The 7 Best Fruit Basket Delivery Services of 2021

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Fruit Gift Basket

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Our Top Picks

Sometimes you need to treat yourself (or a friend) with something sweet. Sending gift baskets can be a token of appreciation or an addition to a celebration and are a great way to spread some long-distance love and generosity. Whether you're looking for a sustainable fruit selection or dazzling fruit bouquets, there's a perfect service out there for you. Below, we highlight our top picks for the best fruit basket delivery services.

Harry & David: Best Overall

Harry & David

Harry & David

Long known for its gourmet gift baskets and gold foil-wrapped Comice pears, Harry & David is still a go-to for high-quality, tastefully designed fruit baskets and boxes that will make anyone who opens it feel special.

Harry & David specializes in boxes and crates of beautifully packaged whole fruits: pears, apples, mangoes, persimmons, cherries, and varieties of citrus. Looking for organic fruit? Harry & David offers designated boxes of organic pears, as well as organic mixed fruit baskets with a combo of apples, pears, and oranges.

Whole fruit boxes are available in single varieties, duos, and trios and can be paired with gourmet nuts and/or cheeses for an extra touch. For more variety, opt for the Classic or Deluxe Fruit Baskets (starting at about $80, plus shipping). You'll get tropical fruit, as well as an avocado and lime in addition to the signature apples and pears, all delivered in a woven basket.

Boxes of dried fruit and specialty items such as chocolate-covered strawberries and candied apples are also available, in addition to bouquets made with fresh-cut fruit. Whether you're purchasing fruit as a gift or ordering for yourself, Harry & David will not disappoint.

The Fruit Company: Best Variety

The Fruit Company

 The Fruit Company

Born from an apple orchard business in Oregon, the Fruit Company has been growing and delivering fresh fruit since 1942. No matter the occasion, the Fruit Company will have a basket for you.

Handpicked and hand-packed, its Premium Fruit Baskets include varieties of seasonal and organic whole fruit including citrus and tropical varieties, as well as year-round apples and pears. You can even pair fruit with award-winning cheeses, nuts, cookies, crackers, and more for a bountiful medley of fruit and gourmet treats. Commemorate a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or send condolences with a personalized occasion ribbon added to the basket.

Free shipping is available on some items and gift boxes. Special baskets for all major holidays are also available seasonally. The majority of fruit, specifically apples, pears, cherries, and blueberries are sustainably grown on the company’s own orchards.

The company's website has been designed with the customer in mind, making it easy to navigate and filter for items with free shipping, Kosher and gluten-free gift boxes, organic fruit baskets, as well as gifts under $50 and corporate gifts.

Frog Hollow Farm: Best Sustainable

Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm

Based in Brentwood, California, Frog Hollow Farm grows some of the best fruit in the country and has been a longtime member of the sustainable food movement since the late 1970s and early 1980s. All fruit is certified organic by the California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and handpicked and hand-packed for delivery nationwide.

The majority of the fruit sold by Frog Hollow is grown on its own farm, but during winter months, the company may supplement from other organic farms. Frog Hollow’s selection changes seasonally; in fall and winter, for example, choose from pears, apples, pluots, Valencia oranges, quince, pomegranates, and more. Come summer, be on the lookout for the start of the company's peach season: More than 12 different varieties are grown at Frog Hollow, and they are truly exceptional.

Boxes of single varieties can be purchased, as well as a mixed fruit sample, which includes two different varieties of seasonal fruit. Boxes come in three-, five-, and 10-pound sizes and start at about $35 for approximately four to six fruits. They go up to around $90 for 20 to 24 fruits plus the cost of shipping. The fruit is delivered via carbon-neutral shipping methods, in a signature box that is 100% recyclable, made from materials approved by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

Edible Arrangements: Best for Fruit Bouquets

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements

True to its name, Edible Arrangements offers a variety of fruit for nationwide home delivery designed in a bouquet similar to a floral arrangement. In addition to fresh-cut, fruit bouquets, platters, and boxes of individually portioned snack cups make great gifts for larger groups and parties.

Make someone feel extra special by creating your own customized box or arrangement with the fruit of your choice, such as a bundle with a combination of just grapes and oranges or a bouquet of pineapple flowers and chocolate-dipped strawberries topped with ground hazelnuts or confetti sprinkles. For an extra treat, add a chocolate pop printed with a themed message.

Customizable containers are also available to match the theme of your gift. (Create-your-own arrangements start at about $35, plus a delivery fee.) Similar to a florist, Edible Arrangements is a one-stop-shop for a special occasion: Choose your bouquet, then add in party packaging and a balloon, and you are sure to make someone’s day. All chocolate-dipped fruits are placed in 100% real chocolate and are free of preservatives.

Shari’s Berries: Best for Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

Shari’s Berries

Shari’s Berries

Decadence and fruit may not typically go hand-in-hand, but at Shari’s Berries, you will find the ultimate delectable treat: chocolate-dipped strawberries. Fresh strawberries can be hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate and decorated with crunchy toppings, such as toffee bits, chocolate chips, and more chocolaty drizzle.

Perfect for any celebration or for that special someone, the chocolate-dipped strawberries are sold in one dozen or two dozen counts and range from about $40 to $70. Mixed boxes with playful themes are also available: Pumpkin patch strawberries are decorated to look like pumpkins for the fall; there are whimsical unicorn sparkle strawberries for your kids; and champagne chocolate-covered strawberries with champagne-infused chocolate for a taste of luxury.

Once your order is placed, it will either be transferred to a local shop and hand-delivered locally or sent in a gift box by FedEx or UPS. Same-day delivery is available in certain areas. When shopping from Shari’s Berries for the first time, you can get 10% off your first order.

Tropical Fruit Box: Best for Tropical Fruit

Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box

Interested in buying or gifting exotic or tropical fruits such as rambutan, red dragon fruit, durian, or breadfruit? Tropical Fruit Box has it all. Tropical Fruit Box delivers seasonal tropical and exotic fruit anywhere in the continental U.S.

Create your own mix of fruits, or select from one of the pre-curated boxes, such as the Taste of the Tropics Box (about $99 for 16 pounds of fruit), Banana Bonanza Box (around $89 for 8 pounds of bananas and plantains), Tropical Mango box (roughly $69 for 10 to 14 mangoes), or the Passionfruit Box (approximately $139 for over 25 passionfruits). The fruit is sourced from family farms in Central America, South America, and the Caribbean and distributed from Miami.

Tropical Fruit Box is also one of the few sources of Del Monte’s limited edition PinkGlow Pineapple, a rare pineapple grown in volcanic soil in Costa Rica that is exactly what it sounds like: a pineapple with pink flesh that's sweeter and less acidic in taste than a golden pineapple. In addition to exotic fruits, Tropical Fruit Box also sells fresh roots such as ginger and turmeric, the perfect addition for a DIY smoothie.

All boxes come with free shipping and will arrive via UPS within one week of ordering. Bundle two or more boxes together to receive a 5% discount.

Manhattan Fruitier: Best for Gourmet Baskets

Manhattan Fruitier

Manhattan Fruitier

Manhattan Fruitier is elevating the fruit basket. Gift baskets come in a variety of combinations of whole fresh fruit and/or dried fruit, as well as with nuts and additional treats; they are packaged in a hand-woven bamboo hamper or keepsake wooden box.

Cheer someone up with the Good Mood Food Deluxe Basket, which includes around a dozen pieces of whole fresh seasonal fruit, as well as a medley of dried fruit and a bag of organic pistachios. Or, opt for something more decadent and go for the Brownie Sampler, featuring 5 pounds of seasonal fresh fruit along with a half-dozen rich, dark chocolate brownies made by a local bakery.

Manhattan Fruitier has many organic basket options featuring not just organic fruit but organic chocolate, nuts, and even cookies for those really wanting to make an impression.

Prices range considerably based on the size and contents of the gift basket but start at about $60. Baskets are shipped via UPS and can arrive as early as the next day without shipping delays. Note: Some baskets are designed for hand-delivery within New York City, so if you're looking for shipping outside Manhattan, filter choices for nationwide delivery.

How We Chose the Best Fruit Basket Delivery Services

The above selections were chosen based on numerous factors including variety, seasonality, presentation, gift options, and customer service reviews. Sourcing and the company’s sustainability principles were also taken into consideration.

For example, Edible Arrangements was recognized for its fresh-cut fruit bouquets and Shari’s Berries for its chocolate-dipped strawberries, while Frog Hollow Farm was chosen for its commitment to organic, sustainable farming practices and Tropical Fruit Box for its rare, exotic fruit selection. Harry & David earned our best overall title for its extensive offerings of both fresh and dried fruit, themed baskets, fruit bouquets, and long-standing company history.

Are There Any Changes to Fruit Basket Deliveries Related to COVID-19?

All companies require contactless deliveries and make arrangements with delivery drivers to waive signatures upon delivery. The essential staff that needs to work on-premises to prepare baskets are following necessary cleaning and hygiene protocols and ensures that any other local fulfillment centers they use are doing the same. Please visit each company’s website for additional information on specific policies.

Do Fruit Baskets Typically Contain Whole Fruit or Cut Fruit?

The majority of fruit baskets on this list are made with whole, unprocessed fruit, however, some companies, particularly Edible Arrangements and those affiliated with florists, such as Shari’s Berries and Harry & David which are owned by 1-800-Flowers, also offer prepared, fresh-cut fruit "bouquets."

How Much Do Fruit Baskets Typically Cost?

Baskets range considerably depending on the type of fruit, quantity, and delivery costs. They can range from around $35 for a basic fruit bouquet or a 3-pound box of fresh whole fruit to roughly $300 for an elaborate medley of fresh and dried fruit, paired with other snacks and even wine.

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