The 7 Best Fruitcakes to Order Online in 2023

Eilenberger's Bakery World Famous Fruitcake is a long-standing crowd favorite

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Gone are the days of enjoying a fruitcake only once a year. Nowadays you can have a slice no matter when it is, even after the holiday decorations are put away.

Every fruitcake is unique to the baker making it, and everyone has their preference for the kinds of fruit, level of spiciness, overall crumb, and addition of alcohol that make for the perfect fruitcake. But, a few ingredients are consistent in almost every recipe. Most of the time, fruitcakes include cherries, dried fruit, pineapple, raisins, and candied citrus. If you've never had a fruitcake before, visions of dense, dry, or cloyingly sweet cakes might come to mind. But the good ones should never be dry or dense enough to throw like a rock. The best fruitcakes are just as moist and flavorful as your favorite banana bread.

With traditional fruitcakes available from all over the world, there's bound to be one you enjoy. Whether you're an enthusiast or testing the waters for the first time, here's a roundup of the best fruitcake options available for delivery all year round.

Best Overall

Eilenberger's Bakery World Famous Fruitcake


Courtesy of Goldbelly

What We Like
  • Available in four different sizes

  • Larger cakes available in attractive tin

  • Super moist classic recipe

What We Don't Like
  • Three out of the four sizes arrive as loaves

Eilenberger's Bakery, located in Palestine, Texas, claims to be the oldest in the Lone Star state. Its nationally renowned fruitcake is said to be the same recipe that the founder, Fred H. Eilenberger, brought to the states from Germany—and it's still working for them after more than 120 years in business. This particular fruitcake includes pecans, glacéed cherries, tropical pineapple, and golden raisins. It also arrives in a keepsake gift tin, illustrated with a classic Eilenberger's vignette.

Price at time of publish: $39

Sizes Available: 1.5, 2, 3, 4.5-pound cakes | Key Ingredients: Pineapples, pecans, cherries, raisins, malt, spices | Shipping Information: Fruitcakes are available year-round, and shipped weekly, Monday through Thursday, directly from Texas, for delivery every day except Sunday or Monday. Cost of shipping not included.

Best Small Bites

Collin Street Bakery Chocolate Covered DeLuxe Petites

Collin Street Bakery Chocolate Covered DeLuxe Petites


What We Like
  • Great for one or two people

  • Stuffed with dried tropical fruits

  • Nice small gift

What We Don't Like
  • Smaller fruitcakes may dry out faster

If you don't have a whole crowd of people to share several pounds of fruitcake with, consider the Chocolate Covered DeLuxe Fruitcake Petites by Collin Street Bakery. Made with the same ingredients as the larger DeLuxe fruitcake it offers, these fruitcake bites are stuffed with pineapple, pecans, and cherries and then dunked in smooth, sweet milk chocolate. If you're just getting started on your fruitcake journey, take it one chocolatey bite at a time before investing in a whole cake.

Price at time of publish: $37

Sizes Available: 12 bite-sized fruitcake pieces per box | Key Ingredients: Pecans, cherries, pineapple, raisins, papaya, honey, orange peel, milk chocolate | Shipping Information: Collin Street Bakery ships directly from Corsicana, Texas, and delivers worldwide. A range of shipping options is available, including standard (7 to 14 business days), express (3 to 6 business days), overnight (1 to 3 business days), PAL military (1 to 3 weeks), and international (2 to 6 weeks) depending on your location. The cost of shipping is not included.

Good To Know

In the United States, most fruitcakes are also made with pecans, as pecans are native to the South. Not surprisingly, the fruitcake tradition is strongest in the South and throughout Texas. Cakes made with less fruit or at times of the year other than the holidays are often called "pecan cakes" instead of fruitcakes. The cakes are typically decorated with more fruit and nuts and generally don't need icing.

Best Splurge Gift

Harry & David Generous Gourmet Hamper

harry and david generous gourmet hamper

Courtesy of Harry & David

What We Like
  • Incredible variety of treats

  • Comes in a gorgeous gift basket

  • Great gift for large group of people

What We Don't Like
  • More expensive option

Fruitcake is terrific, but it isn't an incredibly flashy gift. If you're looking for a special edible gift at any time this year that includes a traditional fruitcake but also a diverse array of sweets and savory snacks, the Generous Gourmet Hamper from Harry & David has got everything you need to please every palate on the list. 

Along with a 5-ounce traditional fruitcake, this gift basket includes vibrant California fruit like D'anjou pears and Granny Smith and Braeburn apples; rustic-style flatbread bites; Toscano salame; a creamy cheese dip—and of course, the sweeter fare such as chocolate covered cherries. It's all arranged in beautiful gift hamper that is no joke. This particular gift basket is available to ship year-round.

Price at time of publish: $245

Sizes Available: 5-ounce fruitcake | Key Ingredients: not specified | Shipping Information: This particular gift basket is available to ship now. Multiple shipping options are available, including overnight (with an optional Saturday delivery), 2- or 3-day express, and standard 4- to 7-business-day shipping. The cost of shipping is not included.

Best Loaf

Gladys' Bakery Czech Pecan Fruitcake Loaf, 2 Pounds


Courtesy of Goldbelly

What We Like
  • Simple fruitcake ingredients

  • Attractive cherry and pecan decoration

  • Czech-style recipe

What We Don't Like
  • More expensive for a smaller size

For a beloved fruitcake that's as unfussy as it is nice to look at, Gladys' Bakery Czech Pecan Fruitcake Loaf will please just about everyone. Gladys keeps it simple. This is primarily a pecan cake that's been studded with bright red and green candied cherries. And, that's it. 

Gladys Farek founded her eponymous Texas bakery in 1972, initially baking as a hobby. Everything changed when she introduced her Czech Pecan Fruitcake, which is now the bakery's main attraction. The 2-pound loaf comes in a reasonable size to slice and share. It's also baked as a decorative round cake in multiple sizes or shaped like the state of Texas. The inventory of these fruitcakes rotates often, so occasionally, one size cake may be out of stock while other sizes are available.

Price at time of publish: $56

Sizes Available: 2, 3, 5, 10, and 25-pound cakes | Key Ingredients: Cherries, pineapple, pecans, rum flavoring, apricot glaze | Shipping Information: The price of shipping ranges from free to $10 when ordering a Gladys' fruitcake through Goldbelly, and deliveries are made weekly, Wednesday through Friday. Gladys' Bakery is located in Dubina, Texas, and ships nationwide.

Best Variety

The Vermont Country Store Fruitcake Gift Sampler, Three 1-Pound Loaves

The Vermont Country Store Fruitcake Gift Sampler

Courtesy of The Vermont Country Store

What We Like
  • Includes 3 fruitcake styles

  • Alcohol and alcohol-free cakes included

  • Easy to store or freeze

What We Don't Like
  • More expensive option

Everyone who loves fruitcake has a favorite style, making it hard to please everyone if you're only bringing one fruitcake to the party. So The Vermont Country Store has made it easier to please everyone, by offering a 3-piece fruitcake sampler that includes a Chocolate Triple-Liquor Fruitcake, Traditional Triple-Liquor Fruitcake, and an Old English Fruitcake. The "triple-liquor" fruitcakes are infused with bourbon, rum, and brandy, while the Old English fruitcake is alcohol-free.

Each fruitcake comes in a 1-pound loaf and serves approximately 4 people. All of the cakes are made with glacé cherries, raisins, pineapple, pecans, and walnuts. The Traditional and Old English fruitcakes include almonds. According to The Vermont Country Store, these fruitcakes are shelf-stable for six months, longer in the refrigerator, and up to a year in the freezer. So even if you don't manage to try every flavor, you can savor the season straight through the year.

Price at time of publish: $70

Size Available: 3 1-pound loaves | Key Ingredients: glacé cherries, raisins, pineapple, pecans, walnuts, almonds, bourbon, rum, and brandy | Shipping Information: Fruitcakes are made and shipped via UPS standard, standard plus, express, and overnight shipping. Orders placed by noon ET will be shipped the same day, Monday through Thursday.

Best Gluten Free

Sunnyland Farms Gluten Free Fruitcake

Sunnyland Farms Gluten Free Fruitcake

Courtesy of Sunnyland Farms

What We Like
  • Gluten-free

  • Tastes like traditional fruitcake

  • Made with fresh Georgia pecans

What We Don't Like
  • Must buy two loaves

If you love fruitcakes but are looking for a gluten-free option, you might not find very many choices—but you don't have to go without. Sunnyland Farms' Fruitcake is highly rated by those who've tried it. Not only that but it's made with the very same Georgia pecans that the farm is known for growing. The texture of this fruitcake resembles traditional fruitcake so closely that some reviewers weren't even convinced that it's actually gluten-free (it is).

You can have the cakes delivered in regular cardboard packaging or a special gift box. Two 1-pound 7-ounce cake loaves come per box. You also have the option to create your own gift set of at least three items from Sunnyland Farms, choosing from 1-pound bags of nuts, spreads, fruitcakes, pralines, brittle, and dried fruits.

Price at time of publish: $57

Size Available: [2] 1-pound 7-ounce cakes | Key Ingredients: Pecans, dates, raisins, pineapple, cherries, cinnamon, and cloves | Shipping Information: Sunnyland Farms ships year-round via UPS and offers free ground shipping. 2-Day Business and USPS Priority mail cost 30% of the total price of your order. You can schedule a delivery for any day of the week or select dates on or near major holidays.

Best Cookies

Eilenberger's Bakery Pecan Fruit Cake Cookies

Eilenberger's Bakery Pecan Fruit Cake Cookies

Courtesy of Goldbelly

What We Like
  • Great for people who don't like cake

  • Still includes pecans, dates, cherries, and pineapple

  • Arrives in a gift box

What We Don't Like
  • Number of cookies vary by weight

Maybe a cake just isn't your thing. You can still enjoy the festive flavors of fruitcake in cookie form. These fruit cake cookies also hail from Texas like so many other popular fruitcakes. Just like the cakes, these cookies are made with cherries, dates, pineapple, and pecans. Each buttery cookie is baked until perfectly chewy and lightly golden brown. Much like fruitcakes, these cookies are sold by the pound.

Price at time of publish: $37 or $49

Size Available: 2 or 3-pound boxes | Key Ingredients: Pecans, dates, cherries, pineapple | Shipping Information: Cookies shipped directly from Eilenberger's Bakery. Orders arrive between Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Final Verdict

Eilenberger's Bakery World Famous Fruitcake is going to strike a nice balance for those looking for a tasty traditional fruitcake but don't necessarily want too many flavors fighting for your attention. Want something to really wow? The Harry & David Generous Gourmet Hamper is sure to impress anyone you'd like to treat with a complete culinary experience, from savory to sweet, including the fruitcake.

Vegan Christmas fruitcake recipe

The Spruce / Ulyana Verbytska

What to Look for When Buying a Fruitcake

Bakers and Distributors

Most of the bakeries we’ve chosen for this round-up have been baking fruitcakes for decades, and many of them have become famous for a particular style of fruitcake they make. When buying fruitcakes online, we think it’s best to buy from a reputable baker instead of an industrially-produced fruitcake of unknown origins. Food items distributed through major companies, such as Harry & David, were chosen because of their high standards when sourcing, storing, and shipping food items. 

Size and Servings

Since fruitcakes are typically a gift you give to a household, you want to make sure you’re ordering an appropriate size for everyone to have a taste. Most bakeries will give you an estimate for how many servings you can expect from their specific cake. Fruitcakes are also typically sold by the pound, although they may occasionally be sold by the round-cake size. Since fruitcakes are denser than many other cakes, you can assume that a 1-pound fruitcake is relatively small, not much larger than a pound of butter. The serving sizes are usually smaller slices. General guidelines for serving sizes are as follows:

1-pound loaf serves up to four people
1.5-pound loaf
serves four to six people
2-pound loaf
serves eight to ten people
3-pound loaf or cake
serves ten to 12 people
4-pound cake
serves at least 12 to 16 people


Traditional fruitcakes are made with candied dried fruits and nuts, although the combination of fruits and nuts is almost entirely up to the baker. There are a few fruitcake essentials that you can expect, though. You can reasonably expect to find candied cherries and pecans in your fruitcake. Occasionally the pecans are replaced with walnuts, and in some cases, you can find nut-free fruitcakes. The rest of the candied and dried fruits change from cake to cake but often include raisins, pineapple, and citrus. More adventurous inclusions are dates, currants, plums, peaches, and even papaya. 

Additionally, some fruitcakes include fruits that have been soaked in alcohol — classically rum, brandy, or sherry. Soaking the fruit in alcohol helps to keep the cake moist and preserve the fruits for even longer. It also tastes great and makes your holiday cheer a little livelier. Of course, if you’re giving the fruitcake as a gift, you’ll want to consider the alcohol content depending on your audience.

Shipping and Delivery Dates

Keep in mind when ordering a fruitcake that shipping and delivery dates will vary with each supplier. Most of the fruitcakes in this round-up are shipped nationwide, several days a week, although some bakeries have cutoff times for weekly shipments. Some of the larger operations ship every day during the business week and offer several different shipping speed options. It’s best to plan your delivery well in advance of when you think you’ll need it to ensure it’ll arrive on time. You can take comfort in knowing that most fruitcakes will hold for an extended time.

semi-homemade fruitcake

 The Spruce Eats / Diana Rattray


How long does fruitcake last?

Most fruitcakes have a shelf life of about a month. With that said, most bakers will indicate how long each fruitcake can be stored for the best experience. If you know in advance that you’ll be enjoying the fruitcake over an extended period, it might be a good idea to portion it, wrap the fruitcake tightly, and freeze or refrigerate a portion to prolong the shelf life.

What is citron in fruitcake?

Citron is a type of citrus that closely resembles a lemon but is considered more fragrant and bitter before candying. The additional bitterness, low juice content, and thicker citrus peel make it much less popular for regular use, but citron is ideal for preserving and candying. The acidic nature of the citron is a great balance with the sweeter ingredients in the cake and helps brighten the flavors of the other fruits.

What alcohol is fruitcake typically soaked in?

Rum is the most popular liquor for soaking a fruitcake and can also be used for soaking the dried fruits that stud the cakes. The most common kind of rum used is dark and unspiced. But fruitcakes are also known to be soaked with brandy or sherry and even bourbon occasionally. If you buy a fruitcake that hasn’t been pre-soaked, you can easily soak it yourself by drizzling the fruitcake with your liquor of choice and letting it soak in for a few hours to a few days. The longer a fruitcake rests with the liquor, the more the flavors will meld together—although the potency will remain the same. You can also heat the liquor of your choice to boiling to cook off the alcohol and soak the fruitcake with it for a less potent but equally flavorful cake.

Spiced dark fruitcake recipe

The Spruce Eats / Cara Cormack

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