The 9 Best Iced Tea Recipes Perfect for Summer

Iced tea is the perfect drink for summer and it can quickly be dressed up to create an even better and more impressive drink. Many of the best iced tea recipes are also the easiest, so don't think that you have to stick with that same tea you've been drinking for years.

Whether it's a sparkling jasmine tea or a spicy lemon-ginger beverage, you will have a lot of fun this summer exploring these tea recipes. Each is cool, refreshing, and perfect for entertaining or enjoying on the patio...MORE by yourself.

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    Watermelon drink
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    Summer fruits are a healthy and delicious addition to many iced tea recipes. This flavorful, thirst-quenching watermelon iced tea is a favorite recipe for many tea lovers.

    Watermelon is a popular fruit of summer and this tea recipe is a nice way to use up any extra melon you may have left over. It's very easy to make and requires that you blend the melon with a little mint and lemon to create a watermelon agua fresca. From there, it's as simple as adding freshly brewed black tea.

    A fun...MORE twist is to use fresh strawberries to create a strawberry sencha fresca. Either drink is fabulous and an ideal way to enjoy the fresh fruits of summer.

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    Sparkling Tea Cocktail
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    This iced tea recipe has the coolness of mint, the sweetness of apple, the fresh taste of green tea, and the delight of a little fizz. It's summery and refreshing in all the right ways.

    It all begins with green tea. When the tea is brewed and chilled, simply add apple juice and fresh mint.

    A fantastic drink really is that easy. While this recipe will serve two people, you'll want to increase it and offer it at all your summer parties.

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    Popular Arnold Palmer Drink Recipe
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    The Arnold Palmer is a favorite drink for many people during the summer months and it's also one of the easiest recipes to play around with. All you need to do is switch out or add to the tea.

    The basic Arnold Palmer recipe is equal parts lemonade and iced tea. There's a lot that can be done with this simple base and this mint Arnold Palmer recipe is a fantastic place to begin.

    Essentially, you'll start out with a black tea like Ceylon, build a homemade lemonade, and add some fresh...MORE mint. It's fabulously simple.

    For a caffeine-free mint tea, try a mint herbal infusion. Or, you can begin with a jasmine tea for your Arnold Palmer.

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    Bag of Thai iced tea
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    Creamy, spicy and cooling, Thai Iced Tea is a great choice for fans of iced chai lattes. If you have yet to taste an authentic Thai iced tea, you're in for a real treat.

    This recipe calls for whole spices rather than an instant Thai tea mix, which is commonly used. It begins with red or black tea (depending on your caffeine preference), then adds a fun array of spices before bringing in sweet milk for that full latte-like experience.

    Don't let the ingredient list scare you away from trying...MORE this iced tea. It's actually quite easy and if you miss a spice or two, that's okay.

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    Close up of Jasmine tea in the spice Bazaar
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    Many iced tea recipes can be transformed into a sparkling beverage with just a splash of carbonated water. This sparkling jasmine iced tea recipe is a perfect example.

    The jasmine adds a nice floral twist to the average glass of summer tea. Here, a loose-leaf jasmine tea is steeped with lemongrass before a touch of syrup and sparkling water is added. It's easy, delightful, and very refreshing. 

    If you prefer, add a kiwi or mango or opt for this sparkling apricot iced tea recipe instead. You...MORE can even add a little brandy or rum to make your sparkling teas a little more interesting.

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    Add Rum to Taste for a Delicious Tea Cocktail
    Add Rum to Taste for a Delicious Tea Cocktail. Lindsey Goodwin

    Matcha is a very nice green tea option for creamy latte drinks and this blended recipe is an afternoon delight.

    The recipe includes many tips and trick for creating a great matcha latte so you can create one that fits your personal taste. If you have not experimented with matcha powder yet, this recipe is the perfect place to begin.

    Don't like the idea of pulling out the blender? Give this matcha ginger iced tea a try. It's can be quickly mixed up in a cocktail shaker.

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    Hot lemon-ginger infusion with honey
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    Ginger tea is invigorating and when it's iced, it is a great afternoon pick-me-up. The best news is that this lemon-ginger iced tea is surprisingly easy to mix up.

    The recipe begins with a homemade lemon-ginger simple syrup that gives this iced tea a fiery flavor. It takes just about 20 minutes to make and can be stored in the refrigerator until you're ready for a drink.

    From there, it's as simple as brewing your favorite green tea and sweetening it with your brand new syrup. Serve it...MORE hot or cold, depending on your mood.

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    Close-Up Of Drink With Mint And Cucumber
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    Cucumber and mint are a perfect combination and this drink is an ideal way to enjoy both ingredients fresh from the garden. You'll be hard pressed to find a drink as cooling or refreshing as this one.

    Putting the cucumber mint Green tea together is very easy. You will simply slice some cucumber and chop some mint, brew your favorite Japanese green tea, and combine all of it.

    If you have mint and cucumber to spare, use them to garnish each glass. It's an excellent recipe for summer garden...MORE parties.

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    orange and orange blossoms on tree
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    White tea is the star of this easy recipe. The citrus transforms it from an ordinary iced tea to the ultimate in refreshing beverages.

    All you need is the juice from a single orange and your favorite white tea. The delicate, fruity flavor of this tea is a nice change from green and black teas and many tea lovers prefer it in their iced drinks.

    You'll also get the antioxidant health benefits of the white tea and be delighted to know that it typically has less caffeine than other teas. The only...MORE drawback is that you'll probably pay a bit more because it's often handpicked, but the price is worth it for drinks like this.