The 20 Best Food Ornaments for Christmas in 2020

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"This set of two ornaments is handcrafted, which makes it extra special."
"You have your pick of 11 mouthwatering creations, from the most beloved carbs to finer cuisine."
"It’s an ornament with a surprising hidden meaning."
"The duo, which includes dumplings in a steamer and a chirashi bowl topped with chopsticks, are both handcrafted out of glittering glass."
"The pineapple insinuates the home is full of friendship, hospitality, and warmth."
"A tree decked out in favored dinner fare, like sushi, is something we can definitely roll with."
"Celebrate Taco Tuesday all season long!"
"Depicts four different types of cheeses—Brie, blue, Swiss, and Gouda—all in a single tall stack."
"There’s no surer way to get into the holiday spirit than with, well, an assortment of spirits."
"This glittery macaron set comes with three ornaments in three pastel colors."

A great way to differentiate your tree: Trim it with decorations that fit a certain theme. If you’re a whiz in the kitchen or a total foodie who loves to explore new restaurants, what better way than to do so with culinary-themed ornaments. Of course, you don’t have to go all-out on food; you could simply pepper your fir with some food items that mean something to you—like an everything bagel to symbolize your love of carbs. Here, the best food ornaments to add to your stash this year. 

World Market Red Hot Cocoa Mug Ornaments

Tap into the coziness of the season by paying homage to one of the most beloved winter beverages of all time: hot cocoa. This set of two ornaments is handcrafted (that makes it extra special!) of shiny red metal, then piled with glittering marshmallows, chocolate drizzles, and peppermint candies. It looks so enticing, it’ll surely spark a craving for the real thing. Just note: Due to the handcrafted nature of these ornaments, there may be slight variations from piece to piece. 

Food52 Vintage-Inspired Food Ornaments

There’s so much to love about these vintage-inspired food ornaments. For starters, you have your pick of 11 mouthwatering creations, from the most beloved carbs—an everything bagel with cream cheese or a box of doughnuts—to finer cuisine—caviar and big wheels of cheese. There’s even a six-pack of beer for all the drinkers of the bunch. Of course, you can also indulge yourself by investing in a set. Choose from options like fast food (includes four fun ornaments) or sushi (includes five delicious-looking baubles). 

Old World Christmas Store Pickle Glass Blown Ornament

The pickle is so much more than just a food ornament. It’s an ornament with a surprising hidden meaning: In a German tradition known as Weihnachtsgurke, the child to find the pickle ornament and place it on the tree will get good fortune—and the first present, an extra present, or the job of handing out the presents—during the upcoming year. So even if you aren’t going all out on the food theme for your Christmas tree, this is one you should definitely indulge in—if not to add just a little element of excitement for the whole family. 

World Market Glass Asian Food Ornaments

If your go-to comfort food is a big old bowl of noodles and a side of dumplings or you’re a regular at weekend Dim Sum brunches, this set of two Asian food-inspired ornaments is just right for your tree. The duo, which includes dumplings in a steamer and a chirashi bowl topped with chopsticks, are both handcrafted out of glittering glass, so they’ll surely sparkle on your spruce. You won’t need any added hardware, either—both ornaments come with a cord hanger already attached. 

Kurt Adler Noble Gems Glass Pineapple Ornament

Like the pickle ornament, the pineapple represents so much more than a pleasurable food. In the South, the pineapple is widely recognized as a symbol used to mean “welcome.” The pineapple insinuates the home is full of friendship, hospitality, and warmth—and what better time to celebrate all of those characteristics than during a season like Christmas? To make your message loud and clear, be sure to put this gorgeous blown glass ornament right in the center of your spruce. 

Old World Christmas Store Sushi Roll Glass Blown Ornament

A tree decked out in favored dinner fare, like sushi, is something we can definitely roll with. And this particular glass ornament is a truly special addition to your Christmas tree. It’s hand-crafted in an age-old tradition with special techniques—like blowing molten glass into finely carved molds and hand-painting with glittery paint—that originated in the 1800s. Though a modern design, the heirloom quality of this ornament ensures it’ll stay a family favorite for years and years to come. 

World Market Glass Taco And Burrito Ornaments

Celebrate your favorite day of the week—Taco Tuesday—all holiday season long with two glass ornaments inspired by Mexican favorites: a taco and a burrito. The highly detailed ornament set—the manufacturers didn’t miss a beat, with lettuce, tomato, cheese… all the toppings you could ever want!—is handcrafted, which means your two ornaments are wholly unique. Nobody will have exactly the same set you do. 

Terrain Cheese Stack Glass Ornament

Perfect for any cheese lover, this hand-blown ornament depicts four different types of cheeses—Brie, blue, Swiss, and Gouda—all in a single tall stack. Just like a real wheel of cheese, the soda and borosilicate glass ornament is truly exquisite, with each layer beautifully hand-painted with silver liquid, acrylic paint, and glitter in Poland. 

World Market Glass Spirit Bottle Ornaments

There’s no surer way to get into the holiday spirit than with, well, an assortment of spirits. Yes, we’re talking about the real thing—but we’re also talking about ornament versions of beloved liquors, like tequila, whisky, and vodka. These three miniature fifths aren’t branded. They’re labeled with a Russian-style Santa (the vodka), a Dia de los Muertos-inspired skull (the tequila), and a majestic stag (the whisky). Pick up the handmade glass set for yourself, for your favorite mixologist, or for both—there’s plenty of merriment to go around. 

Kurt Adler Glittered Macaroon Set

Even if you can’t spend your holiday visiting and exploring a romantic, new-to-you European city like Paris, France, you can still play pretend by making sure your food-themed tree is peppered with cuisine from these places. This glittery macaroon set (it comes with three ornaments in three pastel colors) is a great place to start. In fact, the ornament versions of this classic French dessert looks so tasty, you’ll probably have to satisfy your craving by ordering some from a local bakery. 

Old World Christmas Store Mini Dessert Set

For the quickest way to turn your Christmas tree into a food-lover’s dream come true, turn to a set of culinarily-inspired ornaments. This pack of six ornaments all imitate a dessert favorite—a chocolate chip cookie, a doughnut, a slice of red velvet cake, a chocolate-covered strawberry, an ice cream cone, and a cupcake. What’s more? Each bauble is mouth-blown into finely carved molds then hand-painted and glittered to create what can best be described as works of art. 

World Market Glass Rainbow Cake Ornament

Not that it needs it, but this vibrant and colorful ornament is the quickest way to add a little extra cheer to your holiday decor. Like a big, fat slice of cake topped with a thick layer of icing, we’d dare to call this glittery glass ornament irresistible. The handcrafted bauble features six colorful layers of cake, each smattered with glitter, covered in fluffy white frosting, and finished with a crowning jewel—a rainbow topper.

Old World Christmas Store Bacon and Eggs Glass Blown Ornament

Brunch is often a big part of Christmas celebrations, so why not celebrate your love for the best meal of the day with the right ornament: a few strips of bacon paired with a sunny-side-up fried egg. The ornament is as special as it looks, thanks to its handcrafted glass construction and hand-painted finish. 

World Market Glass Burger and Hot Dog Ornaments

This ornament set proves that backyard cookout fare isn’t just for the summer. These favorites have a definite place during the holiday season too: on your Christmas tree. The handcrafted blown glass hot dog and cheeseburger duo look surprisingly elegant, thanks to their ornate nature and added glitter—a truly appetite-whetting addition to your tree. 

Old World Christmas Store Soft Pretzel Glass Blown Ornament

Whether you have ties to New York City, indulge in a pretzel each time you visit the ballpark, or just really love your carbs, the soft pretzel is a fun choice to add to your food-themed Christmas tree. The delicate glass-blown ornament looks just like the real thing, complete with little glittery granules of salt (ample salt!) atop a pillowy dough with a crispy crust. 

Food52 Vintage-Inspired Copper Cookware Ornaments

Inspired by famed chef Julia Child’s cookware, these beautiful, itsy-bitsy copper and gold pots and pans are so much fun, and they add plenty of sophistication to your tree—even if it’s covered largely in food. Get the smaller set, which includes one saucepan, one colander, and one tall coffee pot. Or, splurge on the full monty—a set of six that includes one saucepan, one colander, one tall coffee pot, one pan, one strainer, and one water can. Then, just try to resist the urge to buy the life-size versions for your kitchen. 

Terrain Stand Mixer Glass Ornament

For any baker extraordinaire, an ornament that matches their trusty stand mixer and pays homage to their favorite hobby is a win. The handmade glass ornament is perfect, toeing the line between modern and retro, thanks to its delicate nature, unique design, and beautiful paint job. And because of the silver accents, it’ll surely stand out on the tree, as it reflects the warm white lights of the bulbs on your Christmas tree. A pretty pink hanging cord seals the deal as the cutest ornament ever.

Terrain Gummy Bear Glass Ornaments

Here’s a sweet idea: Deck a mini tree in all different kinds of candy for a really unique and fun spin on the food-themed tree. This set of five colorful (white, yellow, green, orange, and red) and “sugar-laden” gummy bears is a great starting point. The glass ornaments look just as pretty as any confection you’ve ever laid eyes on. 

Terrain Half Shell Oyster Glass Ornament

Avid beachgoers and seafood lovers will love this oyster on the half shell, complete with a special treat—a pearl right in the center. It’s also a great option for anyone who lives by the water. Use it as a starting point for a tree themed entirely in ocean-inspired ornaments, whether all food (think about adding lobster rolls, fish, crabs, and more) or simply a nautical theme (add boats, seashells, and other marine life). 

Terrain Movie Popcorn Glass Ornament

If one of your favorite family activities is to curl up on the couch for a nice, long movie night, this ornament is a must. It has a distinctly retro vibe that will remind you of nights spent at the movie theatre indulging in a double feature. Handmade in Poland, the soda and borosilicate glass ornament is truly one of a kind and has exquisite detailing, thanks to silver liquid, acrylic paint, and a smattering of sparkling silver glitter.

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