The 7 Best Frozen Snacks of 2021

Satisfy cravings with these convenient freezer snacks

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Our Top Picks
"These cheese bread bites are excellent on their own but can also be split in half and used as buns for mini sandwiches and sliders."
"These star-shaped nuggets are made from broccoli, potatoes, and onions so kids (and kids at heart) will happily eat extra veggies."
"Kids and adults will both love these handheld pizzas that are made with organic ingredients and topped with cheese and pepperoni.."
"Made from chickpea puree and other wholesome ingredients, these bites taste just like chocolate chip cookie dough–minus the guilt."
"A flavorful three-cheese topping of mozzarella, parmesan, and white cheddar cheeses on a gluten-free pizza cauliflower crust."
"Made from 100 percent juice, these pops are just like the rainbow-colored squeeze pops you remember from childhood."
"A deep-fried favorite, these grass-fed beef hot dogs dunked in lightly sweetened cornbread are fully cooked and ready for the microwave or oven."

Having a well-stocked freezer can help you plan (and enjoy!) snacks and meals when time is short or the fridge is looking a little bare and you haven’t gotten to the grocery store yet. We’re big fans of keeping a few freezer meals on hand for busy weeknights, along with a stash of store-bought frozen snacks to help satisfy sweet and savory snack cravings for both kids and adults alike.

When your crew is clamoring for dinner, you can toss a few frozen snacks in the microwave or oven to hold them over while you cook. Older kids can even prepare frozen snacks themselves. And, if you find yourself hosting an impromptu playdate or get-together, prepared snacks can even be served as quick, no-cook appetizers or dessert in a pinch. 

These days, frozen grocery aisles are home to some tasty and nutritious snacks made with better-for-you ingredients so you don’t have to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. There are options to fit all kinds of eating patterns and lifestyles. Whether you choose organic ingredients, avoid gluten, or want plant-based options, you’ll find frozen snacks you can feel good about buying and feeding to your family. We took a stroll through the freezer section to bring you this list of the best frozen snacks to have on hand.

Best Overall: Brazi Bites Brazilian Cheese Bread - Variety Pack

These little bites are addictive balls of cheesy, doughy goodness. Based on the founder’s generations-old family recipe, Brazi Bites are a take on traditional Brazilian cheese bread. They bake up crisp and chewy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside, reminding us of a cross between cheesy biscuits and airy popovers. They’re excellent on their own but can also be split in half and used as buns for mini sandwiches and sliders. You can even find an entire recipe catalog on the brand’s website for creative ways to use the cheese bread.

Even though they’re bread-like, these cheese bread balls are made from tapioca flour so they’re naturally gluten-free and grain-free; that means they can be enjoyed even if you don’t eat regular bread or wheat products. We love the cheddar and parmesan flavor, but with this variety pack, you can try all four flavors including garlic asiago, three-cheese pizza, and cinnamon churro.

Best for Small Kids: Dr. Praeger's Broccoli Littles

Dr. Praeger's Broccoli Littles

Geared towards getting children to eat and actually like their veggies, these bite-sized snacks are made from broccoli, potatoes, onions, and savory seasoning. Whether you have kids or not, these Broccoli Littles are an easy way to sneak some extra vegetables into your day and are a more nutritious option compared to standard frozen potato snacks, like French fries or tater tots.

The star-shape of these nugget-like veggies are sure to put a smile on your face. They're gluten-free, Non-GMO Project verified, and contain no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives. Try pairing them with a couple of cubes of cheese or some hummus for dipping for a more substantial snack. They also make a good veggie side to pair with dinner. Other varieties include spinach, kale, and sweet potato.

Best for Older Kids: Annie's Homegrown Uncured Pepperoni Mini Pizza Bagels

Pizza bites and bagels are popular for good reason. They deliver all the flavor of pizza in a bite-sized form that’s perfect for kid-sized snacking and adults who don’t feel like making an entire frozen pizza.

These pizza bagels are made with organic flour, tomatoes, seasonings, and mozzarella cheese; the pepperoni is uncured so it doesn’t contain any added nitrates or nitrites. They deliver a ton of flavor and, with 9 grams of protein per serving, help keep you feeling satisfied between meals. They're also available without the pepperoni topping.

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Best Chocolate Fix: Daily Harvest Cacao Nib and Vanilla Bites

Daily Harvest Cacao Nib and Vanilla Vites

Wish you could eat chocolate chip cookie dough with zero guilt? Daily Harvest’s cacao nib and vanilla bites are wholesome energy balls that are ready to eat right out of the freezer and taste just like your favorite homemade chocolate chip-studded cookie dough. 

They’re made from chickpea puree, which is a good source of protein and fiber, and naturally sweetened with date paste and vanilla bean powder. Cacao nibs add just the right amount of crunch, and they also contain pumpkin puree, flax seeds, and maca powder for additional nutrient density. Each bite is about two to three mouthfuls and provides 100 calories, 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of fiber, and zero added sugar.

Best Gluten-Free: Caulipower Three Cheese Cauliflower Crust Pizza

While we wouldn’t normally consider a couple of slices of pizza a snack food, it totally counts when the pizza is made from vegetables and scaled down in size. This frozen pizza counts as two servings, but for snacking we recommend sharing between three or four people to keep the nutrition in check for a snack.

It’s ready in about 15 minutes after preheating the oven or toaster oven and packs a flavorful three-cheese topping of mozzarella, parmesan, and white cheddar cheeses on a gluten-free pizza crust made from cauliflower. While the texture of the crust can’t really be compared to standard pizza dough, it crisps up decently, holds up to the cheese topping, and doesn’t taste like you’re eating veggies (we promise).

Best Fruit Pop: Goodpop Organic Freezer Pops

If you or your kids tend to crave something sweet when snacktime hits, these freezer pops are a must. They’re just like the fruity, rainbow-colored squeeze pops you remember from childhood, but made better for you. They’re made from 100 percent fruit juice and fruit puree with no added sugar, artificial flavors, or food dye. And at only 40 to 45 calories apiece, you could even eat two and still feel good about your choice to indulge in a little dessert before dinner. 

Each bag contains twenty-four pops in three assorted flavors, including concord grape, fruit punch, and cherry limeade. The pops are sold at room temperature, so you can keep the bag stashed in the pantry and freeze just a few at a time or freeze the whole batch to always have plenty of pops on hand.

Best With Meat: Applegate Naturals Gluten-Free Uncured Beef Corn Dogs

Applegate Naturals Uncured Beef Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are a quintessential state fair and amusement park snack on a stick, and you can enjoy the same classic combination of salty, sweet, and meaty flavors right from home with this version from Applegate Naturals.

The hot dogs are made from 100 percent grass-fed beef and free from added nitrates or nitrites. They’re skewered on a stick and coated in a gluten-free cornbread batter that’s lightly sweetened and flavored with vanilla. These corn dogs are already fully cooked so all you have to do is reheat them in the oven or microwave and enjoy.

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