The 7 Best Gluten-Free Pastas of 2020

These pastas taste like an indulgence, even without the gluten

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Tinkyada Brown Rice Spiral Pasta at Amazon

"Similar in flavor to whole-grain pasta, this pick pairs especially well with tomato- and cream-based sauces."

Best Tasting: Bionaturae, Fusilli Pasta at Amazon

"Get that perfect al dente bite from this fusilli, which is made of rice flour, potato starch, soy flour, and rice starch."

Best Spaghetti: Barilla Gluten-Free Pasta at Amazon

"This spaghetti tastes so much like the real thing, you can use it with delicate sauces, like cacio e pepe or olive oil and cheese."

Best Rice-Based: Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti at Amazon

"With just two ingredients—brown rice and water—this pasta keeps it simple, providing your body with healthy complex carbs."

Best Quinoa- and Corn-Based: Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Rotini Pasta at

"The corn and quinoa give this pasta a deliciously chewy texture that pasta lovers will appreciate."

Best Chickpea-Based: Banza Shell Chickpeas Pasta at Amazon

"Packed with fiber and protein, this chickpea pasta has a flavor that holds up well to heartier sauces, like Bolognese."

Best Splurge: Veneziane Italian Fettucce at Amazon

"The cream of the crop when it comes to gluten-free pastas, multiple reviewers say this pick tastes just like traditional pasta."

Best Overall: Tinkyada Brown Rice Spiral Pasta

Tinkyada Brown Rice Spiral Pasta

 Courtesy of Amazon

In terms of taste and texture (the most important components of a good gluten-free pasta), Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta wins out when compared to most other brands. It’s not crumbly or mushy, which is often the case with brown rice-based pastas, and the flavor is mild—all the better for showcasing your sauces.

This pasta is wheat-free, cholesterol-free, low-sodium, and low-fat; it’s made from stone-ground brown rice, rice bran, and water. Light, healthy, and delicious, this pasta more closely resembles a whole-grain pasta than standard gluten-free pasta, and it pairs well with virtually any tomato- or cream-based sauce.

Of the many glowing reviews for Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta, several reviewers remarked that the pasta “doesn’t get mushy,” “holds its form well,” and “has amazing, perfect texture.” 

Best Tasting: Bionaturae, Fusilli Pasta

For the best neutral-tasting gluten-free pasta, look no further than Bionaturae Organic Gluten-Free Fusilli. Made from organic rice flour, organic potato starch, organic soy flour, and organic rice starch, this fusilli has a delightfully mild flavor that’s nowhere near as overpowering as some other brands.

In addition to its great taste, the Bionaturae pasta cooks to an “al dente” texture, just like traditional pasta, without getting soft or gummy. Pair it with any of your favorite sauces for a truly tasty meal. 

Multiple reviewers praised the Bionaturae Organic Gluten-Free Fusilli for its ability to stay al dente no matter how long you cook it. It’s “as close as it gets to traditional pasta,” according to one reviewer, while another noted that adding salt to the pasta cooking water can help heighten the flavor.

Best Spaghetti: Barilla Gluten-Free Pasta

Whether you’re tossing it with your favorite marinara or pesto, or just a little olive oil, cheese, salt, and pepper, Barilla Gluten-Free Spaghetti is a favorite among the gluten-free community for its winning texture and taste. Though not as nutrient-dense as chickpea- and quinoa-based gluten-free pastas, this Barilla pasta is made from corn and rice and contains no GMOs.

It’s particularly tasty when paired with tomato sauces, but it works well with most other pasta recipes since the noodles don’t stick and clump together. It’s even delicious with just butter and cheese, thanks to the mild flavor, which won’t overpower the dish.

Many reviewers have said that the Barilla Gluten-Free Spaghetti tastes “so close to the real thing,” “keeps well if you reheat it,” and “it doesn’t congeal” when you’re done cooking it—all marks of great gluten-free pasta. Plus, it’s readily available at most supermarkets.

Best Rice-Based: Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti

Tired of soggy, mushy, papery gluten-free pasta? Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti is well-loved for its firm consistency and pleasant flavor that pairs well with pretty much any sauce. It’s comprised of just two ingredients—water and organic brown rice—so it’s an extremely healthy alternative to wheat pasta. Plus, this Jovial pasta is handcrafted in Tuscany, Italy, by fourth-generation pasta artisans. No wonder it tastes so high-quality.  

Reviewers have said that the Jovial Organic Brown Rice Spaghetti has “the most authentic taste and texture,” and many also noted that it “reheats well,” which isn’t always the case with gluten-free pastas.

If your kid's favorite meal is spaghetti, you'll be able to sneak in this alternative without them ever knowing the difference. Just a note: this pasta tends to really absorb sauces (more so than wheat pastas), so it’s best to eat it right after you’ve cooked it.

Best Quinoa- and Corn-Based: Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Rotini Pasta

ancient harvest rotini

Made from a mixture of organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour, Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Rotini Pasta tastes surprisingly similar to traditional pasta, thanks to its chewy texture. Unlike some other gluten-free pasta, it won’t break apart or crumble when it’s done cooking. Just make sure you cook it exactly according to the instructions on the package and rinse well in cold water before adding the sauce.

The slightly nutty flavor goes well with most sauces. Use this pasta to make your favorite carbonara, pasta primavera, or alfredo recipe. You can even use it as an alternative in mac and cheese.

According to reviewers, the Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa Rotini Pasta “holds up well” and is “great tasting with a good bite.” Many reviewers said they couldn’t tell the difference between this and wheat pasta.

Best Chickpea-Based: Banza Shell Chickpeas Pasta

Banza Shell Chickpeas Pasta is made from chickpea flour instead of wheat flour, but you may not even be able to tell the difference; this stuff looks, tastes, and cooks just like regular pasta. Vegan, kosher, and non-GMO project verified, this healthy, hearty pasta is a great go-to when you need a little protein and fiber in your life—it packs in four times the fiber and twice the protein as traditional pasta per serving, with half the net carbs (in other words, it’s very filling without being too calorie-heavy).

Since this pasta is shell-shaped, save it for recipes with chunky or cream-based sauces, like a Bolognese with hunks of eggplant or vegetables (the shells will help trap the sauce, as opposed to a thin, long pasta like linguine or spaghetti).

Best Splurge: Veneziane Italian Fettucce

To find the highest-quality gluten-free pasta available, it’s no wonder we’d have to turn to Italy. Le Veneziane Gluten-Free Fettucce is expensive, yes, but it’s worth the extra cost considering how delicious it is. Made from 100 percent pre-cooked corn flour and hand-processed and packaged in a modern factory in Vedelago, Italy, Le Venezian boasts a low-fat content, no dyes, and a high digestibility rating.

It goes great with pretty much any sauce, but we’d recommend a simple aglio e olio or cacio e pepe recipe for this particular pasta since it tastes so delectable on its own.

The reviews speak for themselves: multiple reviewers with Celiac disease commented that this is “by far the best gluten-free pasta product I’ve ever had,” and that it “comes out tender, not starchy.” As a helpful note, one reviewer noted that adding olive oil to the pasta cooking water prevents the noodles from sticking together, which they tend to do more than regular pasta.

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