian wedding, chicken noodle, tomato basil, garden vegetable, broccoli cheddar, or chicken and wild rice soups, and pair it with a chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, or oatmeal raisin cookie

Price at time of publish: $85

What’s Included: Choice of one 64-ounce soup, 6 rolls, 6 cookies, ladle, and personalized notecard

Wellspent Market Olive Oil Trio


Wellspent Market

Olive oil is the foundation of so many incredible dishes. If you know someone who loves cooking, consider this specialized olive oil trio from Wellspent Market. The three bottles of extra virgin olive oil come in three distinct flavors–each sourced from Italian or Greek olives. The Everyday olive oil is both robust and yet balanced, perfect for cooking just about anything. The Novo Frantoio has a softer and more buttery flavor ideal for salads or fish dinners, and the Madre Terra balances grassy moderate tastes with more bitter almond notes. The trio gives flavorful variety to a common, but powerful kitchen staple. 

Price at time of publish: $59

Includes: 3 bottles of extra virgin olive oil

What Our Editors Say

“These oils, pressed in Italy and bottled by long-time olive oil importer Jim Dixon, give you a delicious taste of the incredible diversity of flavors in olive oils from different regions and made with different types of olives. Some are better for cooking and others are better suited to drizzling over your avocado toast or even vanilla ice cream.”Meg Scott, Senior Editor

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box

Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box

Eastern Standard Provisions Co.

You don’t need to plan a trip to the mall to enjoy a tasty soft pretzel—you can just order them from the comfort of your home with Eastern Standard Provisions Co. Gourmet Soft Pretzel Gift Box. This collection includes a variety of 20 soft pretzels along with five salts to top them off with, including white truffle, lemon rosemary, chili lime, and everything spice. These gourmet pretzels were on Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2019, and online customer reviews back up how delightful and delicious they are to receive as a gift.

Price at time of publish: $69

What’s Included: 20 soft pretzels (various sizes), classic pretzel salt, white truffle salt, lemon rosemary salt, chili lime salt, everything spice

What to Look for in a Food Gift

Perishable vs Nonperishable

If you’re buying for a good friend who works from home and loves cheese, then a cheese gift may be a no-brainer. But, if you’re buying for a client or acquaintance whose tastes you may not be as familiar with and who you’re not sure can grab the package when it arrives, it may be best to opt for something nonperishable.

Potential Allergens

Butter is a dreamy gift, unless the intended recipient is vegan or has a dairy allergy. Especially for something like dairy, nuts, or food containing gluten, double-check to make sure it’s safe for your intended recipient.  


If you’re buying online, ideally, the food will be just as good as if you’d purchased it in a local shop. Check the reviews to make sure those who have purchased these options have had good experiences.

Customer Service

If you have questions about the packages that aren’t answered online, feel free to reach out to customer service. If they respond quickly and helpfully, it’s a good sign that they’ll respond similarly if something unforeseen happens with your package.


Is it a bad idea to send perishable food gifts?

Not at all, especially if you think the recipient will enjoy them more than something nonperishable. There are a few things to keep in mind, though. First of all, consider the weather. Sending cheese to New York City in January will be a little different than sending cheese to Arizona in July. If it’s hot outside, there is a shorter window that your food will keep. Of course, the purveyor will package it expertly and send ice packs and insulation, but check out the weather if you plan on sending a perishable gift, especially if you’re not sure the recipient can intercept the package immediately.

What if I don’t know what the recipient likes to eat?

If you’re not sure of the intended recipient’s exact preferences, it’s generally good to stick with something nonperishable and utilitarian, like salt or coffee. That said, it can’t hurt to dig around any social media profiles of theirs to see if they’ve posted about favorite foods, or you can check with mutual friends.

How do I make sure they’ll be home for delivery if I’m sending something perishable?

Before sending a food gift, check with the intended recipient to ensure they’ll be home around the time when the gift should arrive. Some spots allow you to send the recipient a vague email letting them know they’re receiving a package with a tracking number, or you can just send them the tracking number yourself.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats?

Writer and professional eater Christine Clark is an avid sharer and enjoyer of all things delicious. Her love languages are food and gift-giving. A Certified Cheese Professional by The American Cheese Society, she has a cheese podcast, a fridge that is always too full, and a very lived-in kitchen.

Allison Wignall, who updated this article, takes gift-giving very seriously. She loves searching for the right treats to send to friends and family during special occasions. Her work has been featured in publications including Southern Living, Food & Wine, and Travel + Leisure.


Chef Jennifer Booker is the author of "Dinner Déjà Vu: Southern Tonight, French Tomorrow."

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