The 15 Best Father’s Day Gift Baskets in 2022

The Deluxe Father's Day Chalkboard Crate is our top pick

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Best Father’s Day Gift Baskets

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Father’s Day is a lovely occasion to let the fatherly figures in your life know how important they are to you. If you live nearby, you may be baking your dad a batch of chocolate chip cookies or preparing a cheese board for brunch. You may even be buying him a grill or his favorite whiskey.

The Spruce Eats Top Picks

Our number one pick is the Deluxe Father’s Day Chalkboard Crate, which is bursting with goodies, including classic snacks, sweets, and savory meats. If you’re on a budget, Harry & David's Gift Box for Him shines with sriracha cheese straws and caramel popcorn.    

That said, some dads are hard to shop for, and some live more than a hop, skip, and jump away. You can seldom go wrong with a gift basket, though, so we researched the best that the internet has to offer for every budget. Whether dad’s a chocolate enthusiast, beer lover, grill fanatic, or connoisseur of all the finer things, we've got you covered with something to make him smile on his special day.

Here are the best Father's Day gift baskets.

Best Overall

1-800 Baskets Deluxe Father's Day Chalkboard Crate

1800 Baskets Deluxe Father's Day Chalkboard Crate

1800 Baskets

This incredibly well-rounded gift basket has something for every dad. There are classic snacks, such as pretzels, cashews, crackers, caramel popcorn, and smoked beef jerky; and gourmet options, including blue cheese-stuffed olives, bacon beer cheese dip, German chocolate cookie bars, and hickory-smoked summer sausage. There are even sweet root beer candies. 

Everything comes packaged in a sturdy fir wood crate that has a “Happy Father’s Day” sticker on the chalkboard plate. This deluxe gift basket is overflowing with goodies Dad is sure to love. 

Includes: Moose Munch caramel popcorn, hickory-smoked summer sausage, smoked beef strips, dry Italian salami, blue cheese-stuffed olives, olive oil and sel gris flatbread crackers, honey wheat pretzels, party snack mix, jumbo cashews, bacon beer cheese dip, German chocolate cookie bars, root beer candy drops

Best Budget

Harry & David Gift Box for Him

Harry & David Gift Box for Him

Harry & David

Surprising your dad with a gift doesn’t have to empty your wallet. This beautiful box from Harry & David has a number of delicious treats that will impress. If your dad enjoys a good meat and cheese board, he’ll love the included hickory-smoked summer sausage and sharp white cheddar cheese. There are a few snacks, too, such as sriracha cheese straws and trail mix. Moose Munch’s caramel popcorn adds a bit of sweetness to round out this gift box.

Price at time of publish: $45

Includes: Caramel popcorn, hickory-smoked summer sausage, Thuringer sausage, sharp white cheddar cheese, mixed nuts (cashews, walnuts, pecans, almonds), sriracha cheese straws, trail mix

Best Wine California Wine Tour Gift Basket California Wine Tour Gift Basket

Wine is a classic gift that pairs well with another gifting favorite–cheese and crackers. Luckily this basket combines it all together and adds a few additional treats. The California Wine Tour Gift Basket features three different wines from three different vineyards. The cabernet sauvignon from Shannon Ridge has notes of pepper, oak, blackberry, and more. The well-balanced pinot noir comes from DeLoach Heritage. Last, but certainly not least, is the bold chardonnay from Parducci.

In terms of snacks, the gift basket has a wide range. There is dry salami, garlic and herb cheese wedges, a hot honey crunch mix, brownies, roasted pistachios, and more. It’s a traditional gift idea that is still exciting to dive into. 

Price at time of publish: $110

Includes: Shannon Ridge cabernet sauvignon, DeLoach pinot noir, Parducci chardonnay, Omaha Steaks Italian dry salami, stone ground mustard, garlic and herb cheese wedges, mixed olives, roasted pistachios, baked sesame crackers, hot honey crunch mix, chocolate brownies, Lindt Lindor milk truffles, Ghirardelli chocolates, water hyacinth basket with ribbon

Best Meat & Cheese

Hickory Farms Deluxe Signature Charcuterie Gift Box

Hickory Farms Deluxe Signature Charcuterie Gift Box

Hickory Farms

A good meat and cheese board feels like a celebratory treat, which makes it perfect for Father’s Day. This deluxe set from Hickory Farms is a fantastic choice to send as a gift. It’s jam packed with savory goodness. There are three delicious sausages, including the signature beef summer sausage, sweet and smoky turkey summer sausage, and spicy beef summer sausage. Each weighs in at 10 hefty ounces. In terms of cheese, there is a farmhouse cheddar block, smoked cheddar blend, and jalapeño cheddar blend. 

In addition to the promised meats and cheeses, there are also three boxes of crackers to try: crisp and classic golden toasted crackers, olive oil and rosemary, and cranberry and pistachio. What sets this gift box apart from others is the inclusion of three mustards—cranberry, sweet hot, and honey pineapple. To help prepare this charcuterie feast, there’s even a cleaver and beautiful mango wood cheese board. It’s a robust gift for any dad that goes above and beyond.

Price at time of publish: $125

Includes: Signature beef summer sausage, spicy beef summer sausage, sweet and smoky turkey summer sausage, farmhouse cheddar, smoked cheddar blend, jalapeño cheddar blend, sweet hot mustard, honey pineapple mustard, cranberry mustard, golden toasted crackers, olive oil and rosemary crackers, cranberry pistachio crisps, cleaver, mango wood cheese board

Best Beer

Gourmet Gift Baskets Craft Beer Gift Basket Select


Courtesy of Gourmet Gift Baskets

If Dad is an IPA hound who is always in line at the latest brewery release, this may be a bit too general for him, but if he is simply enjoys good beer without being too particular about what it is, this is the basket for him. It features six 12-ounce micro-brews (granted, one of them is Sam Adams, which is pretty big for a “micro-brew”) paired with tasty snacks, such as peppered beef jerky and two flavors of popcorn. He’ll probably have tried a few of the beers, but some will likely be new to him, as well. In other words, it’s a chance to revisit old favorites and find new ones, too.

Price at time of publish: $100

What's Included: Sam Adams, Shed Mountain Brown Ale, Fat Tire Belgian Amber, Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Cisco Whale's Tale Pale Ale, cheddar popcorn, sea salt and cracked pepper kettle corn, roasted almonds and cashews, roasted pistachios, peppered beef jerky, 10-quart metal bucket  

Best for Grilling

Man Crate Hickory Grilling Crate

Man Crate Hickory Grilling Crate

Man Crate

When people picture the word “dad,” images of backyard barbecues might come to mind. If your dad is the grilling type, this gift from Man Crate could make his day. The hickory-themed crate comes with just about everything he’ll need to smoke up a good meal (except the meat of choice, sadly). The cast iron smoker box is the star of the show, along with the dried hickory wood chips.

To dress up the meat, Man Crate provides a steak (and veggie) seasoning rub, a poultry rub, a dry salmon marinade, and a big bottle of barbecue sauce. While he’s grilling, your dad can even munch on some beer nuts as a snack. Man Crate has a number of cooking crates available, including the best selling Taco Making Kit and Rib Master Crate among many others.

Price at time of publish: $80

Includes: Cast iron smoker box, dried hickory wood chips, beer nuts, steak rub, poultry rub, salmon marinade, barbeque sauce

Best Coffee

Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Bean Box World Coffee Tour

Bean Box

Sending your father on a trip around the world might be a bit too expensive, but this globetrotting coffee collection from BeanBox is a nice alternative. The World Coffee Tour sampler features 16 coffees from origins including Brazil, Ethiopia, El Salvador, Uganda, Mexico, Kenya, and more. 

Each sample packet has 1.8 ounces of coffee. The gift set also comes with tasting notes and brewing tips, so your dad can make the perfect cup. Choose between whole bean or ground coffee at checkout. You can even add a personalized note as a bonus.

Price at time of publish: $90

Includes: 16 expert-curated coffees (1.8 ounces each), tasting notes, brewing tips, optional personalized message

Best Jerky

Manly Man Co The Best Jerky Gift Box

Manly Man Co Best Jerky Gift Box

Manly Man Co

Jerky is the type of snack that evokes memories of road trips, camping, and fishing on a lake. Not to mention: It’s straight up delicious. There are so many types of beef jerky out there, and this gift box from the veteran-owned Manly Man Company features an interesting variety of flavors and styles that are in constant rotation. Each box could be different since the Manly Man Company staff likes to change up its favorite selections. 

Some potential options are classics, like hot beef, teriyaki, and jalapeño. However, there are also intriguing flavors, like citrus IPA beer, old-fashioned maple bacon, and a South African-style jerky known as biltong. If your dad loves jerky, this is a gift box that will delight him and his taste buds.

Price at time of publish: $69

Includes: 7 packs of jerky (flavors and styles vary)

Best Cookies

Monica’s Gourmet Cookies Mixed Cookie Dozen Gift Box


Courtesy of Goldbelly

If Dad is a crunchy cookie fan, this is not the basket for him, but if he's a fan of the soft, sliiiiiightly underbaked, melt-in-your-mouth kind, he’ll quickly fall for the Mixed Cookie Dozen Gift Box from Monica’s Gourmet Cookies. The assorted dozen is comprised of three flavors: peanut butter dipped in chocolate, Monica's signature chocolate chip, and Caramel Rock, which features toffee bits, chocolate chunks, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and caramel icing.

Reviewers rave about these, with more than one person saying that these are the best cookies they’ve ever had. If your dad is a fan of sports, rumor has it these sweets are even a favorite of the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Orlando Magic.

Price at time of publish: $55

What's Included: 12 assorted cookies (peanut butter dipped in chocolate, Monica's signature chocolate chip, Caramel Rock)

Best Snacks

Design It Yourself Gift Baskets Fit for a King Gourmet Gift Basket

DIYGB Fit for a King Gourmet Gift Basket

Design it Yourself Gift Baskets

They say the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach—maybe that’s why snack baskets are such popular gifts. This Father’s Day, send your dad this delightful selection of treats from Do It Yourself Gift Baskets. This particular curation has a wealth of goodies from sweet cookies to savory beef jerky to salty nut mixes. 

Housed in a woven wooden basket with handles, some of the featured snacks include dried apple chips, garlic and herb cheese wedges, Mediterranean olives, smoked salmon, lemon cake batter cookies, tortilla chips, and a decadent lobster spread. It’s known as the Fit for a King Gourmet Gift Basket for a reason.

Price at time of publish: $150

Includes: Focaccia crisps, butter pretzels, dried apple chips, fruit mix, pistachios, Pacific Northwest smoked salmon, garlic and herb cheese wedges, beef summer sausage, Mediterranean olives, smoked almonds, lobster spread, tortilla chips, beef jerky, lemon cake batter cookies, shortbread cookies, chocolate wafer rolls

Best Chocolate

Mouth Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness Box

Mouth Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness Box

For the father with a sweet tooth: the Chocolate-Covered Deliciousness basket at Mouth is a charming assortment of small-batch treats, such as puffed quinoa, Cheerios, animal crackers, graham crackers, and more. There are even small-batch chocolate-covered malt balls. These snacks feel nostalgic, but are made by small, artisanal producers. Dad will feel like a kid again.

Price at time of publish: $93

What's Included: Chocolate-covered animal crackers, chocolate-covered Cheerios, organic dark chocolate-covered sea salt caramels, dark chocolate covered malt balls, milk chocolate-covered quinoa and currants, dark chocolate-covered caramelized graham crackers

Best Dried Fruit and Nuts

Nut Cravings Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Basket Black Tower

Nut Cravings Dried Fruit & Nuts Gift Basket Black Tower


Dried fruits and nuts are a great snack for watching games, having a drink with friends, or playing a round of golf. This gift tower combines delicious snacks with impeccable presentation. More flashy than just a tray, the gift boxes include 12 selections from Nut Cravings’ most popular options. 

In addition to staples, such as almonds and dried cranberries, there are honey-glazed pecans, dried papaya, Brazil nuts, dried peaches, and plenty more. The beautiful black and gold boxes also come with a bright red ribbon to give it an extra-special touch.

Price at time of publish: $46

Includes: Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, honey glazed pecans, honey glazed peanuts, Brazil nuts, dried cranberries, dried kiwis, dried papaya, dried pears, dried peaches

Best Doughnuts

Angel Food Bakery "Best Dad Ever" Donuts

Angel Food Bakery Best Dad Ever donuts


Doughnuts are a sweet indulgence perfect for any celebration. This tasty box from Angel Food Bakery features doughnuts that spell out “Best Dad Ever.” Each letter is a different flavor that goes above and beyond the standard glazed or sprinkled treat. 

Though the offerings in each box may vary, some toppings include Fruity Pebbles, chocolate with coconut shavings, raspberries and chocolate chips, and plenty more. This gift box literally spells out your appreciation for Dad on Father’s Day.

Includes: 11 doughnuts in various flavors that may include chocolate with sprinkles, Fruity Pebbles, vanilla with sprinkles, orange blossom, Samoa, or raspberry chocolate chip

Best Cheese

Cheese Brothers "World's Cheesiest Dad" Father's Day Gift Box

Cheese Brothers Father's Day Gift Box

Cheese Brothers

If your father loves good old-fashioned dad jokes and cheese, consider sending him the “World’s Cheesiest Dad” gift box for Father’s Day. From the Wisconsin-based company Cheese Brothers, the box features a number of cheeses as well as some mustard and salami. There’s even a “World’s Cheesiest Dad” sticker.

It’s a great spread with a variety of flavors. The standard box includes everything mentioned above, but there is also a deluxe version available that doubles the number of cheeses and salamis and includes some crackers.

Includes: 3 Amigos Gouda, fratello, smoked Gouda, smoked mozzarella, eight-year aged cheddar, classic mustard, artisan salami, “World’s Cheesiest Dad” sticker

Best Ice Cream

Ecreamery Father's Day 4 Pint Ice Cream Collection

Ecreamery father's day ice cream collection

Harry & David

Since Father’s Day is in June, ice cream can be a wonderful sweet treat to beat the heat. This particular ice cream assortment is much more than just tasty flavors, however. The cartons are decorated with Father’s Day themed phrases, including “World’s Coolest Dad,” “Dad’s Breakfast of Champions,” “Property of Dad,” and “Best Dad Ever.” 

Ecreamery’s smooth ice cream includes four flavors that will satisfy any dad with a sweet tooth. In the standard assortment, you can expect double vanilla bean with cashew brittle, sea salt caramel, chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, and malted milk ice cream with chocolate-covered malt balls and caramel swirls.

Includes: 4 pints of ice cream (double vanilla bean with cashew brittle, sea salt caramel, chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, and malted milk ice cream with chocolate-covered malt balls and caramel swirls)

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a well-rounded gift, we suggest the Deluxe Father’s Day Chalkboard Crate. It has traditional meats and cheeses as well as sweets, including root beer drops and German chocolate. If you need a more affordable Father’s Day gift, the Gift Box for Him from Harry & David has you covered with delicious summer sausages and sharp cheddar cheese.

What to Look for in a Father’s Day Gift Basket

Included Items

First and foremost, look for a gift basket that includes some of his favorite treats whether those are savory snacks, like meats and cheeses, or sweeter goodies, like candy or baked goods. If he’s an avid griller, there are a number of grillmaster-themed gift boxes complete with seasonings and tools. If he’s a fan of charcuterie boards, there are a ton of options available featuring various flavors of sausage, cheese, and crackers. Gift baskets can be broad and cover a wide range of snacks or be specific and focus on just one type. To give your gift a personal touch, try to find one that fits your dad’s preferences. 


Packaging can take a good gift and elevate it to a great one whether that’s in the style of the box, any included ribbons, a fancy woven basket, or simply how well arranged it is. Sometimes it’s the wrapping that makes a gift really feel like a gift. 

Shipping Options

As with any gift, it’s important to get the shipping details in order, especially when sending food. You’ll want to order ahead of time so your gift arrives on or just before Father’s Day. Most companies sending out gift baskets will ship within two to three business days after your purchase, ensuring things stay fresh. There are usually overnight or next-day express delivery options available if you’re ordering last minute. 


What should go into a Father’s Day gift basket?

Depending on the dad in question, any number of things can go into a Father’s Day gift basket. Classic options can include things like trail mix, beer, beef jerky, grilling spices, meats and cheeses, dried fruit, candy, chocolate, baked goods, and coffee. Try to find a gift basket option that includes some of your father’s favorite treats. 

How can I personalize a Father’s Day gift basket?

Gift baskets may be heartfelt, but sometimes they can feel a little generic or impersonal. Fortunately, many companies include options to add a personalized message to the gift basket. Some will allow you to switch out items for something else or simply add a few extra items (for an additional fee). Adding a personal touch shows thoughtfulness and effort on the gift-givers part. 

When is Father’s Day? When should I order a gift basket?

Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday in June. Knowing that, you can order a gift basket with enough time to ensure it’s delivered promptly. Some companies will do preorders and allow you to get your purchase in a month or a few weeks ahead of time. It’s always best to order sooner rather than later so you don’t run into shipping delays or sold-out gifts.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats?

Writer and professional eater Christine Clark is an avid sharer and enjoyer of all things delicious. Her love languages are food and gift-giving. She has a cheese podcast, a fridge that is always too full, and a very lived-in kitchen. For Father’s Day, she is sending her dad a parcel of her favorite cheeses.

Allison Wignall, who updated this article, is a writer who focuses on food and travel. She also prides herself on gift-giving and works hard to personalize each present. Given her slight obsession with charcuterie boards, her dad is usually happy with his Father’s Day gifts of local salami and hot pepper cheeses. Her work has been featured in publications, such as Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, and Southern Living.

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