The 7 Best Glass Storage Containers to Buy in 2018

Ditch the plastic

Courtesy of Glasslock

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Are you thinking it may be time to ditch the plastic and upgrade to glass storage containers? While plastic containers may be convenient, they aren’t always the best choice. Making the switch to glass containers has benefits beyond easy cleaning. Turning to glass has both environmental and health benefits. Glass containers minimize our exposure to harmful plasticizers like BPA and phthalates found in most plastic containers. They're made of a nonporous surface — so they don't absorb smells or stains your plastic containers. You can use them in the dishwasher, microwave and they are also oven safe making them a kitchen workhorse. And while the price might be higher than their plastic counterparts, glass storage containers last longer. 

What's more, glass food storage containers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are best for storing and freezing your homemade baby food, while others may be better suited for the lunchbox or for storing that leftover casserole. We’ve found a few BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free faves to help you find the perfect fit for all your storage needs.


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    Best Starter Set: Rubbermaid Easy Find Lids Glass Storage Containers

    If you’re looking for the perfect starter set, then look no further than this 22-piece set from Rubbermaid. Rubbermaid has been a trusted name in food storage for nearly 80 years — yes, your mom and maybe even grandma had a Rubbermaid set in their pantry — so it's not surprising they've got you covered with this handy glass container set.

    This large set comes complete with three 1 cup, three 1.5-cup, three 2.5-cup, one 4-cup and one 5.5-cup container, all with matching lids. The BPA-free, tempered glass storage containers are dishwasher as well as microwave and oven safe (up to 425 degrees). And with lids that snap together or onto the bottom of the glass dishes, you will never lose a lid again. The patented Rubbermaid OnePress seal means that the lid will always be securely fastened for optimal food freshness and protection against pesky leaks.

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    Best Budget-Friendly: Glasslock 18- Piece Assorted Oven Safe Container Set

    If you are looking to make the switch from plastic to easy to clean, BPA-free glorious glass storage containers without making a hefty investment, then this large set is the perfect pick. With nearly 2500 customer reviews, a 4.5-star ranking, 18 pieces, and budget-friendly, this winner can’t be beat.

    Included is a container of nearly every size to fit nearly every storage, baking or on-the-go need. The Glasslock Oven Safe Container Set comes with the following:
    Rectangular: (1) 6.3 cup, (2) 3.5 cup and a 1.6 cup
    Square: (1) 1.5 cup, (1) 3.3 cup
    Round: (1) 3.1 cup, (1) 1.6 cup, (1) 0.7 cup

    Each container has a matching easy snap shut lid that’s airtight and leakproof. The Glasslock Container set is microwave, freezer, dishwasher and oven safe.

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    Best Square: Anchor Hocking Embossed TrueSeal Food Storage Containers

    This square and rectangular set of glass storage containers by Anchor Hocking are ideal for whipping up a batch of brownies, browning your favorite casserole or storing last night's leftovers. This eight-piece food storage set is as versatile as it is good looking. The embossed glass and TrueSeal lids make it ideal for serving straight from the oven or making and taking your favorite dish to the next potluck.

    This set of four glass containers comes with one 1⅞ cup rectangular dish, one 4¾ cup square dish, one 6-cup rectangular dish and a large 11-cup rectangular dish. Included with the set are four matching TrueSeal lids that will prevent leaks and seal in freshness. The tempered glass containers are oven safe up to 425 degrees as well as dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

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    Best Round Glass Container Set: Pyrex Simply Store 6-Piece Round Glass Set

    Pyrex has long been a name synonymous with storage containers and quality glass bakeware. This 6-piece set of three bowls and three lids is as versatile as it is durable. Included are one 2-cup bowl, one 4-cup bowl and one 7-cup bowl with matching BPA free, dishwasher safe lids.

    Perfect for blending, mixing, folding, tossing and storing, these bowls are sized just right and will quickly become your favorite go-to bowls. The Pyrex glass bowls are heat strengthened with soda lime to resist impact breakage as well as make them microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

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    Best Meal Prep: Glass Meal Prep 3 Compartment Food Storage Containers

    Trying to stay on track with healthy eating? Or maybe you prefer your lunch neatly packed in individual compartments? These bento style food storage containers will be your new best buddies for on-the-go healthy snacking and simplified lunch packing. They make meal prep a snap with perfectly sized compartments.

    Each Glass Meal Prep Food Storage Container has three compartments that hold a combined 32-ounces and has a matching easy snap lid. The glass dishes are microwave, oven and freezer safe for easy storing, heating and eating. The quick snap lids come with a bonus reusable cutlery set neatly packed into a compartment in the lid, making mealtime in the office (or anywhere) convenient. Each container measures 5” x 7” x 2”.

    Still can't decide on what you want? Our round-up of the best food storage container sets can help you find what you're looking for.

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    Best for Baby: OXO Tot Glass Blocks Freezer Storage Containers

    If you love providing your baby with healthy homemade baby food options, then chances are you're looking for the perfect way to store your tot's favorite meals. The OXO Tot Glass Blocks are perfectly sized containers with handy measurement markings on the side to help you maintain serving and storage portions. The OXO Tot Storage Containers can go from freezer to microwave to serving in no time — which means no waiting for food to defrost before it can be heated.

    Each glass block is made from borosilicate glass so you can take one of your culinary classics from the freezer straight to the oven for even heating without worry. The easy snap lids are leakproof for on the go feedings and mess-free storage. And for simple cleanup, both the lids and the glass containers are dishwasher safe. Included in this set are four 4oz. containers with matching snap-in-place lids and a handy storage tray for stacking.

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    Best Single: Lifefactory Glass Food Storage

    Lifefactory® Glass Food Storage
    Courtesy of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

    If you are looking to buy just one (or maybe two or three or even more) individual glass containers that are perfect for taking lunch on the go, storing leftovers and packing snacks, then look no further than these trend-worthy colorful containers.

    Lifefactory takes glass storage containers to the next level by wrapping their environmentally friendly glass in a pretty cool, yet durable BPA-, BPS- free silicone sleeve. The sleeves are designed to protect from accidental bumps or drops, but they also give the container a funky aesthetic that doesn’t often go hand in hand with food storage. The tempered glass storage container and sleeve are freezer, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe. And the medical-grade silicone sleeve offers unrivaled protection as well as an additional button tab closure to securely lock the lid in place when traveling.

    The Lifefactory Storage Container is available in handy one cup, two ​cup and fourcup sizes. You also have your choice of a green, pink or orange silicone sleeve and lid.