The 7 Best Kamado Grill Accessories to Buy in 2018

Make the most out of this backyard favorite

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Kamado style ceramic grills are quite popular, and their history is long. They might even be the modern version of earthenware ovens that were used thousands of years ago in China and India.

Even though ceramics are old-style technology, they’re still the preferred material for kilns, pizza ovens, and other high-heat applications because they’re good insulators and they radiate heat very well. That’s why ceramic grills so work so well for backyard cooking, whether you’re making steaks, roasts, bread, pizza, or even tandoori-style dishes.

Once you have a kamado grill, you might want a few accessories to go with it. Sure, you can use the same oven mitts, tongs, and forks as you do with your standard grill, but a few other accessories are built just for kamado cooking.

Which ones do you need? Well, it depends on what you’re cooking. Perhaps you’ll want all of them!

Because there are different brands of kamado style cookers, and they come in different sizes, not all accessories will fit all kamados.



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    Best Rotisserie: Kamado Joe JoeTisserie

    Why yes, you can turn your kamado cooker into a rotisserie! All you need is this JoTisserie that’s designed to fit any 18-inch round ceramic kamado. The motor is powerful enough to handle up to 40 pounds of meat or poultry, and the wedge-shaped ring provides a tight seal with the kamado’s lid so you won’t lose heat while cooking.

    This includes a 304 stainless steel cooking spit with adjustable forks that will securely hold onto your poultry or roast as it turns.


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    Best Thermometer: Flame Boss WiFi Kamado Grill & Smoker Temperature Controller

    Kamado grills are known for their ability to maintain temperatures, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little bit of help. And of course, it’s nice to monitor the food temperature while you cook. This thermometer and temperature controller does both. It has a variable-speed blower that runs at the best speed to reach and maintain the temperature you choose, while it also checks the temperature of the food. If you want to monitor even more food, it can accommodate up to three meat probes with the optional y-cable and additional probes.

    This also detects the sudden temperature drop that occurs when the lid is opened, so it will pause the fan operation to avoid over-stoking the fire.

    No need to lurk around the cooker to check the temperature, since this is wifi enabled and can be controlled and monitored by a smartphone or tablet. When the meat is done, it will even send you a text.​

    One pit probe and one meat probe are included; additional probes and y-cables are available separately. The probes are rated to 400 degrees.

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    Best Starter: Kamado Joe KJ-ES Electric Starter

    Ceramic grills shouldn’t be started with lighter fluid, and charcoal chimneys can be messy. This electric starter makes the process easy, as long as you’re got an outlet available, since it produces hot coals in minutes with 600 watts of power.

    The three-loop design offers more contact with the charcoal for faster lighting of more coals, and the angled element was designed to fit kamado grills better than standard electric starters.

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    Best Chimney: Smokeware SS Vented Chimney Cap for Kamado Joe

    This is a replacement for the daisy wheel and porcelain cap that comes with the standard Kamado Joe. It won’t rust or break, and a gasket keeps it firmly in place so it won’t fall off accidentally.

    The new vent design allows better control of low-temperature cooking and keeps rain and snow out of the cooker when weather isn’t cooperating. This is designed to keep the vent setting when the cooker’s lid is lifted, so you won’t need to remember to readjust it every time you open the lid.

    This fits the KJ Classic and Big Joe. Other models are available to fit other brands and sizes.

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    Best Cover: Ravenna Large Kamado Grill Cover

    Ravenna Kamado Grill Cover Large - Dark Taupe
    Courtesy of Target

    Protect your kamado grill and keep it safe from prying eyes with this dark taupe polyester fabric cover. It has a UV-stabilized coating and a water-resistant PVC undercoating with a belted hem and two click-close straps that will keep the grill safely covered, even when the wind kicks up.

    The secure seams and double top-stitching at stressed joints will keep this cover looking good and hole-free for years while the gusseted self-supporting vents provide ventilation that minimize condensation.

    A padded handle makes this easy to remove and replace. This will fit grills up to 64 inches wide.

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    Best Charcoal Starter: Big Green Egg All Natural Charcoal Starters

    These all natural charcoal starters will get the fire going quickly without the need for electricity, fire chimneys or awkward techniques. These are made from all natural sawdust and paraffin. They’re odorless when burning and won’t add any flavor to the food.

    The box contains 24 cubes, and you’ll use just one or two to light the charcoal. Just nestle one or two starters into the charcoal with the lid and the draft door open. Light the starters, and you’ll have several coals burning within 10 minutes. Then close the lid and wait until the temperature gauge shows your desired cooking temperature.

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    Best Grate: Kamado Joe Big Joe Half Moon Cooking Grate

    Kamado Joe Big Joe Half Moon Cooking Grate
    Courtesy of Home Depot

    This grate is part of the “divide and conquer cooking system” that replaces the standard round grill grate to allow more flexibility for cooking. The half-rack design lets you have multi-level cooking and multi-surface cooking as well. This is made from stainless steel that won’t rust or stain.

    This includes one half-moon cooking grate. Other half-moon grates are available in different materials and with different surface designs to customize your cooking.