The Best Hot Sauce Subscriptions of 2021

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Hot sauce has found a place on kitchen tables alongside other staple condiments like ketchup and mayonnaise. There are countless versions found globally, which range in heat from mild to tear-inducing spicy, depending on the variety of chili pepper used. Because of this variety, hot sauce can be used in meals throughout the day, from everyday breakfast or an elaborate family feast to a simple late-night snack. In addition to using it raw, hot sauce can be used in cooking, typically taking on a slightly different flavor. This list captures some of our favorite hot sauce subscriptions available nationwide so you will be well-stocked with this beloved condiment.

Best Overall: Fuego Box

Fuego Box

 Fuego Box

Based in Southern California, Fuego Box offers over 100 different brands of hot sauce through its online platform. Browse by brand, spice level, or chili pepper for filtered, a la carte hot sauce selections, or sign up for a monthly subscription to get a new variety of hot sauce delivered to your doorstep either monthly or quarterly.

Fuego Box is known for carrying small-batch hot sauces from around the world that focus on the right balance of flavor and heat. The company calls itself “a hot sauce club for people who love food.” Available subscriptions include an option for one bottle of mild to hot sauce per month ($17.95 per box) and two bottles of mild to hot sauce delivered monthly or quarterly ($29.95 per box). A third subscription, aptly known as the Pain Seeker, includes two bottles of extra hot sauce per delivery (monthly or quarterly) and costs $27.95 per box.

All subscriptions come with free shipping. Gift box subscriptions are also available and can be purchased for one month, three months, or one year.

Best Premium: Truff



Unlike any hot sauce that has come before it, Truff proves that the unexpected can be delicious. The unique sauce has received thousands of positive reviews and high praise from renowned chefs. Truff comes in several different varieties, but all are made with a mix of ripe chili peppers and truffle oil.

Each variety has its own spin with a different blend of spices such as cumin or coriander and lightly sweetened with agave, but the Original is most versatile. This blend of ingredients is truly one of a kind, adding pops of decadence along with some sweet heat. Truff pairs well with nearly everything from a grilled cheese to a fancy seafood dinner, but it is an especially perfect addition to brunch since eggs and truffles are such a classic combination; adding this sauce to scrambled eggs or smoked salmon eggs benedict instantly takes the flavor to the next level.

Both the Original and HOTTER options are available as a subscription at a discounted price; sign up for one, two, three, or six bottles for delivery every two weeks, every month, or every two months. The larger the order, the bigger the discount. All orders are shipped from Truff's West Coast facility via ground shipping, and delivery within the United States is free. International shipping is also available.

Best Variety: Heat Hot Sauce Shop

Heat Hot Sauce Shop

 Heat Hot Sauce Shop

Heat Hot Sauce Shop, another California based company, offers artisan hot sauces delivered to your door each month through its Sauce of the Month program. Subscriptions are categorized by heat level—Mild & Medium (mild heat but big flavor), Classic (a mix of all heat levels and flavors), and Extra Hot. Single bottle subscriptions are priced at $13.99 for Mild and Classic and $15.99 for Extra Hot, with shipping included.

For each heat level, there is an option to increase to a three-bottle subscription, which offers an even better value. All subscriptions can be delivered either monthly or quarterly. Packaged bottles also come with tasting note cards for each sauce. An added perk to subscribers is that they not only get free shipping on the actual subscriptions but on the entire online shop as well (shipping is normally $7.99).

Choose from over 400 hot sauces from around the world and some local favorites from the San Francisco Bay Area. Subscribers also get exclusive early releases on new sauces and some bonus items with their first shipment.

Best for Sampler Packs: Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post

 Bespoke Post

The e-commerce platform Bespoke Post offers a variety of unique lifestyle products packed in themed boxes available as single purchases or monthly subscription products. Its Scorch box highlights stand-out hot sauces available for a one-time purchase or discounted club membership.

For $45 a month (plus tax and $3.95 shipping), club members will receive six bottles, about 5 or 6 ounces each in size, of different hot sauces each month. You will get to preview exactly what’s coming in your box each month and either keep it as is, make modifications and swaps, or skip that month's delivery altogether. Boxes will ship regularly mid-month and will feature a variety of craft hot sauces ranging in both heat and flavor. You can get everything from a Habanero Hot Sauce to a Texas Red Chile Sauce to a Hot Green Thai Sauce, all in the same box. Shipping is available within the contiguous U.S.

Best for Gift-Giving: Armadillo Pepper

Armadillo Pepper

 Armadillo Pepper

The hot sauce and barbecue platform Armadillo Pepper offers two hot sauce of the month programs that feature award-winning hot sauces from its online store. When you sign up for the company's Hot Sauce of the Month Club, you can choose between one or two hot sauces per month. For those who can’t get enough heat, the Super Hots version of the Hot Sauce of the Month Club specifically includes sauces with some of the hottest peppers around the world as their primary pepper ingredient.

Unlike subscription programs that auto-renew, Armadillo Pepper requires prepayment for a specific period of time (three, six, or 12 months). Pricing starts around $80 for a three-month subscription of two bottles per delivery and is over $300 for a one-year subscription of two bottles per month, but there are several other options in between. Free shipping is included within the contiguous U.S.

Although the club requires prepayment, don’t worry about being locked in—you can cancel at any time and receive a full refund for the balance if you aren’t 100% satisfied. Armadillo Pepper subscriptions do not auto-renew, making this ideal for gift-giving.

What Peppers Are Used in Hot Sauce? Which Are Mild vs. Spicy?

A variety of chili peppers can be used when making hot sauce, but some of the most common ones used are jalapenos, serranos, and habaneros (listed in order from mild to hot). Certain sauces will use other varieties such as Thai chilies, Scotch Bonnet, or the extremely spicy Ghost peppers.

What Is a Scoville Rating?

A Scoville rating is a measurement of a pepper's heat, recorded as Scoville Heat Units (SHU) through the scientific measuring of the compound capsaicin, which causes peppers to be spicy. The scale ranges from 0 to pure capsaicin, with the latter classified as 16,000,000 SHU. For reference, sweet and mild chili peppers will range between 0 and 2,500 SHU; chipotles fall at 8,000 SHU; jalapenos are at 10,000 SHU; serranos are at 23,000 SHU; habaneros are around 350,000 SHU; and the ghost pepper is at 1,041,427 SHU. Most hot sauce retailers will include this figure in the description of their sauces. You can look up peppers' Scoville rating as a guide for their level of spiciness.

How We Chose the Best Hot Sauce Subscriptions

With the vast number of hot sauces on the market, this list was selected to highlight platforms that aggregate the best artisanal small-batch hot sauces on the market. Many may be lesser known but are made with clean natural ingredients that pair with a variety of cuisines across a range of heat levels. The unique brand Truff, for example, represents the decadent side of hot sauce, while Armadillo Pepper can deliver hot sauces made with the world’s spiciest peppers to your door. Both Fuego Box and the Heat Hot Sauce Shop offer tremendous variety and customizable subscriptions, while Bespoke Post offers a monthly six-pack of hot sauces for those who prefer a sampler. Pricing and customer reviews were also taken into consideration when finalizing this list.

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