The Five Best Fruit Sorbet Recipes

Turn Fresh Fruit and Juice into Frozen Desserts

Strawberry sorbet
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Fruit sorbets are a light and refreshing alternative to ice cream. Because they are made with fruit, sugar, and water, they are a great choice for people who want to reduce the fat in their diet without sacrificing frozen desserts.

These five fruit sorbet recipes are favorite basic desserts. A great sorbet should taste like the fruit does at its absolute best. Once you master them, you can brighten the flavor of the fruit and give the sorbet a punch of flavor by adding complementary flavors. These recipes are a good place to start.

Blueberry Sorbet

Blueberries are great tasting and great for you. While blueberries are best when they are at the peak of their season, frozen berries also have great flavor. Fruit is flash frozen just after being picked, which preserves the freshness. The blueberry sorbet recipe can be made with either fresh berries or frozen fruit, depending on what is available and affordable.

Lemon-Lime Sorbet

Not all sorbets have to be super sweet. The tart and tangy citrus flavors of lemon and lime make a perfect sorbet. The lemon-lime sorbet recipe creates a perfect palate cleanser after a rich dinner. Although this sorbet recipe can be made with just one flavor of fruit juice, combining the lemon and lime flavors gives more depth and interest to the sorbet.

Mango Sorbet

Mangoes are one of those fantastic tropical fruits that many people have not tried yet. This tropical stone fruit is native to the southern parts of Asia, although they can be commonly found in almost any supermarket now. Because the flesh of a mango has a creamy texture, it gives the finished mango sorbet a great texture. Use this basic fruit sorbet recipe and substitute mango. Or, if you don't mind adding dairy, try the mango ice cream recipe.

Orange Sorbet

Although fresh squeezed orange juice is a great way to make sorbet, you can make the favorite orange sorbet recipe using a good brand of bottled orange juice. What is important when you make homemade sorbet and ice cream isn’t that you work from scratch, it’s that you use ingredients that you love. If you have a favorite brand of juice that you love to drink, it will naturally provide a flavor you love to your dessert.

Strawberry Sorbet

A ripe strawberry is such a sweet fruit that it makes a wonderful dessert. The strawberry sorbet recipe results in a frozen treat with a vibrant red color. Like the blueberry recipe, you can use frozen fruit if you want to make sorbet when the berries aren’t in season. This means that strawberry sorbet is close at hand no matter what time of year it is.

If you’ve never tried making your own fruit sorbet, give one of these recipes a try. They are all easy for beginners but flavorful enough for chefs of all calibers. Once you master the basics, think of adding some herbs such as mint or basil for your own unique creations.