The 11 Best Instagram Tools

Evi Abeler

Once you used Instagram for a while you will probably see things in your home feed that you can’t figure out how to do in the app. Text over images, creative layouts, or the best hashtags ever. Most likely your friends have discovered some of these apps and tools already.

Taking photos
Hands down my favorite iPhone camera is the VSCOcam. It lets you pick a separate focus and exposure point while taking a photo and it’s filter packs are divine. Go get it!

Editing photos
Snapseed, that’s the app you need if you want to do real retouching with your thumb. 

Text Layovers
Be warned, adding text to images can be very addictive and time consuming, with that said, try out Over. This super easy-to-use app lets you add text and artwork to your photos.

Thank goodness the Instagram developers have come up with a tool, called Layout, which lets you combine multiple images in one frame.

The ultimate compliment to any Instagrammer is when somebody regrams a photo. I like to use Regram or Repost. Both apps let you alter the original captions and place a small banner on the image that gives credit to the original poster. It seems to be ok to repost other people's content as long as you give credit. If you want to make sure, leave them a comment and ask if you can regram. 99% or the time they will be delighted to hear that you want to share their work.

Stop Animations and Hyperlapse
Instagram allows you to post 15 second video clips. Flipagram will bring your feed alive with flip book style animations. Instagram's Hyperlapse makes beautiful timelapse videos.

My secret weapon, the scheduling app Latergramme. Even though I am a committed Instagram user there are times when I can not get to it as much as I like. Every once in a while I upload a bunch of photos to Latergramme and schedule the app to remind me to post them. As Instagram does not allow other apps to post for you, Latergramme only stores photos and reminds you to post. You will find apps that do promise to post for you, but be careful they might either use some shady hacks or way underpaid humans to post for you, with your login info! 

Ready to geek out on Instagram stats? Iconosquare shows you your biggest fans, who does not follow you back, which posts performed bests, your hashtag history and performance, and all kinds of other goodies!

I have only dipped my little toe into IF and can already tell you: this tool has lots of potential! "IF lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement—if this then that." For example, you select "If you post a photo on Instagram then share it on Twitter".