The 6 Best Food TV Shows to Stream this Holiday Season

Great British Bake-Off hosts


Food television shows and the holiday season are a match made in heaven (or at the very least, The North Pole). While we’ll happily stream our favorite baking and cooking shows any time of year, the feel-good cheer that accompanies November and December provides the perfect excuse for a little extra indulgence. And lucky for us: whether you’re a fan of engaging docuseries or laugh-out-loud competition shows, there’s a holiday food show that’s guaranteed to satisfy your cravings this year. Here’s what’s new—and delicious—on Netflix, Hulu, and more, for the 2021 holiday season.

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    School of Chocolate

    Person making chocolate from School of Chocolate on Netflix


    Watch On: Netflix

    How Many Episodes: 8 Episodes

    Watch the Trailer: YouTube

    Attention all chocoholics: This skills-oriented competition show is perfect for viewers who love chocolate and want to pick up a few tricks. "School of Chocolate," which premiered November 26 on Netflix, is an 8-episode competition among pastry chefs. It’s hosted and judged by the famous chocolatier Chef Amaury Guichon. Although none of the contestants are eliminated, there’s still plenty of good-natured competition—and some truly stunning chocolate creations.

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    The Great British Baking Show: Holidays

    Great British Bake-Off hosts dressed as Santa Claus and elves


    Watch On: Netflix

    How Many Episodes: 2 Episodes

    Watch the Trailer: YouTube

    Hold onto your choux buns: Paul Hollywood and company are back for a fourth holiday season of the UK’s most popular baking series."The Great British Baking Show," or "The Great British Bake-Off," if you’re across the pond, is a polite and charming competition show featuring home bakers from the United Kingdom. There are just two episodes in this season—but they’re both a full-hour long and packed full of holiday treats, including impressive illusion cakes and Christmas puddings, as well as some of the most-loved contestants from past seasons. (Rahul fans will be especially pleased.) The episodes drop on Netflix this December 3.

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    Baking It

    Four grandmothers in red robes


    Watch On: Peacock

    How Many Episodes: 6 Episodes

    Watch the Trailer: YouTube

    Foodies who like a little comedy with their meal will get a kick out of "Baking It," currently streaming on Peacock. While SNL’s Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph may not immediately come to mind as baking competition hosts, their banter and laugh-out-loud commentary make this a can’t-miss series. And if you’re still not convinced, here’s an even sweeter incentive to tune in: Each competition is judged by a team of *highly* opinionated grandmothers.

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    Taste the Nation

    Padma Lakshmi and other person cooking together


    Watch On: Hulu

    How Many Episodes: 4 Episodes

    Watch the Trailer: YouTube

    Padma Lakshmi’s popular docuseries "Taste the Nation" is back for a limited run holiday season. In these 4 episodes, which stream on Hulu, the "Top Chef" judge and cookbook author takes viewers on an educational trip around the country. Lakshmi interviews (and eats with) a variety of home cooks, chefs, and food professionals, sharing stories about their holiday traditions. This show is a multicultural feast, and a great streaming option for those looking to branch out from the typical peppermint-bark holiday narrative.

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    Person making a cake inspired by the movie Up


    Watch On: Disney+

    How Many Episodes: 11 Episodes

    Watch the Trailer: YouTube

    Airing on December 15 on Disney+, this unscripted series is one of epic proportions. Viewers can expect jaw-dropping edible creations that mimic iconic Disney characters, sets, and scenes—no Pinterest fails here. The team of skilled food artists are hosted by actress Keke Palmer. Grab your whole crew for this family-friendly series, and be prepared to get wowed all over again by "The Avengers," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Toy Story"to name a few

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    Holiday Baking Championship

    Holiday Baking Championship season 8

    Food Network

    Watch On: Discover+

    How Many Episodes: 8 Episodes

    Watch the Trailer: YouTube

    Can’t get enough sweet treats? Check out this tried-and-true holiday favorite from The Food Network. Season 8 is currently available for streaming on Discovery+, and this time it’s all about gingerbread. Expect the usual show-stopping centerpieces and cringe-worthy moments (Gingerbread is a delicate construction material, after all). And in the case that tuning in inspires you to craft a gingerbread house of your own, here are some (simple!) gingerbread kits you can tackle at home.