The 10 Best Food Processors of 2020

Chop, dice, and slice your foods efficiently

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor at Amazon

"A true kitchen workhorse that's perfect for family cooking."

Best Budget: Hamilton Beach Food Processor at Amazon

"This budget model has two speeds plus a pulse option."

Best Large Capacity: Magimix 16-Cup Food Processor at Amazon

"Most food processors hold 14 cups, but this one holds an impressive 16."

Best Professional: Breville BFP800CBXL Food Processor at Amazon

"The machine is quick and powerful, speeding up dinner’s arrival on the table."

Best Basic: Cuisinart DLC-10SY 7-Cup Food Processor at Amazon

"Multi-functionality includes the ability to knead bread dough."

Best Small: Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor at Amazon

"Perfect for kitchen prep when space is at a premium."

Best Mid-Sized: Cuisinart FP-11SV Elemental Food Processor at Amazon

"Has the heart of a large food processor in a mid-sized body."

Best Mini: KitchenAid KFC3516CS 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor at Amazon

"Perfect for smaller tasks like chopping nuts or pureeing some vegetables."

Best with Blender: Oster Pro Blender & Food Processor at Walmart

"Switch from blender jar to food processor bowl with ease."

Best Non-Electric: ZYLISS Easy Pull Manual Food Processor at Amazon

"Since this doesn’t require power, you can use it outside or take it camping."

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    Best Overall: Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

    Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor

    Courtesy of Amazon

    What We Like
    • Powerful 720-watt motor

    • Versatile in use

    • Extra-large feed tube

    What We Don't Like
    • Heavy

    • Can be difficult to clean

    • Only a 5-year motor warranty

    A true kitchen workhorse, this doesn’t have a lot of fancy frills, but it will get the job done easily. This has two large paddle buttons, one for “on” and one for “off/pulse,” and that’s all you need for the machine to perform all of its functions.

    This has a 14-cup work bowl that’s large enough for family cooking and an extra-large feed tube so you won’t need to cut foods like potatoes to make them fit. It has small and large pushers, so you can process the potato in one piece, or stand carrots up so they won’t fall over while you slice or shred.

    This includes one shredding disc, one slicing disc, and a removable disc stem that fits both of them, along with a metal blade for chopping, mixing, blending, and emulsifying. And when it came to kneading, our reviewer found that the swift-acting blade "turned dough elastic in a matter of minutes with minimal effort." If you want a little color in your kitchen, this comes in a variety of colors to match your kitchen or your mood.

    "If you’re averse to reading through thick instruction manuals like I sometimes am, you’ll feel you’ve lucked out with the Cuisinart’s intuitive design."Tierney McAfee, Product Tester

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    Best Budget: Hamilton Beach Food Processor with Bowl Scraper

    What We Like
    • Lightweight 

    • Inexpensive

    • Powerful 450-watt motor

    • Incredibly easy to use

    What We Don't Like
    • Loud

    This budget food processor will fit your budget and your kitchen. It’s not the largest processor you’ll find, but the 10-cup bowl is large enough for prepping family dinners and it’s easy to empty if you need to shred multiple batches for your famous cole slaw.

    This food processor has two speeds plus a pulse option, so your salsa will be as smooth or chunky as you like it, while the bowl scraper can be used while the processor is running or off, so you clean the sides of the bowl without needing to remove the lid. The latter feature proved to be a game changer when making basil pesto, which our tester said came out "perfectly blended and creamy."

    The processor includes a reversible shredding/slicing disk and a stainless steel blade for chopping, blending, pureeing, and more. When you’re done prepping dinner, the work bowl, lid, and blades are all dishwasher safe, so cleanup is easy.

    "Hamilton Beach’s 10-Cup Food Processor will definitely get the job done and look good doing it. ... This is a no-brainer purchase when you weigh its low cost and high performance." Meredith Hurd, Product Tester

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    Best Large Capacity: Magimix 16-Cup Food Processor

    Very Good
    What We Like
    • Quiet but powerful 1,100-watt motor

    • Versatile

    • 16-cup capacity

    What We Don't Like
    • Expensive

    • Difficult setup

    Most food processors hold about 14 cups, but this 16-cup Magimix (made in France by Robot Coupe) can handle just about anything you throw at it. Not only is it large, but it includes accessories that you won’t find with other food processors. This comes with three bowls, so you can work with small or large amounts of food, and use one after the other. When you’re done, they nest inside the machine, so you don’t need to find space to store them.

    This has just three buttons for easy operation, one for stop, one for auto, which keeps in on, and one button for pulsing. The induction motor adjusts the amount of power used, so it can power through dense materials with ease. The wide feed tube accommodates large foods, while three-stage pusher can handle slim, medium, or large food without them tipping over or cutting unevenly.

    The chopping blades (to fit separate bowls) are made by Sabatier, so they are knife-quality. The proprietary Blendermix insert moves the food around in the bowl so it blends more smoothly and results in a creamy texture, like a blender. The special dough blade mixes and kneads the dough, including dense bread dough. The whisk can whip cream or beat egg whites, just like a stand mixer. This also includes 2-millimeter and 4-millimeter slicing disks and 2-millimeter and 4-millimeterm= grating disks, as well as a citrus juicer. The juicer was the most exciting addition for our tester, who was able to juice half a grapefruit down to the rind in just a few seconds.

    A special spatula is included for easy cleaning, and the storage case can hold all of the blades and accessories. The free Magimix app includes hundreds of recipes, so you’ll get the most out of the machine.

    "At nearly $500, the Magimix is certainly an investment, but if you’re a seasoned cook seeking a customizable machine ... then it’s definitely worth considering." Meredith Hurd, Product Tester

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    Best Professional: Breville BFP800CBXL Food Processor

    What We Like
    • Attractive, intuitive design

    • Includes small and large bowls

    What We Don't Like
    • Large footprint

    • Not all parts are dishwasher safe

    Not everyone needs a professional-level food processor. But if you frequently make french fries, pasta, pizza, or pie dough, big batches of nut butter, or food for a crowd—or a big family—you’ll get a lot out of this Brevelle food processor, which essentially serves as a sous chef extraordinaire. 

    Here’s why you’ll love it: the Breville comes with two bowls, a big one that can handle a lot, along with a small one that’s ideal for making sauces or smaller projects. After testing the processor, our reviewer found that the hummus and white bean spread she made "turned out smoother and creamier than dips made using a more affordable food processor."

    It also comes with two feeding tubes (again, you can select the option you’d prefer for the job at hand). The machine is quick and powerful, speeding up dinner’s arrival on the table. It’s also quiet, and a solid, sturdy appliance. Since it’s quite large, it might not be a good option if you only have limited counter space. If you do have room to keep it out, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful design—for instance, built-in storage is available for the food processor’s many accessories and slicing and chopping disks.

    "Due to its extra-wide feeding chute, I found the Sous Chef 16 was far more efficient than its competitors at processing whole vegetables." Tierney McAfee, Product Tester

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    Best Basic: Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor

    What We Like
    • Powerful, sturdy motor

    • Lightweight

    • Compact

    What We Don't Like
    • Assembly is tricky

    This classic food processor is almost retro. A single paddle controls on, off, and pulse functions, for no-fuss operations. While this isn’t a huge processor with a 7-cup bowl, it still has all the functions of its larger cousins, including the ability to knead bread dough.

    This includes a medium slicing disc, a shredding disc, and a stainless steel chopping blade for processing everything from cheese to mayonnaise, and it includes a flat cover that you can use when you’re processing in the bowl and you don’t need to add food during processing.

    This has small and large pushers and a large feed tube, so your carrots and celery for soup can stand upright, but you can still process larger foods without cutting them into small pieces. For easy cleaning when cooking is done, all of the removable parts are dishwasher safe.

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    Best Small: Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor with Compact Storage

    What We Like
    • Powerful motor

    • Compact storage

    • Easy to use

    What We Don't Like
    • Can get hot

    • Louder than some others

    When space is at a premium but you want to make kitchen prep work easier, this food processor is the perfect fit. The 10-cup bowl can handle average recipes, or you can empty it when needed. There’s just one simple toggle switch to choose from, so it’s easy to operate.

    This includes one reversible slicing and shredding disc and a metal chopping blade, so you won’t have a lot of extras to store. When you’re done using it, the lid can be flipped upside down so the feed tube is inside the bowl, and the cord wraps neatly so it won’t get in the way.

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    Best Mid-Sized: Cuisinart FP-11SV Elemental Food Processor

    What We Like
    • Easy to operate

    • Adjustable slicer and reversible shredder

    What We Don't Like
    • Food gets caught in lid

    • No disk storage

    Not too big, and not too small, the 11-cup Elemental from Cuisinart has the heart of a large food processor in a mid-sized body. This has a patented sealing technology that keeps fine powders from dusting out of the bowl and keeps liquids from leaking while the blade also locks into place for safety.

    The four buttons have a rubberized cover, so they easy to wipe clean—no knobs or nooks that can collect food. Choose high, low, off, or pulse, so you can make your salsa as smooth or as chunky as you like.

    This includes an adjustable slicing disk, so you can choose the proper slicing thickness, a reversible shredding dish for medium and fine shredding, and a stainless steel blade for chopping, blending, and emulsifying. 

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    Best Mini: KitchenAid KFC3516CS 3.5 Cup Mini Food Processor

    What We Like
    • Fairly quiet

    • Dishwasher safe

    • Compact

    What We Don't Like
    • Only about 2 cups of capacity

    • Tricky to lock

    This small and simple food processor is just what you need for whipping up a batch of salsa, blending salad dressings, chopping nuts for a garnish, or pureeing some vegetables. It has a 3.5-cup processor bowl with a locking blade that won’t fall out of the bowl when you empty it. The spout makes pouring less messy when you’ve got liquids to serve.

    This has two speeds plus a pulse option, so you’ll always get the results you want. The proprietary drizzle basin on the lid lets you add oil slowly to make emulsified dressings with ease.

    The bowl, lid, and blade are dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean when you’re done with the cooking and the cord wraps around for storage.

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    Best with Blender: Oster Pro Blender & Food Processor

    Oster Pro Blender & Food Processor
    Courtesy of Walmart.
    What We Like
    • Can blend hot liquids

    • Has smart settings

    • Versatile

    What We Don't Like
    • Food residue gets stuck in blender jar

    This two-in-one appliance is both a food processor and a blender. Just switch from blender jar to food processor bowl, and back again. It also includes a smoothie cup, making it even more versatile.

    You can choose from seven speeds, along with one-touch operation for salsas, smoothies, and milkshakes, and it includes a pulse function for precise control when you’re making chunky salsas or chopping nuts.

    The blender jar is made from glass and holds 6 cups while the food processor bowl is 5 cups. The food processor includes a reversible slicing and shredding blade as well as a chopping blade.

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    Best Non-Electric: ZYLISS Easy Pull Manual Food Processor

    What We Like
    • Easy clean-up

    • Sharp, effective blades

    What We Don't Like
    • Not entirely machine washable

    No electricity is needed for this model, as it works with the simple pull of a handle. The two blades spin in opposite directions, so they’ll spend their time chopping rather than moving food in a circle, while stationary arms at the top and bottom send food into the blades. Even hard foods like carrots or nuts require little effort. A few pulls will give you chunky nuts or salsa, while more pulls can give you a smooth puree.

    The bowl is just over three cups, so you can make plenty of hummus for a party, or seasoned bread crumbs for breaded cutlets for dinner. Since this doesn’t require power, you can use it outside when you’re barbecuing, or take it camping.

Final Verdict

The Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY 14-Cup Food Processor is our top pick because of its versatility and comparable performance next to best-in-class competitors—at a fraction of the price. If you have a bigger budget and the kitchen space, go for the Magimix 5200 XL 16-Cup Food Processor, ideal for more seasoned cooks.

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What to Look for in a Food Processor

Size: When it comes to food processors, size really does matter. A very large food processor won’t do a great job at chopping small amounts, and emptying a small food processor repeatedly can get annoying. Some food processors solve the problem by including bowls of several sizes.

Disk options: It’s great to have options for different shredding and slicing sizes, but if a food processor comes with a large number of disks, you need to find a place to store them. Some food processors have reversible blades with different sizes or functions, while others have disks with adjustable cutting sizes. Do you need multiple disk options?

Special features: How will you use your food processor? Do you want special options, or will a basic model fit your needs? While pretty much every food processor has a chopping blade and can slice or grate using a disk, some models may have unique features like an accompanying recipe app or various color options.