The 7 Best Kitchen Scales to Buy in 2018

Shop for the best kitchen scales on the market for more precise cooking

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When it comes to baking, and some cooking recipes, exact measurements are everything. One gram or ounce over or under for any ingredient can be the difference between successful soufflé or a disappointing devil’s food cake. That’s where a kitchen scale comes in handy. You’ll be certain that your ingredients are perfectly proportioned, and your dishes will turn out well.

In addition to insuring exact measurements for baking, having a kitchen scale can also be helpful if you’re watching your...MORE weight. Many diet plans call for specific amounts, which can be difficult to guess without actually weighing your ingredients.

Most kitchen scales are small enough to tuck away in a drawer or cabinet when not in use. So even the smallest kitchens can fit one. Take your cooking to the next level with one of these smart kitchen scales.

  • Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale, 11 lb 5 kg, Silver, Stainless Steel (Batteries Included)

    Best Overall: Etekcity Digital Multifunction Stainless Steel Kitchen Food Scale

    This top-selling stainless steel scale from Etekcity can measure up to 11 pounds (or 5 kilograms), making it one of the largest capacity scales on the market. Of course, it is also precise enough to measure just a few grams at a time as well.

    The brushed silver finish looks much sleeker than its price tag would suggest. And at just 7 by 5.5 inches, it can easily be stashed away in a cabinet without hogging too much space.

    The scale has an auto-shutoff feature that helps conserve the AAA batteries,...MORE but some reviewers have noted that the scale turns off too quickly. The scale comes with a one-year limited warranty as well.

  • Ozeri ZK14-R Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Red

    Runner-Up, Best Overall: Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen Scale

    With all the precision of our top pick, this scale from Ozeri is much more versatile in terms of aesthetics. Available in seven color options, including black, white, red, teal, and silver, you’re sure to find one that matches your kitchen décor.

    The streamlined scale has just two function buttons, one that turns it on and resets the scale to zero—helpful for ingredients that need to be weighed in a bowl or plastic container, and the other that switches the measurements between pounds and ounces...MORE and kilograms and grams.

    Like the Etekcity model, this scale can weigh ingredients up to 11 pounds, and requires two AAA batteries, which are included with your purchase. The scale also comes with a one-year “no-hassle” warranty.

  • Digital Kitchen Food Scale, Multifunction, Lightweight 11 Pounds Capacity, Silver

    Best Budget: AmazonBasics Digital Kitchen Scale

    Not everyone needs a fancy, expensive scale. This budget friendly model has many of the same features as more expensive scales, including a wide LCD screen that’s easy to read. It can weigh up to 11 pounds in one-gram or 1/8 ounce increments.

    The scale displays your choice US or metric measurements with the push of a button, and it has a tare button to zero the weight to continue adding ingredients. Automatic shutoff turns the scale off if it hasn’t been used for 2 minutes and 15 seconds, or it...MORE can be turned off manually.

    The compact size doesn’t take a lot of space on the counter or in a cabinet, and two AAA batteries are included so you can started weighing your baking ingredients as soon as the scale arrives.

  • Best App-Enabled: Wireless Perfect Bake Pro Smart Kitchen Scale

    All of our appliances are getting smarter, including kitchen scales. This one comes with an app that links with the scale and walks you through assembling your baking recipes. It’s simple to modify the recipes to make smaller or larger batches or to use up the rest of that container of buttermilk that you don’t need.

    The app can suggest recipes based on what you have on hand. As you weigh, the bowl graphic in the app will let you show you how close you are to the desired measurement, making it...MORE easier to add just the right amount of each ingredient.

    This scale doesn’t require the app to operate, so you can use it just like a standard kitchen scale to weigh ingredients for any recipes. It also includes a timer, making it even more useful. The scale is accurate to .1 grams (.0035 ounces), which is much more accurate than most you’ll find. It can weigh up to 12 pounds (6 kg).

    Perfect Bake includes the scale, 3 color-coded bowls, an oven thermometer and a stand for your phone or tablet. This requires 3 AA batteries, which are not included. The app needs to be downloaded, but it is free.

    Perfect Drink and Perfect Blend scale/app products are also available if baking isn’t for you, and you can also download and use any of the apps at no cost and use them with any of the Perfect scales.

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  • Taylor Precision Products Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale (11-Pound)

    Best Analog: Taylor Precision Stainless Steel Kitchen Scale

    If you prefer a retro-style scale or don’t want to have to constantly replace the batteries in a digital scale, this analog version from Taylor might be the right choice for you. The gleaming stainless steel bowl on this model is removable for easy filling and cleaning, and the red and cream dial makes a distinct design statement.

    The scale measures up to 11 pounds and also shows the gram equivalents on the interior of the dial. To tare this model, like most analog scales, you’ll have to adjust...MORE the dial underneath the measuring bowl, which means it might not be as accurate as a digital scale due to human error. But once you get it correctly calibrated, it is very accurate.

    Of course, the major drawback to this model is that it will take up a significant amount of counter space. The scale’s footprint measures roughly 8 by 9 inches, so make sure you have enough room in your kitchen to store it. And the good news is you won’t have to worry about dead batteries or a busted display.

  • Best Hanging Scale: American Weigh Scale Digital Hanging Scale

    Small countertop kitchen scales are great for weighing ingredients for baking a few loaves of bread, but folks who want to weigh large amounts of meat for smoking, or other heavy or bulky ingredients that exceed the capacity of smaller scales, will appreciate this hanging scale. It can handle the weight without taking a lot of space.

    It’s made of rugged die-cast metal and has a built-in tape measure, so you can tuck it in your pocket to take on a fishing trip to immortalize the size and weight of...MORE your prize fish.

    This can weigh up to 110 pounds, with a 100-gram (3.5 ounces) minimum, and it can weigh in pounds, kilograms ​and ounces. It is accurate to within one ounce.

  • Best Dual Scale: Smart Weigh Culinary Kitchen Scale

    Scales that can handle a lot of weight are less accurate, while very accurate scales can’t handle a lot of weight. Why choose one or the other when this scale combines both? It has two separate stainless steel platforms that can be wiped clean easily, and it weighs in grams, kilograms, ounces and pounds. Both scales can be used at the same time with separate readouts, and it can display the combined weight, as well.

    The larger platform can have an accuracy of 1 gram and weighs up to 22 pounds...MORE while the smaller platform has an accuracy of .01 gram and can weigh up to 10.5 ounces. It comes with a calibration weight, so you can adjust it, if necessary.

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